Akihiko Sanada

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Akihiko Sanada
Full Name 真田明彦 (さなだあきひこ)
Aliases Akihiko, Aki
Arcana IV - The Emperor
Persona Polydeuces
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date September 22nd, 1991
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Gloves
Faction SEES
Teams Interceptor
Job Rocky
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor English: Liam O'Brien
Japanese: Hikaru Midorikawa
"I won't stop training. I'm not like him."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Akihiko Sanada is a workaholic, training or studying nearly all the time. He harbors a massive grudge against the Shadows, and because of that he will help SEES in whatever they do. He refuses to give up, not wanting to be like his old friend, Shinjiro. Akihiko often feels like he is responsible for everything, and so he does not give himself time to socialize. This has led to him being socially awkward and shy when not dealing with battle or other easily-comprehended things.

Skills: Preppy Pugilist, Cool Senior When He's Not Trying, Durpy Senior When He Is, Orphan Issues, Dead Sister Issues, Narrow Focus, Always Training, Girl-Stupid, Training Some More, Calm On the Outside, HOT BLOOD on the Inside, Ramen? Ramen!, Speedos Reduce Water Resistance (Don't Judge Me), Absolutely Does Not Take Girl Advice from Junpei, No Really, He Doesn't, Eating Food Shinjiro Absolutely Does Not Make (Which He Totally Does)

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