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Minato Arisato
Full Name 有里港(ありさとみなと)
Aliases Minato
Arcana 0 - The Fool
Persona Orpheus
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date November 2nd, 1992
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon One-Handed Swords
Faction SEES
Teams Multirole
Job Smooth Operator
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Japanese: Akira Ishida
English: Yuri Lowenthal
"Huh, what were you saying?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Minato Arisato is a friendly, if quiet boy. He is often distracted by music or his own thoughts, but when his attention is on something, he is often surprisingly insightful. Despite his laidback, quiet nature, Minato seems to attract friends almost by magic, without much conscious effort on his part. He possesses a rare power, that of the Wild Card, and is able to hold more Personae within himself than the average person. Despite, or perhaps because of this, he is open and generally sane.

Skills: Headphones, How Do I Shot Rapier, Signed The Paper, Of My Own Free Will, As Long As There Are Tests There Will Be Prayer After School, Wild Card, Likable, Tea Snob, Making Friends And Influencing People Via Blank Stares, That Blue-Haired Kid (From Jupiter?)

  • Weapon: Mikage-Cho Blade - AP 28, DMG 35, Wgt. 3. Longsword found in Mikage-Cho. Straight crossguard, round pommel, grey.
  • Body: Armored Dorm Dweller Outfit - DR 12, Wgt. 15, Melee Weapons +5, Speech +5. School uniform with a shoulderpad on the left side, torn-off right sleeve, and a bunch of belt pouches. Oddly heroic for something ratty...
  • Feet: Wasteland Sneakers - Outdoorsman +5. Broken in; good for running, flying kicking.
  • Accessory: Sony NW-S20x Prophetic MP3 Player - ??? +15. Minato's MP3 player. They say it's music foretells the future...

Flirt: "..."

Persuade: "..."

Recruit: "..."

Inspire: "..."



Minato's Resonance is a feeling of potential and change, always a little different each time it's sensed, but always potent and wild. He exudes an aura of charisma and likeability, only in part supernatural. There is a strange and unsettling undertone to it, though; the average Persona user will simply feel a little off when they dwell on it. The most sensitive will get a different feeling entirely: the smallest feeling of contained, hidden, hateful death.

  • IC Thanatos Appearances: 4
  • Arcana Shadows Defeated: Magician, Chariot, High Priestess
  • Minato possesses the Wild Card, and can summon even more Persona than most.
  • Minato has a stalker.
  • Minato tried to kill Nagisa Renge pretty much accidentally when someone came out to play. They became friends soon after.
  • They say that if you develop a social link with Minato Arisato, you are doomed to romance or bro-hood.
  • Minato is certainly not the basis of a certain character in Captain Rebellion, though he does enjoy the series.
  • Minato once ran something called "The Gauntlet." SEES still hasn't forgiven him for it.
  • Minato was trapped in Mikage-Cho for two weeks, fending off demons and saving the day. Some know him as "The Dorm Dweller" because of this.
  • Minato has a twin sister. <3
  • Within Mikage-Cho's subway system, Thanatos resonated strongly enough to both reverse Itsuka Mizuhara's arcana and basically KO three or four people without actually appearing.
  • Minato went against SEES popular opinion and orders both, ending with him being kicked out of the faction for attempting to help Kazuo Kagayama keep his key and, thus, his family, and his sanity. It didn't take.
  • Minato is Spades Slick. The Midnight Crew is eternal.
  • Minato ended up with four of the six keys required to fix the timeline in the course of twenty-four hours. He got the last two after Takahisa Kandori sackbeat him into unconsciousness and then decided he didn't want to win that way.
  • Minato fought Colonel Beck as White Ravana, something called an Asura, in the far-flung future when attempting to fix time. Hermes cooked; Thanatos ate. He was taken care of.
  • And then everyone got vaporized by the apparently exploding sun.
  • But it's okay, because they were all better when the High Priestess Arcana Shadow was beaten.
  • Philemon and Not!Mitsuru's-Dad showed up when they were done. Minato had Philemon fix the timeline, and promptly threw a cell phone at Kandori for being a presumptuous ass.
  • Minato's back in SEES again. He's not nearly as high rank, but that's okay; responsibility is rough anyway.

In alphabetical order by what it is relevant to.

  • 100 Links: Franz Ferdinand -- Evil And A Heathen
  • All-Out Attack: Super Robot Wars OGs -- Believe In Our Bonds
  • Baseball Ranger Blue: Jonathan Coulton -- Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  • Day To Day: Bjork -- Headphones
  • Death Inside: Muse -- Map of the Problematique
  • Decisive Battle: Shoji Meguro -- Burn My Dread: Final Battle Ver.
  • Elizabeth's Tasks: Weird Al -- Hardware Store
  • Endless Conflict: The Rasmus -- The Fight
  • Faith In Your Friends: Erik Scheele -- Light
  • Gekkoukan High: No More Kings -- Zombie Me
  • Hinata: Kana Ueda -- Romantic Strike
  • Love and Social Links: The Living End -- White Noise
  • Minagi: 30 Seconds to Mars -- Hurricane
  • Minako: Robert J! Lake -- The Beginning Of Something Really Excellent
  • Minato and Aigis: Story of the Year -- Until The Day I Die
  • NWO: Maldroid -- Heck No! I'll Never Listen To Techno
  • Orpheus: No More Kings -- King of Rock / Sucka MC's
  • Rebellion: Homestuck Vol. 4 -- Mutiny
  • SEES: Gorillaz -- Feel Good Inc
  • Shiki: Miyauchi Takayuki -- The Strongest Brave Robo Army
  • Strega: The Protomen -- Keep Quiet
  • Thanatos Awakens: Jen Titus -- O Death
  • That Boy!!: Smash Mouth -- Come On Come On
  • The Cool Kid: Booker T & the MG's -- Green Onions
  • The Fool: Muse -- Supermassive Black Hole
  • The Leader: Smash Mouth -- Everyday Superhero
  • The Legendary Go Time: Robert J! Lake & Michael Bowman -- Welcome To The New Extreme
  • The Midnight Crew: Homestuck Vol. 4 -- Black
  • The New Guy: The Doors -- People Are Strange
  • The Promise: Simple Minds -- Don't You (Forget About Me)
  • Unwitting Hero: 30 Seconds to Mars -- Search and Destroy
  • Welcome To Hard Mode: Robert Blaker -- Valhalla
  • What Kind Of Persona Is That: Axis of Awesome -- Birdplane
  • zrghnrflgh-- LESBONA MUSH!!: Needless*Girls -- Aggressive Zone

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