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Arisa "Alicia" Shiratori
The Valkyrie of Darkside
Aliases Riri, Risa
Arcana Justice
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 17
Birth Date January 20th, 1994
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Naginata
Faction Darkside
Job Teen Valkyrie
Assignment St. Hermelin, Second Year
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Ai Maeda (Kino from Kino's Journey)
  • Some of Arisa's fancier clothing are ones she adapts herself or makes- she actually is quite the seamstress.
  • Arisa likes to dress nicely for special occasions, even in dresses and skirts. She honestly doesn't mind looking feminine as long as it projects the qualities she likes in herself.
  • Her cousin (though not by blood) is Rumika Shiratori.
  • She works for a branch of Satomi Tadashi, run by a particularly pervy old man who likes girls in school girl uniforms. He does not seem at all interested in her, thankfully.
  • Arisa has a secret, horrible crush on Theodore from the Velvet Room.
  • Arisa's manner of speech can reflect her mental state: often, she speaks in a certain way to appear more refined and regal. When she's too unsettled, she'll revert to a more 'normal' way of speaking.
  • The ideas of 'prince' and 'valkyrie' tends to be roles Arisa puts on to be able to handle things she herself can't. She's not as 'bad' as she used to be, but recent events showed her how the process is important to her sanity.
  • Arisa, for all she is inspired by a certain manga, really hasn't read beyond the first few chapters. She's never seen the anime or movie either.
Social Stats
  • Courage: 4 - Pretty fearless when she thinks she knows what she's doing
  • Diligence: 3 - She'll be promoted in Satomi Tadashi sooner or later
  • Expression: 2 - Still horrible at it when she doesn't have a 'role' to play
  • Understanding: 2 - Also, a teenager
  • Knowledge: 4 - Booksmarts are definitely there.
  • Common Sense: 2 - .... She's still learning.

Rainy Day Devil - Random persona-users in Inaba get a horrid surprise in the shape of Kyrie, who takes advantage of the heavy rains to have a bit of fun. (Yu Narukami, Aigis, Michiru Fukase, Miwa Saitou, Itsuka Mizuhara, Fumiya Watanabe, Tohru Adachi) IC: Oct 24th, 2009 (OOC: Apr 23th, 2010)

"I will stand by my actions."
Profile and Skills
A first year student at St. Hermelin High, Arisa possesses a strange intensity that few people her age have. Somewhat tall for her age, with dark skin and even darker eyes, she stands out in her class, and what's even stranger, she seems to live by herself in an empty house. Rumors abound about her, about how her adoptive father works in SEBEC, how her family was torn by a tragic accident, and the bad luck that plagued her during her years before coming back to Lunarvale. For all her mystery, Arisa seems to be a normal, hardworking girl, whose blunt and critical nature drives many away. Those who get past that, however, find a loyal friend who strives to be fair in all things, who acts rather mature for her age even if she's prone to making mistakes in judgment, here and there.


Swan Maiden, Valkyrie, Guilt Complex, Is Here Because a Creepy Crying Little Girl That Looked Like One Of Her Childhood Buddies Asked For Her Help, This Is Perfectly Normal, Doesn't Look Her Age, Knows the Satomi Tadashi Theme Song By Heart, Didn't Set Out Attempting to Learn It In The First Place, Hobby: Photography, Skill: Ballet, Learning Skill: Naginata, Please Don't Hum The Satomi Tadashi Theme, She Just Got It Out Of Her Head A Few Minutes Ago, My Bad Luck Is Just A Rumor

"I am thou... thou art I. I am Ölrún, chooser of the slain. With me you shall walk among the righteous."

Arisa's persona is Ölrún, a valkyrie mentioned in the poem Völundarkviða. In the poem, Ölrún and two other valkyries had taken off their swan garments to bathe when the three warrior brothers Slagfiðr, Egil, and Völund came across them. Taking their swan garments, they formed the valkyries to become their wives. Ölrún and her two companions lived with their husbands for seven years, after which they managed to regain their swan garments and fly off to battle, never to return.

Ölrún, as a persona, acts as a guide, especially in battle. She likes to push Arisa into battle when she feels the resonances of brave warriors. She also acts as a sisterly presence in times of peace, attempting to comfort with her mute presence when Arisa feels severe.

Fellow valkyries rally Ölrún, and this often translates into confidence for Arisa. Granted, while it may seem like a separate spirit, Ölrún is a manifestation of Arisa's determination and self-discipline, a symbol of the noble warrior that dwells within her, a grace that transcends labels.

Social Links
    • Maki Sonomura: Arisa's childhood friend. When she was little, Arisa looked up to Maki as an admirable big sister, and resolved she'd attempt to be as strong as she was. Now, many years later, Arisa came to Maki's aid, resolving to protect her as Maki did her. Arisa feels conflicted about the events of Mikage-cho, however, especially in how she handled Aki. Perhaps if she hadn't been separated from Maki, this all could have been avoided...?
    • Kikue Fujino: Arisa's grandmother. Traditional, cold, and distant, she is part of an old family that has secretly funded the NWO throughout the years. Despite her dislike of Suzue's chosen path, she took Arisa in at her own expense, despite the disapproval of many of her late husband's associates. Arisa disliked her at first, but is slowly beginning to hold a high level of respect for her. She gave Arisa her late daughter's camera when Arisa moved back to Lunarvale.
    • Suzue Shiratori: The only child of Kikue Fujino, Suzue rebelled in her childhood and embraced Western culture, moving to Lunarvale where, while working at SEBEC as a receptionist, she met Fuyutake. Her coldness to her mother resulted in Kikue's rocky relationship with Arisa many years later. Died in a car accident en route to Arisa's audition when Arisa was 13.
    • Tohya Kidzuki: Despite meeting on shaky terms, the two have managed to find common ground. A spotter with powers that far outmatch her own, Arisa finds Tohya good for advice, even if she's at odds somewhat with Tohya's position in KNOWS...
    • Anise Thompson: Is not Arisa, despite her getting all of Arisa's pages.
    • Fuyutake Shiratori: Arisa's adoptive father. A bright and talented scientist, he tries to balance his ability to devote himself to SEBEC's goals, as well as the safety of his adoptive daughter, Arisa, which has led him to practically ignore and push away his daughter for her own safety.
    • Himeru Namikawa: An odd case of two blunt personalities syncing just right, Himeru is one of the few people Arisa would count as a friend. However, Arisa has yet to fully understand the entirety of Himeru, as well as the things she hides... Will they remain friends as they learn more about each other?
    • Takahisa Kandori: Her father's boss. Kandori always seemed to be on the fringes of Arisa's life, though it was probably just through his connection to her father and mother, who both worked for SEBEC (OR IS IT?!). Initially categorizing him as simply an antagonist, Arisa's gotten to know Kandori better in the last few months. .... She still dislikes him and is wary of him, but she respects him all the same.
    • Ouichirou Shiratori: Arisa's little three year old brother and Suzue and Fuyutake's biological son. Arisa loved him dearly, and was fiercely devoted to him. She still has nightmares about seeing his body at the hospital as doctors tried to revive him.
  • Okui Masami - Rinbu-revolution - Prince
    • As of tomorrow, I'll be such a heroic, stylish woman, everybody will turn and look back at me. But even if the two of us should be separated, our hearts will always be together.
  • Luca Yumi - Virtual Star - Valkyrie
    • Further circulation infinitely everlasting / A kind of organic engine / A kind of perpetual motion device / Ah lost motion / It's a lost motion
  • Nanne Gronvall - Håll Om Mig - Ballerina
    • So hold me / Don't let go of me / It's like I'm bewitched by you / And I want you / Come and hold me now
  • Dale North - Persona 'Satomi Tadashi Northside RX' OC ReMix - ... Part-Time Convenience Store Employee
    • Welcome to my pharmacy / Drugs and pills as far as you can see / I enjoy your company / Just make sure you buy something from me
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