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Izo Imaizumi
Ice in Fire
Arcana IX: The Hermit
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Place of Birth Golden Gai, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Date of Birth Oct. 29, 1991 (Scorpio)
Age 20
Faction Unaffiliated
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Height 6'4"



Izo's Theme:

In Roughly Chronological Order:

Gifted Tracks


It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.



OOC: Trying to come up with a way to summarize the last several months of Izo's life, I was really having trouble. His life with the Yakuza is over, he's a Hermit who no longer has the money for higher education, and he's been reduced to hauling heavy furniture around for a shady antiques shop in Hirasaka during the day, and entering fights for extra cash at night. On top of that, Kyo Enda has just gone through the SHU and become a Real Boy like Pinocchio, and sought Izo out to have the most awkward conversation in history.

And so I still don't really know what to say about Izo's life in Sumaru to date, but I think this says it all.

Persona, Resonance

From Wikipedia:

Dakini: A dakini (Sanskrit: डाकिनी ḍākinī; Tibetan: མཁའ་འགྲོ་མ་ khandroma, Wylie: mkha' 'gro ma, TP: kanzhoima; Chinese: 空行母) is a tantric deity described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy. In the Tibetan language, dakini is rendered khandroma which means 'she who traverses the sky' or 'she who moves in space'. Sometimes the term is translated poetically as 'sky dancer' or 'sky walker'.

Dakinis, being associated with energy in all its functions, are linked with the revelation of the Anuttara Yoga Tantras or Higher Tantras, which represent the path of transformation, whereby the energy of negative emotions or kleshas, called poisons, are transformed into the luminous energy of enlightened awareness (jnana) yielding rigpa.

Thus dakinis are the guardians of the deeper mysteries of the self, and it is through them that the secrets of inner transformation are opened.'

In particular, the unique internal challenges that Izo faces are embodied best by the Ishta-deva of the East, described thus:

Element: Water
Chief Buddha: Vajrasattva
Consort: Mamaki
Color: Blue
Enemy: Violent Anger
Virtue: Mirror-like Wisdom
Accompanying Bodhisattvas: Kshitigarbha, Lasema, Maitreya, Pushpema

As to why such a feminine manifestation of wisdom ought to be expressed by an often brooding, darkling yakuza -- that's probably something best left to personal investigation.


Scent: Warm incense and oils (almond, anise, caraway, moss, jasmine sambac, vanilla, jacarander wood, musk), candleflame, cold stone, the sharp tang of frozen mountain water.
Sound: Lingering, chiming, sonorous tones, both high and low: Tibetan singing bowls, instruments of meditation.
Sense: Deep clarity, emptiness, heightened awareness, meditative peace.

  • Izo is extremely tall, given his completely native Japanese heritage, but he's never really enjoyed basketball. His sport of choice is boxing.
  • He plays the violin, and while he's definitely not a prodigy or exceptional talent, he plays well enough, having taken lessons over the course of his academic career. It helps him clear his head.
  • He has a voracious appetite, and almost never turns down food.
  • Izo's obsession with learning extends well beyond scholastic studies. His Arcana is The Hermit for a reason. He's as hungry for knowledge as he is for ramen, most of the time. An ideal day would combine the two, in large quantities.
  • Tattoos: He has a lot of them. From the moment he fell in with the Yamaguchi-gumi he knew he wanted a full set of irezumi, and chose Ukiyo-e art, most of the images transcendental in nature. He has decades to go before he'll have anything like a full suit, but both of his arms and legs have already got ink on them.
  • Nevernude: Possibly as a result of the bulletpoint above, Izo has a remarkable talent for staying completely dressed in mixed company at all times.

Izo has been variously seen either speaking to or visiting a small handful of people at best, though quite often it's difficult to tell what the nature of his relationship with them really is. Given his obvious criminal affiliations, it's probably no wonder that people who choose to associate with him -- for whatever reason -- are reluctant to make those associations a matter of public record. They are:

And, once, Mitsuru Kirijo kissed him. He still has the scar to prove it, even if he doesn't actually remember it.

Logs, Stories

Game Stories:


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