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"My intentions are honorable. I can assure you I can't let evil prevail..."

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The Darkside of Sumaru City is first and foremost an underground website. Those who have visited the website say that the most up-to-date information on fads and rumors can be found there. Unbeknownst to others, however, the people who frequent this website are more than simply people who have too much time on their hands. Many of their number know all-too-well what sorts of threats lurk in the dark corners of the city streets... and they aren't afraid to go out and investigate and handle matters for themselves.

Faction Goals

If you asked most members of the Darkside faction what Darkside's goal was, the ones who answered might say that it was to defend the city, or maybe to control the flow or rumors. A few might even say it was to learn as much as possible about what was going on. However, the faction has a true purpose for its existence, though only Baofu himself is aware of it. The information network is nothing more than Baofu's attempt to not only take down the New World Order, but to leave it torn to pieces.

Faction Resources

Darkside has few resources, but what they do have is an excellent information network. When something happens in Sumaru City or anywhere else a Darkside member might happen to be, it's almost a sure bet that they will hear about it first and report it back to their fellow faction members. Budding rumors are of particular interest to the faction, and Darkside excels at hearing about the newest buzz before it becomes viral.

The other resource open to members of the faction is a small safe zone certain individuals have carved out within the Abandoned Factory in Konan Ward. Free from demons and possessing a few basic necessities, like heating and light, it's a good place to have a private meeting or just hide from the world until the heat dies down.

Character Concepts

Darkside concepts can be quite varied, but they tend to revolve around a search for information or activism, particularly relating to topics and areas that most of the world doesn't know about or is unaware of. A list of some ideal concepts follows below:

Techies, Hackers, Private investigators, Armchair sleuths, Journalists, Activists/anarchists, Vigilantes, Occultists, Ex-military or former law enforcement, Rumormongers.


Baofu: An information hound of some renown amongst the syndicates for his often unsavory methods, Baofu is the savvy and secretive webmaster of the Darkside of Sumaru website, from which the organization takes its name. This site and its many secret forums are used by most of Darkside's membership to trade in obscure information, secrets and rumors across Japan, most often involving the underworld, whether it's the criminal underworld or the supernatural one.

Tatsuya Suou: A serious, aloof young man with a popular following at Sumaru University, Tatsuya Suou is the leader of a group of Persona Users called the Shinsengumi. Often the spearhead of Darkside's efforts in the field, Tatsuya works with like-minded individuals to oppose supernatural threats in the city's shadows - though his methods and motives might not always line up with those of Baofu.

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