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Personal Information
Real Name Takaya Sakaki
Aliases Jesus
Arcana The Wheel of Fortune
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age Teenager
Preferred Weapon Guns
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Cult Leader
Divisions Cult of Personality
Assignment Destroy The World
Persona - Hypnos
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OOC Information
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Derek Stephen Prince



"Man cannot face death without first finding meaning in life; but the world has realized that any meaning in life was lost long ago."

Takaya Sakaki's truest desire is for the world to not outlive him. The immoral experimentations of the Kirijo Group granted Takaya tremendous power at a horrible price, ravaging his body and leaving him with a short life expectancy. His experiences twisted Takaya to seek out the liberation of death, which he would visit on the whole of the world through the evocation of Nyx. A charismatic bon vivant, Takaya believes his power gives him the right to do whatever he can. Takaya's nihilistic march to the end has lured many followers, which makes putting an end to his mad ambitions difficult.


Eerily Beautiful, White Haired Guys Are Evil, God Never Was, Broken Bad, Misses Crowley's Point Entirely, Goal: Destroy The World, Secret Goal: Destroy The World And Never Wear A Shirt



Leaders are not born, but made. Takaya was an orphan who was picked up by the Kirijo Group as part of their experiments to understand the Dark Hour and Tartarus. Takaya and ninety nine other children were given experimental treatments to awaken fell powers within them. They were reliant on medication to control these powers, but the experiment was cancelled after six months. A 3% success rate is unacceptable even for evil Japanese businesses.

Takaya, the strongest of the three, formed Strega to enable him to preach his particular gospel; death is a blissful release, and the destruction of the world will release everyone from their suffering. Takaya has become very good at preaching this particular doctrine, and has decided he is in no particular hurry to destroy the world. He lives in the moment, treating the past as prelude and the future as fantasy.


Takaya Sakaki is organized around a set of core principles. The one most people are familiar with is that all life is suffering. Takaya has suffered so much in his young life that he cannot imagine life ever providing anyone with real pleasure, only the lessened presence of pain. People do terrible things to each other as a matter of course. The strong oppress the weak. Men and women lie to each other, betray each other, because they can. Power will only yield to more power.

The banality of evil is fundamental to Takaya's experience. He did not suffer for any good reason. He suffered as one of a hundred test subjects for grasping old men trying to understand their own true reflections. Doing terrible things doesn't need a reason. Terrible things are inherent to being alive. And that is all right in the end, because being alive is a terrible punishment. Death, and its speedy deployment across all of the world, is the best solution to the problem. Only in death is there true peace.

Death should not be feared. It should be embraced, it should be praised! Being liberated from this miserable living world is something everyone should look forward to. Takaya has no fear of death and is not very well deterred by pain, having endured unimaginable horrors when he was very young. What keeps him alive is his determination to bring Nyx back into the world, which will bring an end to the pathetic, shambling parody of existence that exists in this life.

Takaya is very good at talking people into believing his vision. People who have nothing else to hope for can at least hope for death. Talking about the freedom from pain and anguish Nyx will provide often provides people with some comfort from the brutality of the world. Takaya's dream is very peaceful and alluring, as it can only be confirmed with their own destruction -- and dead cultists can't complain about things not being true, can they?

Takaya continues to live to make sure that Nyx is brought into the world. In the meantime, he is capricious and amoral in his interactions with others. He has organized a cult of people to assist him in bringing Nyx back into the world, and uses individuals ruthlessly. He has no problem using nubile young girls to sate his various deviant needs, or fleecing his flock for wealth to use to fuel the creation of terrible things. Takaya is a self-aware monster, and relishes every instant he has left; he will want to remember these pale shadows of emotion when he is finally, mercifully destroyed.

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