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Rui Onishi
Full Name 雄西瑠生 (おにしるい)
Arcana XII - The Hanged Man
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 4, 1987
Age 24
Faction Unaffiliated
Occupation Personal Assistant / Bodyguard
Persona The Fisher King
Weapon Customized Kyoketsu-shoge
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Height 5'3"
Voice Actor Michiko Neya (in monologue)
Social Stats
  • Expression: 1 - Confused as a Baby in a Topless Bar
    • Annoyance: 99999 - ITAMI-SAAAAN
  • Knowledge: 3 - Extensive Book-Learnin'
  • Courage: 5 - Daddy's Little Martyr
  • Understanding: 2 - Fry Squint
    • Social Finesse: >:|
  • Diligence: 5 - Disciple to the Gospel of Dad
    • Duty: 5 - Designed to Protect
  • Weapon: Customized kyoketsu-shoge on a retractable cable.
  • Body: Tailored, immaculate business suits.
  • Feet: Expensive heels.
  • Accessory: Black beaded choker. Two silver hair clips.
  • The particular kanji for Onishi (雄西) means "the heroic West," which is strange considering Japan's cultural reverence for the East. Rui (瑠生) is equally unusual and does not tie with her family name. Its characters translate to "genuine lapis lazuli." The name by no means attempts to explain her or boast an admirable quality, and perhaps on purpose...
  • Though it's not known for certain, Rui does not especially look like a full-blooded Japanese woman. There's a small, slight ethnicity to her features that would almost suggest she has South American blood, possibly from Columbia or Venezuela.
  • Rui keeps few ties with the yakuza; generally those she keeps in contact are men still loyal to her father. Rival groups may recognize her on sight.
  • Rui is presently employed at Omoikane Investigations as a personal assistant to Daisuke Itami.
  • Rui cannot physically speak in any way or form. She prefers to communicate through her PDA.
  • Despite her aphonia, Rui is fluent in a few languages.
  • Rui dresses to the nines and keeps her appearance immaculate. She prefers to wear suits that cover as much skin as possible. There's a reason for this.
  • She also habitually wears a black beaded choker that covers most of her throat, and very few have ever seen her remove it. There's a reason for this.
  • No one has ever seen Rui eat food or drink anything other than water. There's also a reason for this.
  • Rui has a fixation on fish. She regularly saves up to take trips to the city aquarium. As well, her only prized possession is her small collection of tropical fish. She does not eat sushi or seafood (or anything else made out of under the sea friends,) and can barely stomach seeing others eat fish. It will literally put her into violent throes of nausea.
  • Do not torment fish or fishy things in her presence. Just don't.
  • She also owns the Little Mermaid on DVD.
  • The Fisher King is totally voiced by Brian Cox.
"..." [Please refer to the screen of my PDA for all further correspondence.]
Profile And Skills

Little is known of the mysterious, unassuming, and perpetually silent Rui Onishi. Employed by Omoikane Investigations as the personal assistant to Daisuke Itami, she appears to be quite the consummate professional: strict, unerring, and always dressed in a business suit. Most unusually, no one who has met her can say they have ever heard Miss Onishi speak, and the young woman, strangely enough, prefers to communicate solely though text -- usually through her PDA. She dresses, works, and lives with an exacting precision, working tirelessly to deliver order and regiment to her employer's unruly life. However, appearances can be deceiving, and hers -- immaculate as it is -- is belied by her past, which speaks of yakuza ties and an equally mysterious father who currently serves on death row.

Queen Of Flat Affect, Father Complex To End All Complexes, Daddy's Little Lab Rat, Yakuza Daughter, One Big Guinea Pig Family, Blank Stare Extraordinaire, Yet Another Fuudere, Speak No Evil, Speak Nothing At All Really, Long-Suffering Lieutenant, Wire Fu, Trusty PDA, The Resigned Straight Man, Post-Modern Knight Templar, No Accusations Just Friendly Crustaceans, Freud Would Be All Over This So Hard



Persona and Resonance

"I am thou... thou art I. I am the Fisher King. I am to suffer the pains of my oath. I have chosen them, I shall endure them, but I shall never die of them. That is my curse."

The Fisher King keeps many names and wears many faces over the span of mythology... he is also known as "the Wounded King" and "the Maimed King," the broken remains of a once great and noble ruler. He is most prominent in Arthurian legend as a Grail King -- the sworn protector of the Holy Grail -- one that attains a deep and critical wound in his devotion to the divine artifact. Made by the Spear of Longinus that had spilled Christ's blood on the cross, the wound does not heal and burdens the king to the point of uselessness.

Once glorious, his kingdom too sinks into a state of slow decay and becomes a wasteland around him, reflecting his condition and expressing the more twisted consequences of divine right. As for the Fisher King, he has no health left to do anything but fish in the river of his ruination, that is, until Arthur's virtuous knights can save him.

Additionally, the Fisher King imbues Rui with another passive gift -- the ability to strive most seriously and formidably under the pains of injury. When seriously wounded, Rui becomes her most dangerous, gaining new nerve, focus, and intensity where pain would otherwise burden most people. On the contrary, agony and debilitating injury seem to hone her to a razor's edge.

  • SENSE: The sensation of standing in the ashes of the dead world, one that has long forgotten life. This is the Wasteland that supercedes the fall, a peaceful, barren place that stretches into vast, endless nothingness in all directions, where the horizon bleeds out the same dead colour as the dirt. It is a place that feels like it once thrived, teaming with life and obligation, but the sense of duty has become something so twisted that it has tainted the land. This duty -- this promise -- is heavy and smothering, and has choked this world into desolation.

  • SMELL: The burnt odours of creosote and vaporized resin. The molding smell of standing water. The basement sighs of dust and antiquity.

  • SOUND: Heavy and watery. The wet sound of steel being pushed through a sucking gut wound. The wet plop of a fishing line being dropped into lake water.
Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • None
    • Yuzuriha Hatsumi - Rui originally caught the girl trespassing Daisuke's office in an attempt to collect intelligence on his operations. She put a stop to it by nailing Yuzuriha's limbs down with knives and interrogating her for three days straight. Despite their less-than-promising encounter, Rui has found something of a kindred spirit in the girl - she sees herself, before she gave her humanity away. Disarmed by Yuzuriha's dedication to her purpose and own "precious person", Rui is surprised of how protective she feels over the girl and may find herself compelled to destroy anything that would try to corrupt it.
    • None
    • None
    • Kyo Enda - A student employee at Omoikane Investigations. Appears very cordial. Appreciative of good tea. Not at all an insufferable man like Daisuke Itami... so why is her boss investing so much attention into him?
    • Shinjiro Aragaki - Rui will live a long and peaceful life if she never meets him and his PITYING GLANCES ever again!!
    • None
    • None
    • Katsuya Suou - A meddling, incorrigible, and it appears incorruptable police detective who first appeared in Rui's life by following her for a week. Having caught onto his investigation, she determined to ventilate years of resentment for the force by humiliating him publicly. However, instead of the rivalry one would expect from this wayward pair -- one a cop, the other a yakuza princess -- Katsuya has become something of a strange acquaintance to Rui. Despite all her dismissive ways, not even she can explain her desire to have him understand her.
    • Akira Ookuma - A fellow employee of Omoikane Investigations, and an old friend of Daisuke. The word 'friend', however, is a term that's highly debatable. He is one of Itami's best enforcers, and Rui has had the (unfortunate) experience to seeing Akira in action. Despite his unparalleled brutality, he has a strange, direct way about him that she finds calming, and he puts her at ease more often than not. Still, she's pretty sure she's caught him staring at her ass.
    • None
    • None
    • Daisuke Itami - Her employer, charge, and, at present, the most important person in her life. Rui Onishi has accepted the (great, great...) burden of protecting Daisuke Itami's life with her own, dedicating herself to ensuring his health, safety, and survival. Even though she isn't sure why, she believes that he is precious, and is fully prepared to remain in his employ for as long as she lives. Even at the cost of her own sanity. Because he's certainly not helping it. (UPDATE: HE REALLY ISN'T)
    • Itsuka Mizuhara - Another young student working an internship at Omoikane Investigations. Quite bright and sharp for someone her age, and Rui is impressed with her gift of insight. But what did she end up reading on that mysterious piece of paper?
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • Nagisa Renge - A strange little girl, stepped out of nowhere and appearing to have deigned herself as Omoikane's newest mascot. Rui isn't too sure what to think of the girl, but feels resolved to treat her courteously. She's not too sure the girl's sanity is even all there, especially when she confessed the total impossibility of loving a man like Daisuke Itami. Having grown strangely close to the girl, Nagisa recently confessed to Rui that she's dying, and may only last a few months. Rui hasn't a clue how to deal emotionally with this sort of realization, but she did promise the girl to keep her secret -- especially from Daisuke.
    • Kichiro Higa - Suffering from infection from her own debilitating wounds, a fever dream had Rui mistake Kichiro Higa for her father, and for a night she loved the man with all her heart as he carefully dressed her wounds. Even though she's now discovered the truth, embarrassed by her own error, she still has trouble trying to parse her own lingering feelings...
  • ?? - ??
    • Shinichi Onishi - Father. The only person who could ever love her. He is everything.
  • Death and the Maiden - Schubert
  • Sleeping Beauty: I. Waltz - Tchaikovsky
  • Run - Snow Patrol
    • Light up, light up / As if you have a choice / Even if you cannot hear my voice / I'll be right beside you, dear
  • Black Mirror - Arcade Fire
    • I know a time is coming / All words will lose their meaning / Please show me something that isn't mine / But mine is the only kind that I relate to
  • Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings
    • You used to say 'live and let live' / But if this ever-changing world in which we live in / Makes you give in and cry / Say live and let die
  • Haunting Me - Westward Stabbing
    • Well, I don't know what it means / But I can't seem to make myself forget / Was it something that you said / Was it all the guilt inside my head
  • Just - Radiohead
    • You do it to yourself, you do / And that's what really hurts / Is you do it to yourself / Just you, you and no one else
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes - Muse
    • Change everything you are / And everything you were / Your number has been called / Fights and battles have begun / Revenge will surely come / Your hard times are ahead
  • Newborn - Muse
    • How much are you worth / You can't come down to earth / You're swelling up, you're unstoppable / 'cause you've seen, seen / Too much, too young, young / Soulless is everywhere
  • Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    • You're a zero / What's your name? No one's gonna ask you / Better find out where they want you to go / Try and hit the spot, get to know it in the dark / Get to know it whether you're crying, crying, crying, oh, oh / Can you climb, climb, climb higher?
  • Sweet Dreams (cover) - Marilyn Manson
    • I wanna use you and abuse you / I wanna know what's inside you
  • Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
    • Bought a ticket for a runaway train / Like a madman laughin' at the rain / Little out of touch, little insane / Just easier than dealing with the pain
  • Losing My Religion - REM (Daisuke)
    • Every whisper / Of every waking hour I'm / Choosing my confessions / Trying to keep an eye on you

  • BONUS TRACKS: Father's theme:
  • Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan
    • Histories of ages past / Unenlightened shadows cast / Down through all eternity / The crying of humanity / 'Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man / Comes singing songs of love
  • When the Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
    • The hairs on your arm will stand up / At the terror in each sip and in each sup / Will you partake of that last offered cup?
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