Jin Shirato

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Jin Shirato
Full Name 白戸陣 (しらとじん)
Aliases Jin
Arcana IX - The Hermit
Persona Moros
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Grenades
Faction Unaffiliated
Teams Cult of Personality
Job Doomguard
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor English: Grant George
Japanese: Masaya Onosaka
"They're hypocrites who don't appreciate their own power."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Jin Shirato owes his life to his friend, Takaya. Because of this, he will follow Takaya to the ends of the earth. Jin is a rational, if not always level-headed man who tries to prevent Takaya from making foolish choices, despite his utter loyalty. He manages the website 'Revenge Request', taking jobs from those who want vengeance upon another as part of Strega. Jin is an extremely intelligent tactical thinker, and he tends to use overpowering force.

Skills: The Hacker, Not The Support Guy, Smart Enough To Use Explosives, But Apparently Explosives Aren't That Great, Prefers Jumping Off Bridges To Shooting Himself In The Head, Cult Of Destruction

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