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Nanako Dojima
Nanako Dojima
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Fullname Nanako Dojima
Arcana Justice
Nature Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 4th, 2003
Age Seven
Faction Unaffiliated
Team Elementary School
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 122 cm
Voice Actress Akemi Kanda
"You're not coming home tonight, are you?"
Profile And Skills

Seven year old Nanako Dojima lives in Inaba with her father, police detective Ryotaro Dojima. A sweet young girl with a strong sense of responsibility, her mother died in a hit-and-run accident when she was very small. Left home alone a lot due to her dad's busy work, she had taken over care of all the household chores so that he doesn't have to worry. Nanako often spends her free time watching TV and is a big fan of the Junes store chain's commercials. Often shy when meeting new people for the first time, Nanako is quick to warm up to others and the recent arrival of her cousin Yu Narukami has made life that little bit less lonely in the Dojima household.

Self-Sufficient Seven Year Old, Adorable Kindergarten Student, Not Very Good At Art Class, Raised By Television, Prime Case Study For Parental Neglect, Quiz Show Fan, Takes Promises Seriously, Lonely Child, Mommy's Gone To Heaven, Hey Big Bro!, Loves Plushie Animals, Her Hugs Are Full of Love And Therefore Unstoppable, When Dad's Busy At Work, I Sing The Junes Song Over And Over Again To Make Myself Feel Less Alone! :)


Born to Chisato and Ryotaro Dojima on October 4th(the same day Junes Opened.) Chisato died in a hit and run incident on her way to pick up Nanako from pre-school when she was three. That was when Ryotaro started getting more and more withdrawn and into his work. It was at this time that Nanako picked up her more responsible and quiet streak, as the pair lived alone for the next few years. Yu arrived and joined the family as her big bro a month or so before the start of the 2009 - 2010 school year.

The current list of Junes-met people include Tom Magnusson, Shiori Hibiki, Aigis, and Shion Katsuragi. She ran into Enoha Koinase while out with Adachi Tohru on her birthday. However, there have been issues. The first was when Strega(Tomomi, Takaya, not that Nanako knows their names), stole TVs from Junes and Nanako attempted to interfere with the thugs. She was knocked unconscious. Daddy and Big Bro were both pretty unhappy with her.

Then, less than a week later, Nanako ran into Takahisa Kandori with his Persona out(not that Nanako could tell), antagonizing Ichiya and Shirou. Chie and Yu weren't far behind her, and the whole group irritated the small girl with their fighting, and she walked off. Less than two days later, while shopping, she ran into a unknown woman who scolded Yosuke Hanamura about Nanako being alone. Not long after that, Yu took Nanako to Port Island, where she met Aigis again and Hinata Itoh, who she took too quickly...

So, something happened, and a barrier wrapped around Lunarvale. In true style, Nanako didn't think anything of it... until Yu didn't come home. ... and still didn't come home. After the second lonely day without him and Ryotaro staying at work even later than normal. This started getting worse when Nanako's friends weren't coming by... when she didn't see them in the streets... Chie-san... Yukiko .... even Junes was empty without Yosuke. That... and Adachi wasn't there either. First her big bro, then all her friends, then one of the few adults she could count on to be there for a hug and a smile...

... They were all gone.

Nanako went with Shion to visit a injured Enoha at the hospital, with a surprise visit by Aigis. She poured her little heart out at that time to the trio, letting them know how sad, broken-hearted, and terrified that everyone she liked - even loved - had gone away like her mommy had done. Daddy wasn't telling her anything... she didn't have much hope... but she still ... had them. Until they, too, went away. Now even more lost and confused, Nanako is terrified, and sad. Where did everyone go? Why did they go? ... will they come back? ... please? ... come back...

Shortly after the news came on about the barrier being gone, Yu Narukami walked in the front door and swore a promise to Nanako he wouldn't do that ever again. The next day, she ran into Thora Kobayashi, Fumiya Watanabe, Aigis, and Masumi Hayashi. That's two out of everyone back; they said everyone was coming back, including Adachi. Shortly afterwards, their promises came true as she ran into everyone else that was wandering around, getting quite used to being back. Thankful that they all were, Nanako went back to her job of being a very quiet, brave little girl.

Everything has been going quiet for the Dojima family. A pair of earthquakes hit after Nanako got a cold once winter set in, causing some distress for the family due to her illness, but she's pulled through. There was a Jack Frost(living, having been kotodama'd in by rumors) that she and Enoha had made, on a joke, a igloo for. No one believed Nanako at first, but after introducing Jack Frost to several people, they managed to get a home for him... and didn't hurt Nanako at the same time, which, to the KDAs' belief, is a good thing.

Which it is, after all...


Nanako truly, truly loves her father, and it shows in the care that she takes in making sure that he has a clean home and dinner to come home too every night. Although not a traditional father-daughter relationship, Nanako and her Father had forged bonds of fire that bind the two closely together, to the point where although it seems like she's a case for parental neglect, she will forever stand at his side, protecting and taking care of him in her own way. Yu has helped Nanako come to terms with her mother's death, incouraging her intellect and responsibility. He has helped her by walking her to and from Junes, helping clean, and cook; Nanako truly loves her big bro, and it shows as she trusts him as well as she does her father.

There are several things that Nanako is very sure about that she likes. The first, and foremost again, is the Inaba-based Junes Department Store! ~/o Every-day is great ~ at your Junes! o\~ Nanako always smiles when she hears that jingle, and will always sing along with it. Something about the tune and the store make it appealing for the young girl, probably because it is very catchy and upbeat, not to mention it makes her smile that every day is great, no matter what happens! Nanako is still a child at heart, and as such, she has a love of soft, cuddly plushie animals and teddy bears. They are soft, and gentle, and they don't fight at all, and she can cuddle with them on cold nights, or when she's afraid or lonely. Nanako also has a soft spot for platypus. Such unusual animals, yet so cute ... Nanako sometimes wishes she could pick one up and hug it.

Nanako is certainly intelligent, and she's got a good ability to analyze situations. She doesn't always understand what is going on, due to her age and naivety, but she is able to make some astute observations that may surprise people. It wouldn't be twice or out of character for Nanako to wait and make her decisions, using rationality and reasoning to come up with an observation, even if her methods of doing so seem a little out of hand, or maybe a bit long-winded. Nanako seems to have a absurd aversion to fighting, as she believes in harmony and rationality. Nanako will get upset over the littlest argument, even careful questioning or louder than normal words. She believes that impartiality is good for arguments, and that fighting will get you nowhere when one should talk and reason their way through the issue. Fighting leads to people getting hurt, and Nanako doesn't like seeing anyone get hurt, much less those close to her.

Nanako tends to be shy and cold, maybe hard to approach at first to people that want to get to know her. However, once she's warmed up and comfortable with the people that are trying to approach her, she tends to have little fear, socially, about their relationship, letting them into the A-OK or safety circle very easily. Ryotaro has worked hard to teach her to be careful of strangers and the world around her, so strangers that get to know her and into that circle of trust may lead to a blind spot, as someone so close and so trusted may lead to issues.

Nanako is also responsible, as since her mother's death, she is home alone after school, and as such, has taken on the jobs/chores of cleaning the house and cooking dinner. Ryotaro has trusted her to even go to Junes and back by herself with the shopping, proving that even at an early age, the young girl is clearly someone who has good logic and someone that can be trusted. Nanako is always ready to help too, bringing a cheerful smile to the table, even if it's just planning a simple birthday party, or making sure Yu is cooking Ryotaro's steak the right way.

Combat Information
Toxic Cuteness
Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Strike Attack - Slap 0 Nanako slaps you. (Phys Strike 3)
Damsel in Distress Reflex 0 Strength up, Magic Up, Luck Up all for 3 rounds, room wide special. (Heal 0)
Cling 2 Nanako clings to you. (Agility down 1 round. Phys Strike 0)
Cuteness Overload 0 Almighty amp. (Passive, Almighty 0)
Junes Theme Song 1 Room wide attack. No real affect. (Magi Almighty 0)
Saw Daddy Do This 7 Nanako punches you. (Phys strike 4)

Other Things
  • Blood Type: O
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Hometown: Inaba
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hobbies: Singing the Junes Song, Cooking, Cleaning
  • Personal Treasures: Time with daddy
  • Favorite Food: Home cooked food
  • Likes: Platypus, daddy, big bro! friends
  • Dislikes: Scary people

Logs and Cutscenes
  • Logs

None uploaded.

  • Cutscenes

2010-05-03: Big...bro ... Ada...chi (Nanako Dojima)
2010-07-27: A Daughter's Determination (Nanako Dojima)

Song List
Social Links


  • Yu Narukami: Yu Narukami is technically Nanako's cousin, but she calls him Big Bro. Nanako is still wary of him, but he's taken a special place in her heart and has helped her with her feelings about Mommy and Daddy, and Heaven.
  • Tohru Adachi: Tohru is Daddy's partner at the Inaba Police Station. A bit of a fumbles, but nice.


  • Yosuke Hanamura: Big bros' best friend!


  • Shiori Hibiki: She's very nice, although Nanako thinks she has some personal issues as she's always apologizing, even if there's nothing really wrong.
  • Yukiko Amagi: A member of the KDA and one of Yu's- and Nanako's- friends.


  • Nanako has no notable Empress links.


  • Nanako has no notable Emperor links.


  • Ryotaro Dojima: AKA Daddy. Nanako's father, Ryotaro is a police detective and Tohru Adachi's partner. He's gruff, yet gentle, and Nanako has learned much from him.


  • Nanako has no notable Lovers links.


  • Aigis: Aigis and Nanako share an odd bond, as Aigis is very straightforward and serious, and Nanako likes that, and respects it.


  • Nanako has no notable Justice links.


  • Nanako has no notable Hermit links.


  • Naoto Shirogane: A detective, like Daddy, Adachi, and Shion. Very straightforward, calm, cool, collected.


  • Enoha Koinose: Could develop into a sweet, motherly-like friendship - and it has.


  • Nanako has no notable Hanged Man links.


  • Shirou Sekigawa: Protective of Nanako. Nanako's stance on Shirou is confused, as he's made her upset, but he clearly cares for Thora Kobayashi, which Nanako approves of.


  • Nanako has no notable Temperance links.


  • Nanako has no notable Devil links.


  • Thora Kobayashi: A strong, physical girl, who never seems to quit, and never seems to let anyone stop her. Nanako thinks she's kind of cool, and considers her a bit of a role model.


  • Teddie: The TV spirit. Nanako doesn't know who he really is.
  • Hinata Itoh: She's incredibly sweet and happy, and Nanako loves to be around her, and spend time with her, since she's always got a interesting idea or something to do rather than just watch TV.


  • Nanako has no notable Moon links.


  • Shion Katsuragi: A police detective. Works with Daddy and Adachi. Is nice.


  • Nagisa Renge: Very mean, very unlikable girl. Not a teen, but not as young as Nanako. Nanako does not /like/ her, as she threatened to kill Yosuke.
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