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Popularized in Sumaru City by Wang Long Chizuru, Wang Long Fortunetelling revolves around the twelve Dragon Kings of Taoist and Chinese mythology. Each King protects one of the months of the year, bestowing their qualities and protection on anyone born in their respective month. Certain dragons synergize well with some dragons... and just don't get along at all with others, making it popular for match-making fortunes.

In many respects it's quite similar to the Western Zodiac and horoscopes, at least in how it's applied to everyday life.

The Dragon Kings

  • January - Yellow Dragon. Protects balance, it is responsible and patient.
  • February - Blue Dragon. Prefers reform, it is intellectual and calm.
  • March - White Dragon. Rules emotion, it is warm-hearted and easily moved to tears.
  • April - Scarlet Dragon. Leads battle, it is rash, hasty and stubborn.
  • May - Gold Dragon. Protects the world, it is realistic and reasonable.
  • June - Navy Blue Dragon. Gives rise to liberation, it is lively and witty.
  • July - Light Dragon. Values morality, it is sensitive and caring.
  • August - Red Dragon. Rules passion, it is confident and adventurous.
  • September - Black Dragon. Grants wisdom, it is earnest and enthusiastic.
  • October - Silver Dragon. Protects moderation, it is artistic and pacifistic.
  • November - Moon Dragon. Creates mysticism, it traps passion inside the heart.
  • December - Purple Dragon. Honors justice, it is honest and wishes to be free.

Thirteenth Dragon?

According to some traditions, there is a thirteenth Dragon King, or, perhaps, Dragon Queen. Called Joka, this dragon does not rule over any month; instead, when she shows up in someone's fortune, it's to bring bad luck into their life. There's not much someone can do if they've ended up with a Joka influence. They'll just have to tough it out until it passes.

Affinity Chart

Dragon Good Bad
Yellow Dragon (January) Gold Silver
Blue Dragon (February) Navy Blue --
White Dragon (March) Moon --
Scarlet Dragon (April) -- --
Gold Dragon (May) Yellow, Black --
Navy Blue Dragon (June) Blue --
Light Dragon (July) White, Moon Red
Red Dragon (August) -- Light
Black Dragon (September) Gold --
Silver Dragon (October) Purple Yellow
Moon Dragon (November) White, Light --
Purple Dragon (December) Silver --
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