Mariko Ohmukai

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Mariko Ohmukai
Wild Card
Mariko art2.jpg
Full Name Mariko Ohmukai
Arcana The Devil (Reverse)
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 18
Birth Date December 27th, 1992
Blood Type B-
Preferred Weapon Butterfly Knife
Faction Kagutsuchi
Job Cafe Manager / Hostess
Assignment Hamster Cafe, Lunarvale
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Asami Abe
  • Mariko grew up in Narumi Ward, child of Yutaro and Kimiko, an upper-middle-class family by way of her father's ownership of several denim factories that exported to European markets.
  • Because of many business trips abroad with her father, Mariko discovered an unusual facility with languages. She's fully fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. She's conversational in Standard Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • Mariko dropped out of Seven Sisters after her first year. For a brief time, she was on the cheerleading squad, but was kicked off for skipping practices (due to her worsening drug habit).
  • For a while, Mariko lived on her own in Inaba, and flipped burgers at the Junes there.
  • Mariko has supernaturally excellent taste in handbags and purses, and is never without a fabulously expensive, up-to-the-minute item.
  • Mariko is an inveterate animal lover, and when she was younger owned a cat named Jacques.
  • Mariko is a complete Europhile, and more specifically a Francophile.
  • Mariko's favorite food, accordingly, is milles crepes.
  • Every time Mariko tries to ride a bicycle, the chain snaps. Every time.
  • As a young girl, Mariko's stated ambition was to become a sentai villain, or at least Lady D from Yatterman.
  • Mariko knows every Rihanna song and music video by heart, and takes her love of Rihanna very seriously.
  • It is entirely possible that Mariko is a sociopath.
  • Mariko has deep scars on her throat, from Kyo Enda biting it open. She wears scarves and other neck-covering fashion items whenever near the public.

"C'mon, daddy..."
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Mariko, by Spiritualized
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space"
    • All I need in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away...
  • "Walking With Jesus"
    • So listen sweet Lord, forgive me my sins, because I can't stand this life without all these things...
  • "The Straight and the Narrow"
    • And I don't fall off the wagon, you know... I take a dive and go as deep as I can go... Don't hold your breath, 'cause I'm coming up slow this time...
  • "Out of Sight"
    • They say that pride comes before a fall... I have fallen and I wasn't proud.
  • "Lay Back in the Sun"
    • Good dope, good fun... Good dope, good fun... Good dope, good fun...
  • "Anyway That You Want Me"
    • I loving you in vain?
  • "Home of the Brave"
    • I don't even miss you, but that's 'cause I'm fucked up... I'm sure when it wears off, that I will be hurting...
  • "Medication"
    • Makes me feel so good... Makes me feel so fine... Makes me feel so good... Leaves me fucked up inside.
  • "The Twelve Steps"
    • I ain't got to where I'm goin' to by hangin' round with people who ain't my friends... but then again, I ain't never gotten anywhere I wanted in the end.
  • "Hey Jane"
    • Hey Jane, when you gonna die? Hey Jane, when you gonna die? Hey Jane, when you gonna die? Hey Jane, when you gonna die?
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