Nika Rumyantseva

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Nika Rumyantseva
Full Name Nika Rumyantseva
Arcana XII - The Emperor (REVERSE)
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 9, 1991
Age 19
Faction New World Order
Occupation College Student
Persona The Red Queen
Weapon Combat Shears
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Height 5'10"
Voice Actress Aki Toyosaki
Social Stats
What Is Fear?
Never Giving Up
Weapon: вдоводел
Body: Short Skirts
Feet: Stiletto Boots
Accessory: Father's Rosary
  • Nika is a devout Catholic. Utterly devoted. Scarily devoted.
  • She is almost as devoted to her faith as she is her father, Daniil Rumyantsev.
  • Her dad is totally played by Liam Neeson.
  • It is very likely that anyone with ties to Sumaru PD have access to her "colorful" history of misdemeanors and one assault charge.
  • Her course of study at Sumaru University is Advertising with emphasis on Design.
  • Yes, she is Yakuza. She works as a leg breaker and drug pusher, usually focused on Sumaru University's campus and surrounding areas.
  • While she can speak Japanese, she is not entirely fluent; she still speaks with in broken Japanese on occasion.
  • She is fluent in Russian (obviously) and comfortable with English--however broken it may be.
  • Her weapon, 'combat shears,' are a pair of curved daggers connected at the neck of the blade's hilts by a wing nut-like fastener to create a lethal pair of working scissors about the size of gardening shears.
  • She calls it Vdovodel. (Widowmaker)
  • She is trained in Boevoe Sambo and some System techniques thanks to her father, Daniil.
"It's no fun and games until someone gets hurt."'
Profile and Skills

The daughter of a former Russian Spetznas dishonorably discharged from Russian military in the late nineties during the Chechen war, Nika's life has been wrought with one hardship after another. Having moved from St. Petersburg at a young age, adapting to Japanese society was also difficult for Nika Rumyantseva. Yet despite the rough spots--which include a few brushes with the law and making for a colorful rap sheet--she has seemingly changed for the better. An active college student at Sumaru University, she's outgoing, cheerful and the life of the party, a fashionista and certainly an interesting character thanks to her exotic features. But beneath all the makeup, designer shades and expensive clothes lies something deeply chaotic and unhinged, a girl that is known for keeping some rather peculiar and unscrupulous company and possessing some peculiar habits.

Killer Queen, Finds the "FUN" in DYSFUNCTIONAL, In God We Trust, Interests Include: Fashion, Religion, Torture, Using and Abusing, Mildly Masochistic, Supremely Sadistic, My Father, My Hero, Carving Her Own Future--Literally, Her Love For You Is Like A Truck, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!


Suckerrrrr. Coming when I de-lazy.


Also coming when I de-lazy.

Persona & Resonance
"I am thou, thou art I... Queen of Hearts, the Red Queen. Madness is the key to our power; with it, all shall kneel before us.

The opposing piece to Wonderland's bizarre White Queen, the Red Queen is passion and fury without restraint to the White Queen's puzzling nature and barely-contained madness. She, the Red Queen is the embodiment of a cruel monarch, the mad Queen that rules her land in fear with the guillotine. She lacks pity for her subjects, holds no quarter and is very much like a child in her irrational behavior and temper and outbursts of anger. Against the White Queen, the two are forever engaged in battle, opposing one another for as long as they exist.

Red Queen needs no King; as such, she fits perfectly the role of Reversed Emperor largely because she is in a seat of power and gladly abuses her power over those she governs. Her rule is THE rule, and there is no King in her way to hold her back and keep her madness in check. Like the role of the Queen in chess, she is boundless and without restraint, THE piece capable of the most action and movement on the board, her territory. Though the Red Queen knows well the rules of the chessboard, she is glad to forgo them in favor of advancing her ambitions and desires, crushing whoever and whatever along the way, no matter the price.

SENSE: A sensation that inspires a gut-wrenching fear, makes one's stomach twist and break out in cold chills. Impending doom and absolute dread. A feeling of stifling oppression.

SMELL: The scent of sweet raspberry and strawberry tarts and Earl Grey tea. Underlying the delicious smell there's a scent of sharp copper, the familiar scent of blood.

SOUND: The sound of a steady beating heart, reaching a pounding pulse. The harsh sound of metal grinding against a whet stone.

Notable Social Links
    • Akio Touma: Wants him dead because he kissed her.
    • Susumu Kamiya: Izverg. Nika's "handler" and the adoptive son of Kikuchi-kai's administrator Hideo Kuromiya, she finds the young man's apparent ignorance endearing. One of the few people she genuinely has any sort of tolerance for. Delights in attempting to make him uncomfortable. Has a feeling there's more beneath his skin than he lets people believe.
    • Yisa Taimiev: Lapushka. A young woman that, for some inexplicable reason to Nika, she loathes with every fiber of her being. Her very existence grates on her and makes her want to destroy everything that Yisa holds dear in her life. Is also convinced (thanks to Mariko) that she is some kind of lesbian rapist.
    • Hideo Kuromiya: An administrator in the Kikuchi-kai in Sumaru City and an old family friend of Daniil Rumyantsev--and one of the very few people Nika respects. He has aided her and her father through their worst times, and has since provided her and her wounded father with a comfortable living--for a price, of course. Still, he is very loyal to the Kikuchi-kai and an honorable figure within; many shatei and kyodai of the Kikuchi-kai look up to him. He also gave Nika her "interesting" weapon upon her official initiation into the family. she kind of has a crush on him, too
    • Masahiko Irie: Wants him dead for the sake of the Kikuchi-kai--and Hideo.
    • Mariko Ohmukai: Sharomyzhnik. A druggie that stumbled her way to Nika's apartment looking for a fix. Learned interesting things from her about Yisa's recent activities and associates. Figures she has her uses...
    • Tatsuya Sudou: Ciklop. The one-eyed owner of Zodiac and the current oyabun of Sumiyoshi-kai. As the Kikuchi-kai are a smaller branch based off the Sumiyoshi-kai, she is essentially working for him as well. Their meeting was brief; however, his willingness to let her 'try and kill Masahiko' was enough to put him on her good side.
    • Daniil Rumyantsev: The light of Nika's life, her entire existence, despite the horrible things said and done by him to her, she utterly loves and adores him. A former Spetznas soldier who was dishonorably discharged after 'a thing happened' in Chechnya, he spent most of his life lamenting himself, his lot in life and everything in between. A chance encounter with an old friend and Yakuza named Hideo Kuromiya led him to a life of living as a merc for hire--until he was assaulted and crippled by a rival family bent on revenge. Now a shell of his former self (once again), he borders on the brink of self-destruction and madness, barely kept in line by his ever-loving and doting daughter, who only wants to see him return to the strong man he was once before.


Ave Maria by Christina England Hale
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Sicking F^cking by Yoshitaka Hirota & Ryo Fukuda ~ "The Red Queen"

In Your Honor by the Foo Fighters ~ "Daniil Rumyantsev"
In your honor, I would die tonight, for you to feel alive.

Stupid Girl by The Rolling Stones ~ "Yisa Taimiev"
The way she powders her nose, her vanity shows and it shows, she's the worst thing in this world.

The Fear by Lily Allen
And I am a weapon of massive consumption, And its not my fault it's how I'm programmed to function.

Sick, Sick, Sick by Queens of the Stone Age
Simple as this I'm in love with the risk, I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss.

Paranoid Android by Radiohead
When I am king, you will be first against the wall, with your opinion which is of no consequence at all.

Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Off with your head, Dance 'til you're dead, Heads will roll, On the floor.

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