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Mikage Kohama
Full Name 湖浜美影(こはまみかげ)
Arcana VI - The Lovers Reverse
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Date of Birth May 23rd, 1990 (Gemini)
Age 22
Guardian Dragon Gold Dragon
Shadow Odile
Weapon Needles
Faction Kagutsuchi
Player tlynn2002
"So tell me more about yourself. You seem very /interesting/!
Mikage Kohama is a recent graduate of Sumaru University and currently works as a nurse at the Yumezaki Municipal Hospital as well as the privately-owned New World Order Hospital, Fujiwara. The daughter of a government official and higher up in the NWO, Mikage has spent most of her life trying to make her father proud of her but has been met with cold indifference. She can be very talkative and outgoing but other times can seem to not care about anyone else, showing the same attitude of indiference that she was met with most of her life to those around her.
Social Stats
Works Hard
  • Mikage has an older sister, Mitsuki, who was born 5 minutes before her. Their relationship is generally a very tense one.
  • She was hit by a car in what should have been a fatal car accident for her. Miraculously, she survived with only minor breaks and a few lasting scars. However, there is more to the story than even Mikage realizes right now.
  • She likely suffers from one form of a dissociative disorder but it has never been clinically diagnosed.
  • She is a registered nurse at the NWO's private hospital, Fujiwara, but she also works part time at Yumezaki Municipal Hospital in Sumaru.
  • Their mothers name was Amaya Kono and she died when the girls were 3 years old. They spent the following 4 years of their lives in an orphanage until their father was located and decided to adopt them.
  • Her father, Daisuke Kohama, is a government official and because of this she has some influence to her name as well as being well taken care of. He is also a member of the NWO but it is generally kept secret whether or not he is a persona-user as well.
  • Mikage is left-handed.
  • She can be seen riding a black and red scooter from time to time.
  • Her name means 'Beautiful Shadow'.
  • She has a tattoo (see picture left) on the back of her upper left shoulder.
A listing of people that Mikage has seen as a nurse.
  • Katsuya Suou
  • Mariko Ohmukai
  • Izo Imaizumi
  • Mikiya Ryouhara
  • Seiichi Miyamoto
  • Daisuke Itami
Shadow and Resonance

Odile is the daughter of Count Von Rothbart in the ballet, Swan Lake. As the story is portrayed, Odette has a spell cast on her by Von Rothbart. In order to break the spell, she must fall in love with a prince or else be cursed to remain a swan in the daytime and regain her human form at night. When Von Rothbart sees that Odette is falling in love, he sends Odile to trick the prince into falling in love with her, thus keeping Odette under his spell forever.

Special: Feather Buffet

Shadow Form: Odile takes the form of a large swan with large black, feathery wings. Her face is masked in white but retains its human characteristics.


Sense: The feeling of deception and a dark feeling that something is watching.
Sound: The sound of a flock of swans mixed with the sound of water in a lake.
Smell: The smell of the evening air.

Logs and Cutscenes
All logs are posted here.
Notable Social Links
Fool Through Judgement


  • Kei Nanjou: Met him briefly through her friendship with Tohya.


  • William Blazer: Ran into him after her shift at the hospital and watched him fix his scooter. He came by the hospital after Mikage was attacked by Mikiya and was more compassionate towards her than she expected.


  • Katsuya Suou: A detective, formerly working in Inaba, now working in Sumaru. Mikage first became acquainted with him while he was a patient at Yumezaki Municipal Hospital. Later after she was attacked, Mikage left the hospital against medical advice and attended a charity auction hosted by Rei Saionji. At this event Mikage purchased a date with him. Unfortunately, she passed out in front of the detective and ended up back in the hospital and the following day he was assigned to question her about her attacker. It was /awkward/ and she refused to give up the name of her attacker though she thinks he probably figured it out. (He still owes her a date.)
  • Mitsuki Kohama: Mikage's twin sister. They are fraternal twins and Mitsuki is older than her by 5 minutes. They have a pretty rocky relationship right now due to series of events that left the younger girl bitter and wanting to distance herself.


  • Izo Imaizumi: Mikage met Izo at Sumaru University and chatted with him while she was there for a seminar. They also ran across each other when she was going to get a tattoo and he went with her and Tohya. Later, he was a patient at the hospital she was working at and she divulged to him that Mariko was infatuated with him. For some reason though, he wouldn't let her check out his wounds, not wanting her to see his tattoos. :/
  • Rei Saionji: Mikage doesn't know him very well but he intervened when Mikiya attacked her. She believed that she owed her life to him but he later explained that it was his duty. Regardless, she holds a certain amount of respect for him for his help.


  • Masahiko Irie: First met when Mikage was hired to work as a personal nurse for his boat party. For awhile, Masahiko believed that she was his enemy since she wouldn't divulge her NWO involvement. Over time though, they came to an understanding and after she left the NWO, she decided to join his group on a sort of trial basis given that he doesn't seem to fully trust her right now. Unfortunately, his arrogance towards the NWO and attempt to make her choose a side after she was attacked ended their relationship pretty quickly.


  • Tohya Kidzuki: After running across Tohya's shadow, Mikage met Tohya later in the hospital when she was a patient. They have developed a friendship, despite knowing where each others loyalties lie.


  • Seiichi Miyamoto: Mikage likes Seiichi and has tried on various occasions to see if the feeling was mutual but he has made it clear that he is loyal to Mitsuru, much to Mikage's disappointment. He is also the worst hospital patient ever!


  • Naomi Suzuno: Acquainted with her through Tohya. Mikage seems to like her style.


  • Dr. Keitaro Asano: Said he was a doctor but later she realized that he was lying and vowed to look into who he was after he left her a business card.
  • Mariko Ohmukai: Mikage found Mariko outside the hospital one night badly withdrawing from drug usage. She agreed to help the girl procure drugs in exchange for more information about Masahiko Irie. She set up a meeting between the two of them but it went badly when they showed up to find the girl had been brutally attacked by Kyo Enda. Mikage ended up working a private nurse at the Irie Estate to help care for Mariko.


  • Mikiya Ryouhara: Mikage thought intially that he was kind of cool and mysterious. After he showed up at Fujiwara one evening during her shift badly beaten, she gave him supplies to help clean up his wounds even if he wouldn't let her actually help in any other way beyond persona healing. During her brief defection from the NWO, he was hired to 'kidnap' her and nearly killed her. He later helped her escape from the hospital. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price...


  • Kyo Enda: Former Sumaru University student, now attending Fra Mauro. He helped Mikage get to the train station in Okina one evening and she saw him the first evening she realized she was shadow-possessed. Mikage has helped a few of his 'victims' lately...
  • Tatsuya Sudou: The head of the Masquerade and Mikage's boss. She was first approached by Leo to be an executive member of the Masquerade after a few years of working within the NWO and after she was awakened. She is now working for him as a part of the Dragons.
Duality - Slipknot

Tell me the reality is better than the dream/ But I found out the hard way/ Nothing is as it seems

Maneater - Hall and Oates
She's deadly man, and she could really rip your world apart/Mind over matter/The beauty is there but a beast is in the heart

Power, Seduction, Cries - Clint Mansell

Perfection - Clint Mansell


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