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Kei Nanjou
Kei Nanjo P2EP PSP.png
Full Name 南条圭 (なんじょうけい)
Arcana V - The Hierophant
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 177 cm (5’9”)
Date of Birth 3 October 1992 (Libra)
Age 19
Guardian Dragon Silver Dragon
Persona Aizen Myouou Custom
Weapon Two-handed Swords
Faction Darkside
Team Tarjana
Seiyuu Toshiyuki Moriyama
Voice Actor Kirk Thornton
Player Lustrare
  • Weapon: Konryûmaru - A powerful, ancient katana Kei acquired during the most recent near-apocalypse. Its hilt is wrapped with cerulean silk. Spelled 坤龍丸 in kanji, the first character is a representation of the eighth I Ching trigram, signifying earth and the southwest direction (among other relevant things); the second character represents, of course, "dragon", and the last is the -maru suffix.
  • Body: Motorcycle Leathers - Black, of course. “TO THE NO. 1” is embossed on the back of the jacket. Comes with a white helmet.
  • Feet: Motorcycle Boots - Well obviously.
  • Accessory: Monogrammed Scarf - An azure blue scarf that bears a conspicuous “1”.
Social Stats
  • Expression: 2 - Kind Of A Dick, Also Fond Of Proverbs
  • Knowledge: 5 - The Brains Of The Operation
  • Courage: 4 - Will Kill A Fucker
    • The Satomi Song: 1 - oh god make it stop
  • Understanding: 3 - Better Than Kandori
  • Diligence: 5 - TO THE NO. 1
  • Kei is the heir to the Nanjou Konzern, or Conglomerate (or Group), one of the wealthiest and most successful corporations in Japan. As a result, he’s fuckin’ rich.
  • The numeral 1 embossed all over all his stuff is an embodiment of the promise he made to Yamaoka, his devoted manservant, as the latter lay dying. This event is what triggered Kei’s Awakening.
  • Generally stiff and uptight, Kei began to loosen up some during his relatively Persona-free senior year. To that effect, he's obtained a motorcycle license and a Harley.
  • Kei's handle on the Darkside forums is AoiIchiban.
  • Kei's blood type is A.
  • Bribe
  • Pontificate
  • Condescend
  • Sarcasm
"If you want to be the best you'd better act like it."
Profile and Skills

Profile: A recent graduate of St. Hermelin and freshman at Fra Mauro University, Kei Nanjou is well on his way to becoming the number-one man in Japan. Always a vague goal of his, this desire gained a new dimension of importance upon the death of his beloved butler Yamaoka, who with his last breath made the youth promise to achieve it for his sake. Though he quit the field following the event which claimed Yamaoka's life -- the Mikage-cho incident -- the divine apotheosis of Takahisa Kandori and the impending destruction of Man roused him from his retirement. Defeating the man who might rightfully be considered his Shadow only proved to Kei that his skills were still required, however; thus, he has taken up his blade once more and joined the secretive ranks of Darkside in order to better defend Sumaru from that which still threatens it. The Nanjou heir has loosened up a little since graduating high school, even going so far as to acquire a motorcycle. He's still stiff and relatively humorless, but he does care deeply for his friends. Intelligent, driven, and possessed of a commanding presence, Kei can be counted on to keep a level head no matter how weird things get.

Skills: The Art Of War, Fortune 500, Obsessed With Perfection, Raised Himself With Help From His Loyal Butler, Is Basically Bruce Wayne, A Proverb For Every Occasion, Kill One To Save A Thousand, There But For The Grace Of God Go I, You Gotta Have Friends, I Tried To Get Out But They Pulled Me Back In, Logical To A Fault, Actually Thinks That Goddamn Helmet Is Cool, My Persona Is What You Might Call A Naranari, Hypnotised By The Satomi Song, Would Be At Oxford Except The World Needs Saving (Again), I Now Own A Motorcycle, Why Are People Surprised By This, All It Takes For Evil To Triumph Is For Good Men To Do Nothing, TO THE NO. 1

Combat Information
Kei’s Persona is heavy on Light- and Phys-based skills. (More forthcoming.)

Special: Swinging For The Fences - Kei's glasses glint as he gives his sword a mighty swing, the sound of which is much like the crack of a bat as it hits a home-run. The force of the impact is like taking the force of that home-run to the forehead: While his foe is reeling, their energy levels and ability to defend themselves plummet.

Persona Information and Resonance
"I am thou...thou art I. I am Enlightened King Aizen Myouou, embodiment of the Wheel of Injunction. Now, then, I shall show you the path to transcendence -- this base state is no fitting place for such as you!"

Aizen Myouou (愛染明王) is the Japanese form of the Sanskrit name for Rāgarāja, a Hindu deity adapted into Mahayana Buddhism. One of the eight Wisdom Kings, Aizen is associated with four different mandalas. According to the SMT Wiki, "He is portrayed as a red-skinned, frowning man, his appearance representing suppressed lust and passion. He variously has two, four or six arms; in the latter form, his hands bear a bell, a stick, a thunderbolt, a lotus, a bow and an arrow. Similarly, he sometimes has two heads, with a lion's head in his wild hair. According to the Yogin Sutra attributed to Vajrabodhi, he represents the state at which sexual excitement or agitation becomes enlightenment and passionate love becomes compassion for all living things." So...yeah. Kei's version of Aizen appears to be a naranari, or hermaphrodite; it possesses a svelte feminine figure and is clad in leather and lace.

  • SENSE: Brimming potential, like something is about to happen. Like a dancer poised to begin a wild dance, perhaps.
  • SOUND: Jingling bells, like those of a dancer's costume.
  • SMELL: Lotus flowers and incense.

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