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Yukari Takeba
Actually a Peninsula
Full Name Yukari Takeba
Aliases Yuka-tan
Arcana The Lovers
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 19
Birth Date October 19th, 1992
Blood Type B
Preferred Weapon Bow and Arrow
Faction SEES
Job University Student
Assignment Port Island
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Megumi Toyoguchi / Michelle Ruff
  • Yukari is bad at arranging furniture.
  • Yukari is also bad at 'not buying fur-lined halter dresses.'

"I'll fight for what I believe in... that's what you'd have wanted... right, Dad?"
Profile and Skills

A freshman at Fra Mauro University by day, an artist of shopping by afternoon, and best of all, a bow-wielding defender of good during the Dark Hour. Yukari's kindness and upbeat attitude are well-known, but she can be quick to fall into moody rumination or prickly criticism. Determined to rely upon no one, Yukari longs for the day when the only thing she has to shoot her bow at is a bullseye on the kyudo field.


The Fun Police, Pretty In Pink, Please Hit!, Nicest Girl Who's Ever Yelled at You, How Did She Get That Uniform Approved?, A Room Full of Flowers, Daddy Issues, A Lot Of Issues In General, The Yuka-Tan Peninsula, Last Night I Felt Real Arms Around Me.


Io was the priestess to Hera, wife of the thunder god Zeus. Zeus took a liking on her, and to avoid detection from his jealous wife, he shrouded the place where he seduced Io with clouds. Naturally, Hera was suspicious of the cloud's formation as well as Zeus' apparent absence from Mount Olympus. When she descended, she found Zeus as a white cloud alongside a beautiful heifer. Hera knew full well that the heifer was Io, turned by Zeus, and to trap him Hera demanded Zeus the heifer as a present. Zeus had no choice but to present heifer Io to Hera, who set the multiple-eyed giant Argus Panoptes to guard her. Zeus then sent Hermes to lull Argus to sleep, and in that moment set Io free, where she roamed all the way to Egypt.

Social Links
I. The Magician

Junpei Iori - Junpei, Ace Detective? ...Are you stupid or something? More more like Stupei, Ace Defective. Yukari trusts Junpei a lot, but it's not always easy to tell.

II. The High Priestess

Fuuka Yamagishi - A trusted friend and co-conspirator, with a vastly underappreciated fashion sense.

III. The Empress

Mitsuru Kirijo - Still a glamorous role model and supportive friend, despite some lingering concerns about what she may or may not know.

VI. The Lovers

Shinsuke Kusagawa - He's calm, he's witty but tasteful, he makes amazing food, it's not possible for him to be sexually attracted to her. Yukari likes him a lot.

XI. Strength

Katsura Tsuruya - An impromptu team-up as possessed minions of Santa (long story) is an odd basis for friendship. Yukari seems to have inadvertently contributed the straw to break the camel's back, and prompted Katsura to leave the NWO. Yukari's determination to help Katsura have resulted in some tension with allies; how much worse will the consequences from the NWO be?

XII. The Hanged Man

Miyuki Tsukuda - The (sometimes unfortunate) recipient of Yukari's efforts to live up to Mitsuru's example as a senpai. Yukari admires Miyuki's fashion sense, and gets easily provoked to protectiveness by Miyuki's insecurity. Woe betide those who wrong Yukari's kohai.

XV. The Devil

Itsuka Mizuhara - The Christmas party brought them closer together, and since then Yukari has been enjoying Itsuka's friendship. At some point, Yukari's harsh (albeit ghost-induced) words about Itsuka's attitude to men are going to be an issue between them, however.

RP Logs
Yukari Takeba/Soundtrack
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