Ryotaro Dojima

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Full Name 堂島遼太郎 (どうじま りょうたろう)
Aliases Dad;Dojima;Ryotaro
Arcana V - The Hierophant
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Age 41
Birth Date May 16th, 1971
Canon: May 16th, 1969
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction D4
Job Dick Tracy
Origin Persona 4
"Adachi, where the hell's my coffee?!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Ryotaro Dojima is a hardened detective, one of the best Inaba's humble police department has to offer. He approaches every day with a poker face, his coat slung over his shoulder, and a no-nonsense attitude that gets things done. Stubborn to a fault, he is often frustrated when the people around him don't "get it." This causes friction with his incompetent partner Adachi as much it does with his only child Nanako and nephew Souji. A single parent due to tragedy, his work is so demanding that he's not even home to be with his daughter all that often. While no one can doubt his ability, he has difficulty in accepting things that just don't fit into the way he understands the world working. This bewilders and infuriates him when faced with incidents that don't follow this, but tries to hold to his world view even in the face of flagrant violations of physics. Unlike most in his line of work, he prefers to defend himself with only his bare hands - something he has proven capable with even in the most dangerous and desperate of situations.

Skills: Everyone Under The Age Of Eighteen Calls Him Dad, Unless They Are Evil, Just One Man, Oblivious To Gods And Devils Exploding From Everyone's Heads, Trying To Come Up With Rational Explanations, Ought To Own Stock In Procter & Gamble At This Point

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