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- II -
"The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom."


The High Priestess is the representation of quiet, passive wisdom. The Priestess uses their intuition and instincts to guide themselves along the paths of life and make decisions from what choices present themselves before them. The Priestess also knows the value of waiting, patience and self-control, that sometimes when properly prepared, a goal will achieve itself in the fullness of time. Some might think the Priestess weak-willed, however, with their accepting nature. Others might even try to take advantage of that passivity. The Priestess can overcome such obstacles in many cases, though, with gentle movements and self-knowledge, along with their ability to look beneath the surface to get to the true nature hiding beneath.

Not all Priestesses so freely share of their wisdom and guidance. Some horde what they know, keeping their knowledge to themselves. Others might divulge such things, but only for a price, or only when they know it will hurt other people to know. Rather than tempering their life decisions with both instinct and knowledge, these people might have trouble choosing, or choose badly. Even what they know might be in question: if the Priestess Upright represents self-knowledge, then the Priestess Reversed signifies a lack of the same. They do not know, and will not know.

Sample Personae

  • Sif, the golden-haired wife of Thor and fertility goddess
  • Parvati, the benevolent Hindu mother goddess
  • Ushas, the Vedic goddess of the dawn

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Intuition, Nonaction, Mystery, Calmness, Silence, Inner voice, Deep understanding, Discretion, Sensitivity, Distance, Stability, Wisdom, Unconscious knowledge, Patience, Looking inward, Contemplation, Subjective mind. The quiet, diligent company secretary who seemingly stays out of others's business, but actually knows everything that's going on.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Keeping or withholding secrets, False or incorrect intuition, Navel-gazing, Using understanding maliciously, Answers sought but not found, Moody, Mercurial, Hypersensitive, Cold. The one who hoards secrets for blackmail, or the one where you can't tell if she'll answer your question or bite your head off.
BLOCKED: Indecision, Incomprehension, Insensitivity, Lack of inspiration, Stumped for answers. You're looking at the magic picture, but no matter how hard you stare, you can't see the hidden image.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Loss of control, Insanity, Chaos, Indecision, Loss of secrets and knowledge, Powerlessness. You're trying to prepare a research paper but every aspect of it goes wrong.

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