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Riki Houjou
The Spock
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Real name  ???? Houjou
Occupation Inventor
Arcana Death
Persona Pluto
Nature Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 4th, 1994
Age Fifteen
Faction Unaffiliated
Team Seven Sisters High School
Eyes Hazel
Hair Red
Height 164 cm
Voice Actor Akira Ishida
Social Status
  • Understanding: 2 - Kindly
  • Courage: 2 - Reliable
  • Knowledge: 5 - Boy Genius
  • Diligence: 3 - Strong
  • Expression: 2 - Eloquent

Solo Contacts

  • Inquiry - Riki has interests in the demon's nature and he wishes to know more.
  • Dance - Sometimes, dancing is the best way to entertain the demon.
  • Tea Time - Tea time is an important time.
  • Chilling Glare - Sometimes, Riki knows when showing strength is important. That is when he'll initiate the staredown against the demon.


  • None yet, who shall be first?
  • Riki cannot feel pain or pleasure due to his pact. He had a desire granted, but the desire is still unknown to everyone else.
"Sometimes, we choose a path that is right for us, hoping that it will bring meaning into our lives."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Having recently transferred to Seven Sisters High, Riki carries the title as a prodigy in the science field, which is expected of the Houjou dynasty. The Houjou family have been known to contribute to Japan's technology, especially since they work in Kirijo Estate branched in Sumaru City. Riki has a very stoic and slight introverted demeanor, preferring to speak when necessary, but otherwise use body language. If prompted to speak, he does so in a concise manner, always speaking in a monotone and displaying a dispassionate expression. He thinks very rationally and has shown great patience and the ability to keep cool under pressure. Oddly enough, he is often seen with a pocky stick or some kind of candy in his mouth.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Skills: Skills: Blinded By Science, Field: Forensics, Field: Cryptozoology, Emotionless, Monotone, Your Tea Sipper, Wayward for Purpose, Always With A Book, Lured by the Occult, Conservative Despite Outward Flair, Eternal Sweet Tooth, Walks Soundlessly, Indispensable Silent Guy, Timing Is Critical, Patience is His Virtue. Does Not Smile, But Can Dance, Dance Dance Riki-lution, Smile + Glint of Glasses = You Are Screwed, Is He Joking...? Do You Want To Find Out?, "I Am A Scientist, Not A ________."


N/A for now.


Around the general population, Riki is actually known as Riki. Riki is someone who carries a cool, dispassionate demeanor. He carries an introverted nature, not likely to initiate the conversation with the normal populace. He speaks few words, preferring to use his body language. However, if he is prompted to speak, he uses concise words.

When he does speak, he is polite, albeit monotone. He will always refer to the individual that he is speaking to by their last name and the proper honorifics, as if in business terms rather than informal. In that regards, he is less likely to tell a person, 'You are an idiot' but rather, 'You are making an ill-advised decision' should he find it necessary to speak. He tries to remain factual if possible. Oddly enough, Riki is not without a sense of humor(even if it is hard to tell). Some of his comments, however, if he does happen to make a joke, it would be hard to tell if he is joking due to the monotone. Due to some of them being a tad morbid, it leaves in the air if the person want to find out if he -is- joking.

He presents himself as a very patient person, able to listen to someone should they need someone to speak to. As he does not carry an accusative tone about him and he doesn't tend to speak out much, it may make him an easier target for someone to talk to their problems to.

Starting off with obvious passion, science is the one thing that Riki cares about the most. Riki spent most of his life raised around scientists. He often went with his father to work. Even if there were times where Riki could not be with his father, he had the other scientists to play around and ask questions for. This increased his aptitude on the mechanics of science. Since his developmental ages, he has displayed a knack towards mechanics in terms of putting things together. That is why Riki has developed his field towards inventing tools and devices. With the recent encounter with the supernatural it drew his interest to learn more about the supernatural from the monsters to the shadows. This put him under the field of Cryptozoology. This field is more of a hobbyist deal than an actual field(then again, cryptozoology is not really realistic anyway, but for Persona? Why not?). This means that he'll use the laboratory to examine any of the bodies of the supernatural creatures brought to him from dissecting it to examining the parts. He'll even use it to help him trace the figure.

There is one principle that Riki abides by: He will never make anything lethal. He absolutely refuses to deal with anything that involves taking another life. Because of that, all of his devices are non-lethal. Even when the invention goes wrong, he'll have some safety mechanism as to try to deter the repercussions of the invention going wrong.

Tea time is an honored tradition. It is the sake of doing gentlemanly things, per se. He often prepares the tea himself. It is used as an open communication(as open as Riki/Riki will allow). There is nothing better than for people to take their mind off of things with tea. Riki instilled this because it was a way for to be with his father, even with the rift between them. It felt like a very thin bridge between the two. As such, Riki allows it with others to keep that feeling that may be lost if he did not uphold it. It is his form of security of being himself yet remain as how he portrays himself. He is maintain the degree of elegance about him, yet at the same time, enjoy what he does.

One trait that is more odd is his sweet tooth habit. It is a quirk, to say the least. He always has some kind of candy with him. Most likely, it'll be a stick of pocky in his mouth or a beanstick. He isn't the type to carry cake or pie unless it goes along with tea-time. Even then, it is more as a social tool. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to actually see Riki without some sort of candy around.

Combat Information
WEAPON: Airsoft Guns
Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Pierce Attack - Airsoft Gun 0 Riki takes a shot with the handgun. (Phys-Pierce 3)
Lightning Bolt Gun 11 Riki attaches a device to the handgun to release an electric charge to disable the nervous system. (PHYSCOST3 MAGCOST3 Phys-Elec 5)

Persona Information: Pluto
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PROFILE: Originally a god of precious metals that were mined underground, Pluto is also known as the God of Death and the Underworld. The souls that were brought to him were bound in chains and delivered to be tried by judges, where he dispensed rewards and punishments according to their several deserts. Because of his deformed nature, none of the goddesses would marry him. Enraged, Pluto ascended from the Volcano Etna with four black horses to abduct a beauty who caught his eye: Proserpina. He abducted her in order to marry her and live with her in the Underworld.

Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Frei 7 Pluto draws the power of the elements to create a nuclear blast to a single target. (Magi-Fire 2/Almighty 2)
Marin Karin 5 Charming, baby! (Magi-Inaccurate3 Mystic 0)
Matera 8 Area-wide earth attack. (Magi-Earth 3)
Mediamai 12 Everyone around him gets healing over time. (HoT3 Area3 Heal 2)
Rampage 11 Pluto strikes everthing around him. (Area2 Phys-Strike 4)
Rushdown 9 Pluto charges into the enemy. (Phys-Strike 5)
Sakunda 4 Lowers the agility of target. (Magi-Mystic 0)
Tera 5 Low-level earth attack. (Magi-Earth 3)
Teradyne 13 High-level earth attack. (Magi-Earth 7)
Terazi 9 Mid-level earth attack. (Magi-Earth 5)

Other Things
  • Blood Type: A
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Hometown: Sumaru City
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hobbies: Reading a book, Inventing things, Research
  • Personal Treasures: A flower pot and a teapot set
  • Favorite Food: Tea
  • Likes: Science
  • Dislikes: ???

  • Player: Seizui
  • Alternate Characters: Wataru Hoshimoto
  • Time zone: GMT-7(Mountan Standard Time USA)
Social Links


  • Riki has not established any notable Fool links.


  • Yosuke Hanamura: Riki shares a dream with Yosuke, which is allowing the world to see the demons. He finds the prospects interesting and even beneficial to the public once they finally cope with the idea of the supernatural. He respects Yosuke a lot and is willing to do what is necessary to help Yosuke's dream come true.


  • Riki has not established any notable Priestess links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Empress links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Emperor links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Hierophant links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Lovers links.


  • Aigis: An actual robot is a huge appeal to scientists. Riki would like to examine her systems, which will likely help him further the goal in advancing his own abilities.
  • Yoh Yamagatani: Yoh is considered Riki's guinea pig in the many inventions to come. The first invention was the Rocket Gauntlets. The finished model went to him for his help. Although Riki will not admit it, but he has grown fond of Yoh enough to slowly call him a friend.


  • Riki has not established any notable Justice links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Hermit links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Fortune links.


  • Ariko Kawano: It started out as a simple friendship that equated to getting Yoh Yamagatani back when he ended up missing. Riki also gave her a second chance in life, getting her back to school at Seven Sisters. However, in reality, he really does like her, but will not admit it. It is prevalent when he finally referred to her by her first name. Unfortunately, their relationship became strained in the incident at the Inaba Caverns. This is complicated that he had gotten involved with Fumiko. He recently apologized to her and admitted his feelings to her. However, this is now further strained by the fact that his relationship with Fumiko has grown.


  • Riki has not established any notable Hanged Man links.


  • Shirou Sekigawa: It started with a resonance ping between Pluto and Charon. There is a bit of history with the Greek version, the similarities were nevertheless interesting. Riki finds Shirou interesting to an intrigue of mutual respect. He gets information from him with exchange of information.


  • Riki has not established any notable Temperance links.


  • Riki has not established any notable Devil links.


  • Takahisa Kandori: This is a man that Riki respects as a scientist and a business person. Although the man has a history of shady things, Riki's own morality is a bit skewed, even if he has a few problems with what he heard rumors about. However, Riki cannot deny the abilities of the corporate leader. The promise of seeing SEBEC's technology helps.


  • Riki has not established any notable Star links.


  • Fumiko Kohaku: It was a chance meeting with her in attempts to find Yoh at the Tanabata Festival. She reminds him of his father, who is a biochemist. Riki respects her as a scientist for that very reason. He grew fond of her, which further strained his relationship with Ariko. To further complicate the matter, with the use of the Persona suppressing pendant, she became his first kiss and more. As such, there is a sense of belonging with Fumiko to where his heart may fall into her hands.


  • Tatsuya Sudou: Riki considers him an interesting if dangerous man. Riki's weapon against him is diplomacy, which is just treating the guy civily. Yet, there was a bit of rivalry between the two for getting prizes for Fumiko.


  • Riki has not established any notable Judgment links.
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