Mae Ikina

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Mae Ikina
Personal Information
Aliases Mae
Arcana Reversed Hierophant
Nature Civilian
Gender Female
Age 17
Preferred Weapon Cell Phone
Organization Information
Faction Unaffiliated
Teams Yoshigami High
Job Meddler
OOC Information
Origin OC

"Take responsibility."


Mae Ikina was once Vice Student Council President at Yasogami High School, before the school became concerned about the stress getting to her due to certain actions she had taken. (According to rumors, such things as punching Thora Kobayashi in the face, and making out with Yosuke Hanamura at school.)

She learned a lot about Personas, Shadows, and the like, in a relatively short amount of time, using unorthodox tactics. While she managed to learn a lot, however, it was these tactics that pushed her away from the groups, causing her newfound knowledge to be relatively useless - such tactics were seen as somewhere between 'risky', 'manipulative' and 'insane' by a lot of the more organized groups. Her attempts to join these groups, were, naturally, somewhat less than successful.

Her use of these tactics seems to have lessened ever since Tomomi Fujimori tried to kill her, and she's largely returned to what she did before the whole Vice-President/Information Broker thing - taking care of her younger siblings. Except now she's joined the track team, and is also apparently going out with Yosuke Hanamura.


Still Kinda Repressed, Protect The Weak, Rely On The Strong, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I Will Survive, Yamato Nadeshiko Wannabe, Weapon Focus: Cell Phone, The Best Strategy Is To Run, Falling Down

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