Ken Amada

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Ken Amada
Full Name 天田乾 (あまだけん)
Aliases Ken
Arcana VIII - Justice
Persona Nemesis
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 12
Birth Date June 24th, 1998
Blood Type AB
Preferred Weapon Spears
Faction SEES
Teams Close Support
Job Sherman
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor English: Mona Marshall
Japanese: Megumi Ogata
"I can handle myself. I don't need your pity."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Ken Amada is, despite his youth, a formidable warrior. Though he is only nine years old, he has the maturity of someone far older - or at least likes to act like he does. Though to the others in SEES he appears altruistic, he harbors a darker motive: revenge. Ken blames Shinjiro for the death of his mother, and it is his sole goal in life to kill Shinjiro Aragaki. Despite this, he is still at heart a child, secretly in love with things like Featherman R.

Skills: Featherman R Is Great...Or So I Heard, Age: Nine, Mental Age: Forty, Always The Quiet Ones, MY FAMILY IS DEEEEEEAD, Actually Kind Of Bloodthirsty

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