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"It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guide oneself..."


The Hierophant shows the value of the knowledge that comes with knowing one's place in society and working for the good of all. The Hierophant is, like the Empress and Emperor, a leader: someone who provides the support of an established authority of education and guidance. Though the Hierophant is a font of wisdom and guidance, their goal is to disseminate their knowledge in a form that everyone can use. This can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. However, the Hierophant can also be an overbearing and stubborn force that precludes innovation and individual choice for the sake of conformity. It is up to the Hierophant to balance the need for unity with the need for individuality.

While the Upright Hierophant tempers their desires for unity with their wisdom, the Reversed, simply, does not. What the Hierophant knows to be right /is/ right, and there is no room to question them about it. Dissent will not, and cannot, be heard. Such a Hierophant Reversed may say one thing--and expect everyone to follow it--all the while personally doing another, perhaps thinking themselves above such rules. That others conform is of the utmost importance.

Sample Personae

  • Shiisaa, a holy beast that protects houses from evil
  • Solomon, ruler of Israel renowned for his wisdom
  • Thoth, the Egyptian god of the Moon and wisdom

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Education, Knowledge, Status quo, Institution, Conservatism, Discipline, Maturity, Formality, Deception, Power, Respect, Duality, Social convention, Belief system, Group identification, Experience, Tradition, Naive. The teacher who is strict and demanding but even-handed, whose lectures are informative, rewarding, and prompt his students to think.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Prudish, Inflexible, Intolerant, Overly literal, Overly conservative, Stifling, Narrow-minded, Judgemental, Unforgiving, All must conform. The teacher who refuses to teach by anything but the book and punishes anyone who tries to do otherwise.
BLOCKED: Lack of guidance, Following rules without understanding why, Inflexible, Ignorant, Doctrine without belief. The teacher who answers unwanted or unexpected questions with "Because I said so!"
UPSIDE-DOWN: All must conform, Controlling, Greedy, Withholding knowledge, Information control, Abuse of power/position, Mud-slinging, Hypocrisy. The teacher who makes his students run fundraisers and keeps the money for himself.

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