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- XVII -
"As all collapses, the penitent is calmed by the glimmer of hope that yet remains."


The Star is often a shining, guiding light to others, giving their hope freely to help people on their way. Some Stars might seem as if they are untouched by the world, disconnected from the harsh realities of life. Their focus tends to be on the future, on who they may become in time. They are about hope and possibility, about showing that no matter how tough it gets out there, there is always another way to take a step forward, though that hope might be little more than a twinkling in the distance, a promise for 'someday.' Even this is only a possibility, even if they try to make it happen. Perhaps this is why sometimes Stars may fall.

And when they do fall, Stars can fall quite hard indeed. The light of hope that they followed and helpd aloft for others has either seemingly or actually winked out entirely, making it difficult for them to continue on and guide the way. More often than not, such Stars descend into despair, cut off from the future that had seemed to them to be so bright.

Sample Personae

  • Neko Shogun, a Taoist god of war who suffered a linguistic accident
  • Nandi, the bull mount of Shiva
  • Iris, the fleet footed messenger goddess of Greek myth

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Calmness, Free-flowing love, Trust, Tranquility, Peace of mind, Pure essence, Hope, Serenity, Inspiration, Generosity, Thinking positive, Joy, Faith, Regeneration, Good will, Optimism, Harmony, Renewal of forces. The cheerful underdog few have any faith in who nonetheless trusts she'll make her dreams come true with hard work and guts.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: No reliable hope, False hope, Unstable future, False promises of healing, Lead astray, Lost, No way out, Not about to get better, Taking a turn for the worse. One heads for the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's actually a will-o'-wisp rather than the exit.
BLOCKED: Hope exists but can't be perceived, Feelings of hopelessness, Intense pessimism, Cynicism, Overly negative outlook, Skewed perception. The light at the end of the tunnel is there, but one hasn't traveled far enough to see it or isn't looking in the right direction.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Time of darkness, No hidden promise of hope, Dying or suicidal, No hope whatsoever, Everything run dry, No guiding light, Emotionally/psychologically/spiritually bereft, No help, Outlook bleak. One cannot head for the light at the end of the tunnel; the end of the tunnel has been walled off.

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