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Eikichi Mishina
Captain Death
Fullname 三科栄吉 (みしなえいきち)
Arcana XIII- Death
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 15
Age 17
Faction Darkside
Team Shinsengumi
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blue (Dyed)
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Voice Actor Kōsuke Toriumi
Player Gene Parmesan
Social Stats
  • Expression: 2 - LESS GOH EBURIBADII
  • Knowledge: 1 - Sacrifice to Beauty~
    • Fashion: 5 - KING OF KEI
  • Courage: 5 - HOT-BLOODED
  • Understanding: 3 - Means Well
  • Diligence: 4 - Too Stupid to Quit
  • Eikichi frequently refers to himself by his "stage-name," Michelle. He also has been given the title "Captain Death" in Kasugayama thanks to his would-be "shinigami."
  • Eikichi carries a hand-held mirror on him at all times. He also has a back-up mirror installed into the back of his cellphone. You heard me.
  • Eikichi's Guardian Dragon is the Moon Dragon; his Zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Some people have jokingly referred to Eikichi as "Captain Underpants" due to his modus operandi when dealing with bullies: tugging down their pants in public. Maybe there's a reason for this??
  • Do not refer to Eikichi as Captain Underpants. Maybe there's a reason for this too??!
  • While Eikichi is not very gifted academically, he is very skilled in the arts, and is especially good at painting portraits.
  • Because Eikichi's father, Kankichi, is strictly traditionalist, Eikichi goes through the rigorous process of putting on all his make-up and visual kei flares /after/ he leaves him from school, and then removes all of it /before/ he comes back home. He is just that dedicated.
  • His father boasts that he has black belts in over eighty martial arts, including judo.
  • His father is lying.
  • Eikichi is talented in picking up when people are lying to him. Despite this, he cannot for the life of him figure out that his father is lying to him about his excessively prestigious martial arts talent.
  • Eikichi is a strict vegetarian; he dislikes greasy foods and holds a special hatred in his heart for sushi. Oddly enough, his father runs a sushi restaurant he wants his son to inherit. HMMMM
  • Eikichi is the lead singer of a band he has founded known as "Gas Chamber." They currently have no members that are any good with music besides Eikichi.
  • Eikichi is currently the boss of all the gangs in Kasugayama. No, really.
  • Eikichi has a tendency to inject random bouts of poorly spoken English into his every day speech. He is especially fond of the terms "hanii," "beibii," and "gohjasu." it is a mystery as to why
  • Eikichi Mishina is currently the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Head of the Disciplinary Committee of Kasugayama High.
  • No, really.
  • I'm serious.
  • i'm seriaus eburibadii
Logs and Cutscenes
  • ~de merveilles - Eikichi Mishina seeks out Tatsuya Suou to task him with a mission of EXTREME MAGNITUDE... only to be counter-tasked with a mission of EXTREME...R MAGNITUDE. ... ER. (Eikichi Mishina, Tatsuya Suou) IC: March 10, 2010 (OOC: September 14, 2010)
  • Crazy-Flag - Chisaki and Akatsuki become Michelle-sama's biggest fans and also promise to be his roadies when he makes it big! Is this a blatant fabrication, or perhaps an ominous sign of what's to come?! Read and find out! (Akatsuki Enda, Chisaki Tohsaki, Eikichi Mishina) IC: March 14, 2010 (OOC: September 18, 2010)
  • Dear Loser - Lisa Silverman tries to MURDER EIKICHI MISHINA WITH A SHOE. Tatsuya Suou is indecisive about whether this is a good idea or not. No one learns a valuable lesson. (Eikichi Mishina, Lisa Silverman, Tatsuya Suou) IC: March 23, 2010 (OOC: September 27, 2010)
  • the beautiful name - Dona Kimura is given the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY SHE WILL EVER HAVE IN HER ENTIRE LIFE EVER, FOREVER (Dona Kimura, Eikichi Mishina) IC: March 25, 2010 (OOC: September 29, 2010)
  • Stumble Across A Miracle - Eikichi Mishina nearly dies, Miwa Saitou discovers her first metrosexual, and Tohya Kidzuki makes an accidental huge mistake. (Eikichi Mishina, Miwa Saitou, Tohya Kidzuki) IC: March 29, 2010 (OOC: October 3, 2010)
  • Miscast - Akatsuki tries to teach Eikichi about the secret world of not-shinigami. ALSO FEATURING: awkward revelations based upon hilarious accidents! (Akatsuki Enda, Eikichi Mishina) IC: March 31, 2010 (OOC: October 5, 2010)
  • Syunikiss ~Nidome no Aitou~ - best. date. ever. - (Eikichi Mishina, Tatsuya Suou, Tohya Kidzuki) IC: April 23, 2010 (OOC: October 27, 2010)
  • Aren't You Dead Yet? - Eikichi Mishina and Lisa Silverman battle in a battle that can have no winner — WHO WILL WIN?! (Eikichi Mishina, Lisa Silverman, Cameo: Akatsuki Enda) IC: May 14, 2010 (OOC: November 18, 2010)
  • The $ocial Riot Machine$ - Michiru Fukase imparts on Eikichi Mishina a revelation upon a great mystery that will change his life — forever?! (Eikichi Mishina, Michiru Fukase) IC: May 17, 2010 (OOC: November 21, 2010)

"OHKEI! Come on, beibiis! How would you like the autograph of a future big star? It'll be at a premium in a few years!"

Profile and Skills

Profile: With his dyed hair, make-up, and overbearingly visual kei stylings, most people wouldn't think that Eikichi Mishina - also known by his "stage name," Michelle - to be the notorious "Captain Death" of Sumaru. The current Head of Kasugayama School for Juvenile Delinquents, Eikichi leads the gangs of the ill-reputed high school with an iron fist. This reputation as a supposed "hard-ass" seems to directly at odds with Eikichi's general demeanor -- while absurdly hot-headed and rough around the edges, Eikichi is also prone towards flowery prose, excessive posing, and extreme narcissism to an almost disgusting degree. Despite this, Mishina has single-handedly kept the gangs of Kasugayama in line with a strict moral code, and has become well-known for punishing those who would bully the weak with a horrifyingly embarassing fate. Eikichi's great passion is music, and he hopes to one day become a famous rock star with his band Gas Chamber -- a fact that has only been mildly hampered by the fact that none of his other band members know how to play instruments; the great Michelle-sama is sure that his vocals alone can lead them to fame and fortune.

Skills: Horrible Embarassing Childhood Photos, High Strung, Overreacting, Goes Through More Makeup Than Any Woman On This Game, Making Visual Kei Edgy, More Like Captain Underpants Right?, Quick Change Artist, Shooting More Than His Mouth Off, That Hamburger Would Go Straight To His Hips


Eikichi Mishina has certainly never been fat and certainly has never locked people into a shrine the day before the shrine got burned down by a psychopathic arsonist.

Certainly not. (History forthcoming).



And this is Eikichi "Mich "Captain Death" elle" Mishina's personality.


Or at least, on the surface. Eikichi is a far more complicated person than he lets on and, indeed, more than anyone else but his closest of friends would likely gleam. Even how he became the way he is today is complex, and the many facets of Eikichi's personality not only cement him as an honestly good person, but makes him a true representation of the meaning behind the tarot arcana of Death.

Death does not represent destruction and oblivion, but rather, the end of the old and the beginning of the new; in this much, Eikichi is the perfect example of this Arcana. The overwhelming willpower of Mishina is such that he completely did away with not only his physical self -- overweight and clumsy -- but also many facets of his /psychological/ self, "killing off" in a figurative sense the shy, nervous, quiet Eikichi Mishina of old and taking the remains to form the persona of the new Eikichi Mishina, undergoing dramatic, massive change... the very idea behind the notion of Death. Whether this change is for good or ill is largely within the mind of the beholder... and how deep they choose to look beneath the surface.

That surface of the reborn Mishina is shiny, polished, and beautiful -- and extremely narcissistic. To say that Eikichi is in love with himself is something of an understatement; he even carries around a small, pocket-sized mirror with him which, while serving debatably more practical purposes of helping him to reapply make-up, is mainly kept around for him to use in order to stare at his own reflection. He will constantly hug himself, strike poses, and speak at length of his own beauty in various eloquent ways, usually at a rate and depth that seems to have no end. Eikichi is obsessed with how he looks and maintaining his prim, unblemished aesthetics; there's nothing worse than dirt on his uniform, or anything that could threaten to compromise the delicate balance of his carefully crafted hairstyle. To the casual observer, Eikichi is nothing more than a vapid, foppish young man completely obsessed with himself and his dainty looks.

The truth is, though, that Eikichi is not a true narcissist. He certainly seems it -- his extreme love for himself borders on repulsive at times -- but there is no doubt that at the end of the day, Eikichi cares infinitely more about others than he does about himself. He's not a true narcissist: everything he is, is an attempted rejection of everything his old self stood for. Eikichi is not really in /love/ with himself. In fact, he is incredibly self-conscious about his appearance, the very fact of which spurned his change. His narcissism, then, is a result of overcompensation to make up for the shy, dorky Eikichi Mishina of old in order to completely erase his past self. It masks his true self-esteem issues -- if anyone brings up his past self, he is prone to overreacting.

Despite his poncy behaviorisms when indulging in narcissistic delights, Eikichi is a boy who is rough around the edges; you don't become the gang boss of Kasugayama by being a pale, dainty weakling, after all. In almost sharp contrast to his visual kei appearance, Eikichi is a loud, vulgar boy most of the time who speaks roughly and takes to any sort of confrontation headfirst. He is prone to swearing and posturing like any male and, in sharp contrast to his elemental affinity, is incredibly hot- headed. He has cultivated a reputation as a badass, and it is well-deserved: as ridiculous as Eikichi may be, he is tough, and has endured many hardships in his life -- the /least/ of these being the fighting and physical pain endured in his climb to the top of Kasugayama. He might not look it, but if there's anything to be said for sure about Eikichi, it's that he is a truly hard man.

He just dresses up like a girly man.

Visual kei is more than just a manner of dress -- it's a lifestyle. For Eikichi, he's taken this to an extreme. Eikichi's passion is his music, and he will do anything to achieve this. He is the very expression of modern, counterculture Japanese society, indulging in all the 'cool' behaviorisms of the visual kei and even simply rocker lifestyle, up to and including random bursts of poorly formed English words due largely to the fact that he perceives this to be a behavior fitting of the "beautiful awesome Master Michelle." He hits on women, believing himself to be a romantic, and falls in love with practically every beautiful woman he sees -- all in keeping with his "rock star" image he attempts to exude.

Yet this is just the surface. Eikichi is much more than the veil of fashion that he exhibits, than the notorious reputation of badassery as "Captain Death" that follows him like a plague. In truth, Eikichi is much more similar to his old self than he would care to admit: he is likely the most kind, caring individual anyone will ever know, even if they don't /know/ it themselves. Eikichi /always/ looks out for others, especially fellow Kasugayama students. He cares about people -- perhaps moreso than can be considered healthy. His bullying and terrorizing of others is very select, only honed in on true bullies to protect the weaker people that they themselves were trying to terrorize. It's a callback to his earlier years, when he was bullied; Eikichi never wishes to see /anyone/ else go through that sort of pain again, perhaps most easily seen in his modus operandi -- pulling down the pants of those bullies he targets, the same way he was humiliated during that fateful event.

Perhaps Eikichi's most grievous error in his acting as a "defender of justice" is his methodology: picking on others, no matter what the reason, only serves to breed the same hatred and harassment that Eikichi hates so much, and in fact serves to make it worse. It's likely something that Eikichi may well not realize himself until something grievous happens to make it hit him like an epiphany. But make no mistake: everything Eikichi does, he does for the good of those he feels are less fortunate.

Eikichi, more than many of his peers, wears his heart on his sleeve. He is open about his feelings about any situation, and quite loud about those feelings too. He is honest and truly cares about his friends. He is brash, but well-meaning, and reacts to exaggerated degrees to anything -- just simply due to the fact that he truly is a /very/ emotional individual. He isn't afraid to cry, and does so -- quite openly -- when anything upsets him, forgoing any semblence of manliness (not that it wasn't already shattered by the eyeliner and lipstick). He has a tendency to blame himself for anything bad that happens to the people who he cares about, and is the first to try and save them, even at the risk to his own personal health -- just because that's the kind of person he is.

This consideration extends even to those who dislike him. Eikichi is the kind of person who cares about /everyone/, and feels horrible when something ill becomes of them. He'd go out on a limb to save someone even if they dislike him -- /especially/ if they were part of Kasugayama -- because he believes it to be his responsibility, both as Head of the school, and simply because he thinks of himself as a defender of justice -- a lingering after-effect of the memories repressed deep inside him.

Eikichi cannot remember the events of the past, largely because he has suppressed them all thoroughly. But still, they manifest in different ways for him: dreams and (more often) nightmares, his innate protectiveness of Jun (despite the fact that the guy just kinda disappears, HOW MYSTERIOUS). He has yet to meet Maya, Tatsuya, and Lisa again, but there is no doubt if and when he does he'd take to those interactions like a duck to water, too. Because he knows. Deep within him, he knows them all. And you can't completely snuff out everything, no matter how hard you try.

Perhaps in stark contrast to his "visual kei" super badass look, Eikichi is deathly afraid of his father. His relationship with his parents is strained, yet not for the typical reasons. His father is a stark contrast to everything that Eikichi wants to be: he is a stern, strict and extremely traditional man who runs a sushi shop and wishes Eikichi to follow in his footsteps. Eikichi hates sushi, and wishes nothing more than to be a rock star. Yet, he is so afraid of his father (entirely due to his father's claims of being a master of over 80 styles of martial arts to kick Eikichi's ass with (including CQC!)) that every day he goes through the same ritual of putting on all his make-up and hairdye and stylish clothing /after/ he leaves home, and removing them all /before/ he gets back, living a dual life of proper Eikichi Mishina, the son, and hardcore visual kei beauty Eikichi Mishina, rock star-in-training. The process is mind-boggling. God only knows how much money he spends on make-up.

Eikichi's relationship with his mother is strained for a different reason. Though he loves his mother and father, he is strained with his mother because she is exactly what Eikichi used to be: chubby, clumsy, soft. Thus, Eikichi can't help but be uncomfortable around her, the very symbol of the things he seeks to reject inside himself, making for a very uncomfortable sort of duality.

He's not the smartest kid around. In fact, many times Eikichi can be downright dense, which might be one of several reasons why he is in Kasugayama. He doesn't care much for learning or going to school so much as he desires to be a famous rocker. But even though Eikichi might be ignorant and downright stupid at times, he is incredibly observant -- perhaps one of his greatest talents is his ability to tell when people are lying. Yet somehow, he has yet to realize that his own father lies to him about his absurd amounts of martial arts training (including obnu bilate!). Sometimes our greatest weaknesses are right under our noses.

Eikichi gives off the appearance of a shallow, self-absorbed, violent hardass. Yet things are always more complex below the surface. The true Eikichi is a true friend, and the most caring person anyone could ever know.

That won't stop him from staring at himself in the mirror for an hour, though.

Persona and Resonance
"I am Rhadamanthus...with my sword of judgment, I try the accused, as the magistrate of the Underworld. Now, I will judge the sins of your enemy!"

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Eikichi's Persona is the wise king Rhadamanthus, son of Zeus and Europa. After his death, Rhadamanthus became one of the judges of the dead, presiding over the Elysian Fields with his brothers Aeacus and Minos -- a fitting Persona indeed for the Arcana of Death.

Eikichi has only recently become aware that Rhadamanthus (aka 'MAI RHADDY') is a Persona, before instead believing him to be a "shinigami," a spirit of death. Regardless, Rhadamanthus is a powerful Persona that inexplicably has design aesthetics similar to some sort of humanoid motorcycle. It, like Eikichi, is very physically strong, but its greatest abilities is in its overwhelming vitality. It is its abilities that have in part subtly influenced Eikichi's own physical capacity; the young man is sturdy enough to take a beating from a gang of angry thugs and still keep chugging, unswerving as the watery element that Rhadamanthus represents.

Resonance: Water, in all its many forms. Eikichi's resonance is like a roaring river cascading down a waterfall, full of natural intensity yet remarkable fluidity. By smell, it is similar to the smell of air before or after a heavy summer rain.

For some reason, the sound is vaguely like some sort of progressive visual kei rock song, but too distant to make out the lyrics. /how weird/

Notable Social Links

woefully undeveloped /so far/ so for now have some of this

  • 0 - The Fool

hoooooooooooooh~ no, I have no Fool links yet :C

  • I - The Magician

Even Magicians are too bamboozled by my magical looks~

  • II - The High Priestess

Mai suitto suitto High Priestess haniis have yet to show their undying love for me :C

  • III - The Empress

Michelle-sama has no beautiful Empress (links) to woo with his winning charms...

  • IV - The Emperor
    • Akatsuki Enda - Though they've only met once, by chance, Eikichi's amazing ability to unilaterally decide the merits of a person he's only known for like a half hour has led him to determine that Akatsuki is a "good person." And maybe a bit of a dick. He's also part of that whole Shinsengumi thing Tatsuya made, and that means they're partners for life. This can probably only bode ill for Akatsuki, but at least it means Eikichi's got his back. Which is only slightly a mixed blessing.
  • V - The Hierophant

Perhaps due to the fact that the great Captain Death does not know what a Hierophant is, these links are lacking

  • VI - The Lovers
    • Ginko - THERE COULDN'T BE A WORSE ARCANA FOR THIS NON-HUMAN GIRL-HITLER FOREIGN DEVIL. she gives eikichi /serious risk/ of /angry lines/ developing on his beautiful face, which are definitely not the same as /fear lines/ nor are they intended to try to cover up for any such kinds of lines
    • Tohya Kidzuki - A member of the Shinsengumi and also the subject of the BEST DATE EVER. Despite the HORRIBLE EMBARRASSMENT upon discovering that Tohya was not in fact interested, Eikichi harbors no ill will toward her and in fact feels a little bad for having thrust her into an awkward situation. In spite of everything she is still in Eikichi's ~top ten~ list of TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY FOREVER SOUL MATES. Michelle-sama's love is just that powerful~~
  • VII - The Chariot
    • Chisaki Tohsaki - Chisaki Tohsaki, apparently, still rides a Chariot*. Who knew?? They've only met once so far, by chance after Eikichi had his ass roundly handed to him by Shiraishi's Obviously Russian Ex-Spy Manhunter Owner Lady. Though their meeting was brief and Eikichi was vaguely intimidated by Chisaki's apparently INTENZU RABU for weapons, Chisaki bears mentioning because she is now, officially, Eikichi's 20th Absolutely For Real Only Ever Soulmate. You heard me.
      *may not actually ride a chariot
  • VIII - Justice

What Justice (links) could there be in a world where I'm so disproportionately beautiful to everyone else?? AAAH, IT'S SO DIFFICULT BEING MICHELLE-SAMA

  • IX - The Hermit

Just you wait, mai furendos, the Hermit links will come out of hiding with the merest glimpse of my beauty~

  • X - Wheel of Fortune
    • Jun Kurosu - Though he assumes he has never met the other boy before, when Jun Kurosu was transferred to Kasugayama he quickly made a name for himself by the violent fights he got caught up in. Deciding to investigate, Eikichi determined that he liked Jun quite a bit and thusly decided to take him under his protective wing. Unfortunately, Jun is too CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT in order to be protected much. How conspicuous!!
  • XI - Strength

All potential Strength links are withering away into puddy before my inspirational vocals. hooooooooooooooooh o/`

  • XII - The Hanged Man
    • Michiru Fukase - Treasurer of Yasogami High or something, her bold spirit and gruff exterior despite her beautiful and delicate exterior (or what Eikichi assumes to be her beautiful and delicate exterior, she was pretty frazzled when he met her) has earned her a spot on Michelle-sama's ~top ten~ list of TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY FOREVER SOUL MATES. Also was the one who revealed to Eikichi he is the entire Student Council of Kasugayama. His mind is still blown.
  • XIII - Death

Can no other shinigami match up against MAI RHADDY?! Apparently not, as I do not have Death links yet :C

  • XIV - Temperance
    • Dona Kimura - Gas Chamber's NANBA WAN GROUPIE (who didn't technically consent to it). Eikichi is a little uncomfortable around Dona due to the fact that she reminds him unpleasantly of his childhood years, and thus he has a bit of a hard time getting past her physical appearance. He UNILATERALLY made her Gas Chamber's greatest fan/supporter largely due to the pity these feelings bring up in him. also because damn they need some fans even though they've never played a gig in their life
  • XV - The Devil

Beibiis, even Devil links aren't a match for my sinful good looks~~

  • XVI - The Tower

Not a single Tower link has heard "LUV BEAM" yet, oh what a travestyyyyy

  • XVII - The Star

Star links have not yet braved my TERRIFYINGLY INTENSE BEAUTY yet! It's tough, being so stunning~

  • XVIII - The Moon

It's OHKEI, MAI HANIIS, I'll get Moon links yet!

  • XIX - The Sun
    • Tatsuya Suou - Eikichi Mishina's ETERNAL RIVAL. Initially learned about through reputation, Eikichi decided to challenge Tatsuya to a match of manliness to determine who was truly the hardest man in Sumaru -- partially due to his band mates' desire to garner some more attention for Gas Chamber. Tatsuya was the first person Eikichi met other than himself who could summon a "shinigami"; he was also the person to tell Eikichi that Rhadamanthus was not, in fact, a God of Death, but something called a "Persona." It's debatable whether he remembers Tatsuya telling him this or not. Currently part of Tatsuya's Shinsengumi, and even though Eikichi views Tatsuya has his destined rival in the eternal contest of cool, he can't help shaking the feeling of familiarity and nostalgia he gets around other boy, as if he's known Tatsuya for longer than he can remember...
  • XX - Judgement

No Judgement (links) can be passed on Michelle-sama's perfection~

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