Yuka Ayase

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Yuka Ayase
Full Name 綾瀬優香 (あやせゆか)
Aliases Yuka, Alana
Arcana I - The Magician
Persona Houri
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Whips
Faction Darkside
Job Sassy Girl
Origin Persona 1
"Oh. My. God! Do you really think this dye, like, soaked into my brain or something? Gag!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Yuka Ayase is fairly typical of girls her age, kind of shallow and obcessed with trips to the mall to collect assorted junk that will be completely out of fashion inside of six months. It's been said that she has a reputation for stringing boys along for whatever she can get out of them and then leaving them in the lurch about St. Hermelin High, but the actual truth of the matter is open to debate. She has a nosy, inquisitive nature concealed underneath her trend-conscious exterior and she's a lot smarter than most people would take her for upon seeing her blatantly bottle blond hair.

Skills: Whip It Good!, Forcing Herself Into Your Party Whether You Want Her Or Not, Boys Are A Renewable Resource, Not As Dumb As She Looks, Pretty Much As Shallow As She Looks Though, Advanced Placement In Shopping, Just Another Day: Struck By Lightning And Going To The Mall

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