Hidehiko Uesugi

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Hidehiko Uesugi
Full Name 上杉秀彦(うえすぎひでひこ)
Aliases Hidehiko, Brown, Brad
Arcana VIII - Justice
Persona Nemain
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Spears
Faction Darkside
Job Carrot Top
Origin Persona 1
"Take my wife. Please!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Every school has at least one of them, and for St. Hermelin High, Hidehiko 'Brown' Uesugi is the clown prince of comedy. More or less. Still working on his routine, Hidehiko's jokes are so old that they cause more groans of pain than laughs. His reliance on puns to get a laugh also tends to cause more winces than smiles. He's still young, though, if he can keep refining his work without prompting a demon to eat him whole he just might make something of himself some day.

Skills: Bought His Red Boots Before Being Struck By Lightning, Don't Get No Respect, Jokes So Old The Cultural History Museum Called, Murderous Puns, Is He Abbott Or Costello?, Designated Class Clown, What Can Brown Do For You?

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