Yukino Mayuzumi

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Yukino Mayuzumi
Full Name 黛ゆきの (まゆずみゆきの)
Aliases Yukino, Yuki
Arcana III - The Empress
Persona Vesta
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Knives
Faction Darkside
Job Team Mom
Origin Persona 1
"Don't think you can just walk all over them. Or me."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Once upon a time, Yukino Mayuzumi was a member of a street gang and on her way to a life of crime as an adult. A success story of rehabilitation, Yuki has managed to pull herself away from a life of crime, though she still retains a rough and tumble edge that few are daring enough to take issue with. She looks after her classmates and her underclassmen and isn't remotely afraid of cracking a few skulls if it comes to that. She commands more than a small amount of respect and just a touch of fear from the other students at St. Hermelin High for both her past reputation and her efforts to support others now.

Skills: The Most Conservatively Dressed Schoolgirl On The MUSH, These Boots Are Made For Walkin, Can Probably Break You, Doesn't Hit Like A Girl At All, Looking Out For Her Underclassmen, Still Knows How To Hurt Where It Won't Show

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