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Rei Saionji
The False Heir
Full Name 西園寺冷(さいおんじれい)
Arcana IX - The Hermit (Reversed)
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Date of Birth February 14th, 1991 (Aquarius)
Age 20
Guardian Dragon Blue Dragon
Persona Oyuki
Weapon Katana
Faction New World Order
Team Nationalists
Screen Name Private
Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara
Player Sirusavi
"In the end, the only one you can truly know is yourself."
Profile And Skills

Profile: As the presumptive heir to the Tokyo-based Saionji family and it's considerable financial, political and social clout Rei Saionji would seem to be an object of envy. With good looks, an incessant work ethic and bright future ahead of him at Fra Mauro University there is little about his life that not seem pre-determined for luxury, greatness and wealth. Yet beneath Rei's polite courtesy lies a deep misanthropic contempt for the world at large, and general nihilistic attitude to all the accolades and honors others would place on him. His presence in the area is far more than it seems, having been dispatched by the Saionjis to assist the NWO reaching it's goals for a reinvigorated, more powerful Japan. Although he does what is asked of him dutifully and to the utmost of his considerable ability, Rei shows no ideological commitment or true belief in much of anything he does. Seemingly content to to walk the path so many others seem intent on laying out for him, it's not until he hears of an organization called 'Kagutsuchi' that dreams of fire, blood and agony start to seem more like memories, and his wayward journey on the path of insubordination begins....

Skills:Memories of Ice, Aggressively Detached, Passively Judgmental, Danger Zone, Legend of Sword Guy, No I Was Addressing You As Help, Daaaaaanger Zone, Deconstructive Disassociative, EZ Rider, Unfortunate Coincidence Magnet, Because How Hard Is It To Poach A Goddamn Egg Properly, Mad Man, Deoccupy My Lawn Or Else, Swear To God I had Something For This, Jun Katsuragi

Social Stats
Summa Cum Laude
  • Weapon
    Taruhime: Family sword. Said to have been wielded since the warring states era.
  • Body
    Three Piece Suit: An expensive designer suit, custom-tailored to fit.
  • Feet
    Dress Shoes: Well-polished, professional shoes.
  • Accessory
    Designer Glasses: A pair of black-rimmed, trendy glasses.

  • Cold Shoulder: Rei busies himself with his phone, refusing to acknowledge the demon's existence.
  • Exhibition: Rei performs a flawless technique of swordsmanship, either to impress or intimidate the demon with his skill
  • Icy Stare: Rei gives the demon a chilling, soul-piercing glare to express how precisely unimpressed he is.
  • Family History: Rei recites the long history of the Saionji family by rote in an attempt to bore it to death.
  • Rei belongs to a fictionalized version of the Saionji family, whose history dates back to their origins among the kuge (court nobility) of Heian Japan and more recently as. Stripped of much power and influence during the reign of the military shoguns, they then regained some political as kazoku during the meiji restoration until the Japanese Aristocracy was formally abolished at the end of WW2.
  • The Saionji name may be translated literally as 'Western Temple Garden', which may be seen as a reference to both their opulence and western affectations. This does not particularly fit with Rei's given name (Which essentially means 'cold'), a hint of his being adopted.
  • Rei has a shinto talisman, an omamori, that he discretely keeps on his person. It was given to him by Sayuri before he left Tokyo for protection, good luck and success. He suspects he got two out of three.
  • Just in case you thought he couldn't be more of a hipster, Rei's glasses are strictly cosmetic. In truth he has perfection vision and goes without them or any similar aid in kendo practice or actual battles.
  • One of Rei's few hobbies is the collection and maintenance of vintage motorcycles. The model he currently uses is a 1972 Kawasaki Z1 900, extensively restored and customized to deliver high performance just shy of street legal.
  • On top of his many other extracurricular activities, Rei also plays the violin. He's not a prodigy, but he treats it with the same rigor and and relentlessness he applies to any other skill, and is thus rather talented at it. He prefers not to play for others, though.
  • Like any lawfully owned sword, Taruhime is registered with government. Due to its age, craftsmanship and history the registration tag designates the sword as one of the 122 kohoku (national treasures). This means it cannot lawfully leave Japan, and were it ever to be sold the government has first right of purchase.
Combat Information

Rei is a potent, precise fighter who focuses on finesse and technique over brute force. As a trained swordsman his speed in battle is considerable, compounded with a strong magical ability to enhance his physical skills, though he tends to suffer from poor luck (possibly karma-related). The katana is his weapon of choice.

Special: Winter is Coming - Rei executes a blend of swordsmanship and persona-use by performing a vertical cross-cut with sufficient speed and precision to create a split-second vacuum, whereupon the frigid power of his persona unleashes sub-zero gale that flash-freezes anything in its path.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou... thou art I. I am Oyuki. I neither forget nor forgive, and mercy is unknown to me. For my blade is winter's cold breath, which claims all life without exception..."

Oyuki is a named example of a well-known elemental spirit in Japanese folklore: The Yuki-Onna, formiddable yokai associated with the merciless winter, appearing most often as inhumanly beautiful women with skin pale as the snow, clad in white kimonos and eyes that strike terror into hearts of mortals. Although feared for leading mortals astray in the snow so they may die, Oyuki's tale is one of a yuki-onna who spared a farmer in a blizzard for his youth, allow him to leave on the condition that she would kill him if he ever told a soul about her. The farmer went on to wed a beautiful young woman and one day told her of the story, in which she revealed herself to him as the same yokai and scorned him for breaking his word, sparing him again for the children she had borne him and vanishing from the mortal realm.

Oyuki's hatred for her husband for breaking his promise and thereafter rejection of humans can be considered symbolic of humanity's continued vulnerability to the bitterness of winter. Her indifference to the suffering of most humans is fitting for a nature spirit of her aspect, her unnatural beauty ever a lure and a threat to those who cannot stifle their curiosity.


SENSE: Rei's persona is a subtle one and not casually detectable under most circumstances to most people with the ability to discern such. However, those who manage to make the connection would feel a terrible kind of chill around him, defined by absence and isolation from warmth not unlike a wanderer lost in an unending plain of undriven snow. Opaque, endless and inimical to life, his resonance invokes the indifferent kind of cruelty ascribed to the less kind side of nature and its lack of compassion for the beings that live and breathe within it. Not actively malicious, but utterly indifferent.

SMELL: The clean smell of a frozen lake. Condensed, crystallized moisture. The air on a clear winter day.

SOUND: The howl of frigid gale. The crack of fractured ice. The crunch of fresh-fallen snow beneath one's feet.

TALENT: Rei's persona grants him a particular gift - considerable resistance to the elements. This manifests as a terribly high, almost unsettling preference for the cold for which he is known to remain comfortable in even with comparatively light clothing. The same as true for hot weather, while the touch of Oyuki's chill keeps him cool and refresh in even the most sweltering summers, seldom seen to break a sweat. Having had his persona from a young age, Rei is intimately knowledgable of the more subtle ways in which to put it to use, most often in maintaining a stoic facade that is challenging for even the most empathic sorts to read.

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Minako Arisato - A first year Rei recently met at Fra Mauro. His initial impression of her is 'talkative', 'annoying', and 'best avoided'. Nonetheless, she seemed rather taken with him despite his reserved indifference. He hopes this isn't the start of a /trend/ or anything.
    • Yuzuriha Hatsumi - Although Rei has not met Yuzuriha personally, he knows of the Hatsumi family by sheer reputation as ninja clan once cooperative with the Saionjis during Japan's tumultuous history. Dwindling into relative obscurity with the modern age, Rei is only cognizant of them now as rural yokels on the outskirts of civilization whom he'll probably be obligated to pay a visit to if he's ever by way of Inaba (hopefully never). Erroneous information has led him to believe the family has produced no viable heirs and is on the verge of dying out with no more than ancient old woman at it's head.
    • None
    • Mitsuru Kirijo - Heiress of another powerful family with whom the Saionjis maintain friendly, but not close relations. After two years of keeping a relatively low profile at Fra Mauro, Rei wound up having to introduce himself to her through happenstance when they met in an exhibition match between the kendo and fencing clubs. Her reserve and intelligence were nothing less than to be expected of someone in her position, not to mention her skills with western fighting.
    • Daizen Saionji - The current head of the Saionji family, Daizen has maintained his position for the past forty years, training his 'children' as skilled pawns to apply and discard as their usefulness demands. Intelligent, crafty and utterly without remorse, the old man's only goal is to see the wealth and power of the Saionji family increase regardless of the cost to others. Rei is indifferent to Daizen's grand ambitions and his own place in them, but privately amused at the seeming blindness of his 'Father' to this fact.
    • Tatsuzou Sudou (Reverse) - Rei's benefactor in more ways than he is aware of. The Daizen Saionji bid Rei to Sumaru for the express purpose of serving as Tatsuzou's assistant and a direct representative of the Saionji family to ensure the fruition of the NWO's plans...once their goals are evaluated. Daizen is no fool, and Rei's presence is as much a double-edge sword as anything the Saionji do to benefit those other than themselves. At the moment, he serves all functions of his position dutifully until he has reason not to.
    • Mikage Kohama (Reverse) - A nurse formerly affiliated with the NWO. Rei did not think anything in particular about her until he learned she was /that/ Mikage Kohama, the daughter of a senior government official regarded as an important ally by the Saionji family. That was enough spur a 'disagreement' between he and Mikiya Ryouhara over how she ought be treated after cutting ties with the organization in an encounter that left everyone worse for the wear. Rei thinks her foolish, personally, and is annoyed by having trouble himself so much on her account.
    • None
    • Sayuri Minase - Rei's sole childhood friend, Sayuri is one of the few people whose presence he can be said to tolerate, if not welcome. A insistently socializing, positive influence in his life when around, it's no question he's become increasingly withdrawn and acerbic in the time since coming to Sumaru despite an incessantly old-fashioned letter writing campaign to be informed of all the miserable minutiae of his time away. Currently studies at Gakushuin University in Tokyo where she will /surely stay/.
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • Seiichi Miyamoto - Another member of the NWO Rei met once and took a natural dislike for due to their polar opposite personalities. He heard someone took out one of his eyes recently, and was amused.
    • Naomi Suzuno - Rei has been familiar with Spencer Heiress's family and has rubbed shoulders with her at various social events in Japan. Still, he did not have much direct interaction with her until a chance meeting on Fra Mauro's campus. Although their meeting was short, he has quickly assessed the fellow heir as intelligent, perceptive and dangerous. He intends to keep his guard up around her.
    • Miwa Saitou - A girl Rei met in the early morning hours by a temple, and concurrently saved from a demon since it was trying to get him too anyways. He's not sure what she was doing out there, nor does he particularly care.
    • Daisuke Itami - An information broker based in Okina City. Rei sought him out for more information on the then-mysterious organization of 'Kagutsuchi' and was granted access to it's message boards, but not before having to endure Daisuke's decidedly oddball personality. Not quite sure if he's a fool or a threat, Rei trends towards caution with the latter and prefers to avoid the other man unless strictly necessary. He has a habit of knowing too many things.
    • Mariko Ohmukai (Reverse) - A bored-looking young woman who was also fairly bruised and busted when Rei chanced across her at the Irie estate. He believes Masahiko may have done this to her, filing 'temper problems' under one of several assumptions he has about the yakuza scion.
    • Mikiya Ryouhara - The son of a clan you will find in no historical texts, knowledge of them passed from one head of the Saionji family to the next. Old feuds lie between their respective clans, the kind of thing Rei has no personal stake in despite being warned of the Ryouhara by Daizen before arriving in Sumaru. No, Mikiya's coy personality and idle threats against his person in broad daylight stoke Rei's ire far more than any old story could rouse. They recently clashed over the matter of Mikage Kohama, and Rei has resolved to re-hone his skills to give their next battle a proper conclusion.
    • Thora Kobayashi (Reverse) - A step stool.
    • Yukio Fujii - Some half-baked puroresu star who's either up and coming or washed out, Rei can't bother to remember such pointless things. He's shown up inexplicably at a few of the same venues as the Saionji heir and has never failed to make a fool out of himself, seemingly even more out of favor with the fates than Rei himself.
    • Tatsuya Sudou - The son of Rei's employer, an incorrigible fop of a man who manages to possess a streak for both the dramatic and the violent that the Saionji heir finds distasteful. It's fortunate that Tatsuzou hate him, so he doesn't have to pretend to like him either. Still, there's something /else/ about the white-haired scion of the Sudou name, something about him that triggers an instinctive antipathy in Rei's gut...
    • Rem Sakurazuki Hoshii - Another girl he met along with Minako, Rem's more subdued and less inquisitive nature made her far more preferable company by comparison. He knows little enough about her to make an assessment one way or the other, and prefers it that way. Still, he suspect she sees more than she says..

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