Naoya Toudou

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Naoya Toudou
Aliases Naoya
Arcana IV - The Emperor
Persona Seimen Kongo
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 17
Preferred Weapon One-Handed Swords
Faction Darkside
Job Yusuke Urameshi
Origin Persona 1
"Be your true mind."
Profile And Skills

Profile: A student at St. Hermelin High School, Naoya Toudou started off his academic career as a delinquent student. Turned around by his teachers, the only relic of his past as a school toughguy is the earring that remains his trademark. He has a reputation for being a little bit rough around the edges, with an edge to his wit and a tendency to operating on his own. His leadership skills are hard to deny. His slightly playful and occationally mocking sense of humor can grate on those unfamiliar with him.

Skills: Steppin Into The Twilight Zone, Dropping Dead Is A Lousy Way To Start A Career, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil, The Monkey King?, Creepy Grin, Remembering His Name After Being Struck By Lightning, Golden Earring

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