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Fumiko Kohaku
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Full Name Fumiko Kohaku (コハクさん ふみこ)
Arcana XVIII - Moon Reversed
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 154.94 cm (5'1")
Date of Birth June 21st, 1995 (Gemini)
Age 15
Guardian Dragon Navy Blue Dragon
Persona Hecate
Weapon Stiletto Daggers
Faction NWO
Team S E B E C
Seiyuu Mamiko Noto
Voice Actor Cathy Cavadini
Player Fumi-tan
Blood Type A
  • Weapon: Parasol Dagger - A narrow, poisoned dagger that Fumiko conceals in the handle of the parasol she carries everywhere with her.
  • Body: Kikkashou School Uniform - A well-fitted uniform for Kikkashou Academy.
  • Feet: School Shoes - A pair of servicable mary janes that Fumiko wears with her school uniform.
  • Accessory: Cute Frog Barrettes - A set of bright green, happy-frog barrettes that Fumiko uses to keep her side-locks pinned back.
Social Stats
  • Expression: 5 - Masks for Every Occasion
    • Herself: 1 - Fooling Everyone But Herself
    • Toui: 1 - Definitely Not Fooling Him Either
  • Knowledge: 4 - Crams All Night
  • Courage: 3 - Will Die For The Cause
  • Understanding: 1 - Why You Do That?
  • Diligence: 5 - I Can Do Better, I Know I Can!
  • Fumiko keeps a small herb garden and a trio of bonsais. She finds it relaxing.
  • Fumiko does origami, to help relax.
  • Fumiko really likes frogs. At last count, she has 1,538 origami frogs; her room is filled with them.
  • Fumiko hates wearing shoes and is prone to refusing to wear them except for school, formal occasions, and other times when the social expectation is to be shod. She has only six pairs of shoes.
  • Fumiko has a severe strawberry allergy, and avoids even artificial strawberry flavoured products as a consequence.
  • Because she doesn't want to wear her school uniform outside of school hours (because really, who does that?), Fumiko dresses in loli style, often going for Sweet or Classic style. It gives her an opportunity to ensure she looks adorable, and provides a ready excuse for why she always has a parasol on hand.
  • On the last day of Tanabata, Sudou and Kandori met Riki. Kandori stayed in the background, while Sudou played the role Fumi-tan likes best: the protective older brother. Riki was unintimidated, and Fumiko wound up going home with so many stuffed animals and other festival prizes that she had to hire someone to carry the excess for her. It was the best festival ever.
  • She has taken up studying under Toui. This will go well.
  • Fumiko has a tendency towards excessive baking when stressed. Examples include making enough muffins to feed the entire SEBEC building when Seiichi was in the hospital.
  • Adorableness: "I'm sure there's something you could do to help me, isn't there? Pllleaaase? It's really important!" - Fumiko uses her cuteness to try and win over the demon. May provoke happy, interested, frightened or angry reactions.
  • Barter: "Everyone needs stuff - what do you want, in exchange for what I'm asking?" - Fumiko offers an item to try and win the demon over. May provoke happy, sad, frightened, or angry reactions.
  • Chemical Romance: "Look - isn't it beautiful? Just this much, and you could kill all your enemies..." - Offering a vial of toxin, Fumiko extolls its virtues. May elicit happy, interested, or frightened reactions.
  • Intimidate: "If you don't give me what I want, I'm going to get very cross with you!" - Fumiko angrily threatens the demon. May cause angry, sad, frightened, or interested reactions.
"People have a lot in common with bonsai. Both need to be nurtured as they grow, to be guided into appropriate paths of growth - and, very occasionally, they must be pruned."
Profile and Skills

Profile: A senior at Kikkashou Academy, Fumiko Kohaku is very devoted to her schoolwork and enjoys being a part of the school's calligraphy and tea clubs. But her classmates might have a hard time telling you much besides that; Fumiko tends to keep to herself outside of class or club meetings, although she's always happy to help a schoolmate with their homework if they just ask. Maybe she's just shy? Or maybe she's afraid of being used to try and gain a favor with her family - rumor has it that her uncle is Takahisa Kandori...or at least, she /calls/ him uncle. Who knows what's really going on there? Fumiko certainly doesn't seem like she's about to tell!

Skills: Gardener, Bonsai Artist, Adorable Little Girl, Really, Not Creepy At *All*, Everyone Has Masks, I Just Have One For Every Occasion, Willing To Die For Her Ideals, But Would Rather Kill You First If It Comes To That, Mind Flipped Turnways, Adorable And Not Afraid To Use It

Combat Information
(More forthcoming.)

Special: Cutting Remark - Fumiko stabs the target with her concealed knife, having applied poison to it prior to doing do. The poison causes nausea, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing before it is filtered out by the body..

Persona Information and Resonance
"I am thou...thou art I. I am Hecate, she who stands between the two worlds...I shall teach you how to cross between the worlds, to heal and protect your own while striking down your enemies..."

Hecate is a cthonic Greek goddess, sometimes depicted as being a Titaness who sided with the Greek gods when they overthrew the Titans. She is associated with medicine, poisons, and magic, especially the teaching of these disciplines, as well as being designated as a protector of liminal spaces, such as doorways and gates. In this role, she is noted for warding off danger, such as demons and other evil spirits (although, if offended, she can also let the danger in). Some of her most favored animals are dogs and frogs, and her presence is often signified by barking or howling dogs.

  • SENSE: A rhythmic sensation, such as someone grinding up herbs with a mortar and pestle. A woman with a dog at her side, her face always in shadows.
  • SOUND: A mortar and pestle, a chorus of frogs, a dog barking.
  • SMELL: Bitter and medicinal, undercut with something indefinable but distinctly unpleasant - like food that's gone off, maybe.

Social Links
  • 0. The Fool
    • Tohru Adachi: They first met in the mines, when Dojima decided to go down to look for the bodies of the scientists who died there. Fumiko just happened to be on duty. Her current impression of him is that of a rather patronizing, irritating guy who's kind of useful in a fight. His impression of her is probably rather less flattering. (RANK 1)
  • I. The Magician
    • Yosuke Hanamura: The two ran into each other at Aiya, and had a friendly talk that ended with Fumiko leaving with a message for Kandori, Yosuke leaving with an origami frog with Fumi-tan's phone number on it, and both of them leaving deeply confused. Things became strained when he meddled with her relationship with Riki, but they have since had an Important Hanamura Phone Conversation and settled the problem. Fumiko is currently working on improving her relations with Yosuke, in order to keep their...disagreement...from reoccuring. (RANK 2)
  • II. The High Priestess
    • Maki Sonomura: Once considered by Fumiko to be like a big sister, Maki-sempai is now Sonomura-san - and 'san' only because Fumiko is determined to be polite. Maki insists that she still considers the NWO members family, and Fumiko is willing to believe her. But that doesn't mean that she believes that Maki's reasons for leaving the NWO, or opposing it, are particularly good ones - and it doesn't mean that Fumiko has any interest in interacting with Maki at all, especially not since Sudou-onii-sama has stated that Maki is not family. Fumiko has informed Aki that the Makis will suffer horrible death if Tatsuya suffers harm and Fumiko even suspects that they had a hand in it. Oddly, Fumiko seems to get along tolerably with Mai - although the fact that they both like the idea of Yu ingesting something with unpleasant side-effects may have a hand in this. (REVERSE except for Mai)
  • III. The Empress
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Empress links.
  • IV. The Emperor
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Emperor links.
  • V. The Hierophant
    • Ryotaro Dojima: Fumiko might like Dojima if she ran into him outside the mines. As it is, she just kind of feels sorry for him - his first experience with the supernatural was kind of abrupt and may have destroyed his sanity. Which would kind of suck, since he seems to be a good person otherwise - if awfully stubborn about listening to perfectly rational warnings to stay out of places that are dangerous. (RANK 1)
  • VI. The Lovers
    • Takakazu Agano: Fumiko has met the would-be artist only once, and is not impressed. He made a mess of her lab while searching for materials, was rude to her about it and tried to show off knowledge that he didn't have, and then - after a half-hearted apology - went back to her lab and trashed it again while attempting to clean up the mess he made. She's still cranky with him, but mostly because he's been avoiding her. Do you know how hard it is to drug someone with something they can't ingest, if they're avoiding you? (RANK 1)
  • VII. The Chariot
    • Yoh Yamagatani: He's not very bright, is he? Fumiko tolerates Yoh because of his friendship with Riki. She doesn't think very highly of him, though, and believes that the best place for him to be is on the opposite side - that way, any information he leaks will at least be beneficial rather than potentially hazardous. She's also pretty sure he has a deathwish due to the fact that she's quite sure he was hitting on Anise the last time she saw them together. But she's not about to dive in and try to save him from himself; that's not her job. (RANK 2)
  • VIII. Justice
    • Katsuya Suou: His resonance is close to onii-sama's, in that they're both feline - but where Sudou's protectiveness is comforting and welcome, Katsuya's protectiveness just kind of irritates her. She's perfectly capable of taking care of herself, after all! They would never have gotten through the mines safely without her. Also, he tried to arrest her, which just annoys her. (RANK 1)
  • IX. The Hermit
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Hermit links.
  • X. The Wheel of Fortune
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Wheel of Fortune links.
  • XI. Strength
    • Masahiko Irie: Met him shortly before Maki showed up. Fumiko barely knows the young man, but she does like what she's seen so far: a respectful, polite young man who is very calm and controlled - and also really cute. She does wish she'd gotten a chance to buy him a soda to replace the one Maki made him spill. (RANK 2)
    • Ariko Kawano: Romantic rival. Fumiko loathes Ariko, and the feeling is pretty much mutual. They would have ended up coming to blows on their first meeting, if Riki hadn't interfered. Fumiko isn't about to go after Ariko, though...as long as Ariko-san and Riki stay broken up. Otherwise...well, all's fair in love and war, right? Fumiko offered a threesome with Riki, but didn't expect it to be accepted - and Ariko didn't challenge those expectations; Fumiko is 0kay with this. (REVERSE)
    • Enoha Koinose: Weirdly, almost disturbingly, optomistic. Her habit of assuming that it's never a trap is probably going to get her into serious trouble one of these days - if her tendency to try for diplomacy long after it's clear that talking isn't an option doesn't kill her first. Fumiko considers her important only because of her connection to Inohiko and the fish-demon's obvious attachment to the woman; it would be bad to upset a demon. (RANK 1)
  • XII. The Hanged Man
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Hanged Man links.
  • XIII. Death
    • Seiichi Miyamoto: The musician seems pretty cool to Fumiko so far - and Sudou-san likes him, so that's a point in his favour. Plus, the NWO is like family - and he's a new big brother! What's not cool about that? She likes the fact that he's been quite supportive, especially after hearing Takakazu's reaction when she called Taka on having trashed her lab. She's come up with some quite creative, and rather unpleasant, ideas for her prank war with Toui. She's grown closer to him, recently, after he was hospitalized and they shared some secrets. (RANK 5)
    • Riki Houjou: Riki is cute. And interested in science - he's even given her helpful advice on a project she was working on! Fumiko really likes Riki - so much that she's given him a compound to...discourage...him from striking up a relationship with other girls. Since his meeting with Sudou, she's even more impressed with Riki - there aren't many people who can go unflustered by Sudou's threats, and there are fewer who can provide a physical performance that matches up to her big brother's. Yosuke's interference has led to things moving a little faster than Fumiko planned - but she doesn't regret anything. (RANK 5)
  • XIV. Temperance
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Temperance links.
  • XV. The Devil
    • Gozaburou Gessou: The ex-CEO of SEBEC. Fumiko has yet to meet him in person, and has no interest in changing this. Since he has stepped down from leadership of SEBEC, she believes that all is right with the world again - Kandori is back where he belongs, after all. (NO RANK)
  • XVI. The Tower
    • Takahisa Kandori: Her legal guardian, Fumiko refers to Kandori as her uncle and regards him as a foster father. He's promised to help her get a pet demon, and she's looking forward to it. She's relieved at his restoration to CEO of SEBEC, and is happy that he seems to approve of Riki so far. Fumiko is reluctant to admit to anyone that Kandori holds more importance to her than just foster father or legal guardian: he is Family, and is one of the pillars that keeps her mental world stable; he is one of two things in the world that she's absolutely certain is Real. She's seriously cranky with him over the fight he had with Tatsuya, but more because he could have died (or at least, that's what she believes). (RANK 3)
  • XVII. The Star
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Star links.
  • XVIII. The Moon
    • Toui Shirazuna: The endocrinologist and his Resonance of subconcious fears terrifies her; not only does his Resonance make her want to break down in tears, begging the monster in the dark to leave her alone, but he knows what her favourite hobbies are. But, at the same time, she finds the latter deeply attractive - he knows all about her favourite hobbies and he shares them. He's even offered to let her read his patient files some day. The combination of potential playmate and boogyman keeps her a little off balance, but Fumiko's willing to try and cope with his Resonance in exchange for someone to play with. It's not every day you get a new senpai, after all! His resonance also helps her learn - a Masquerade executive needs to know how to cope with fear, after all. Their first lesson left him with a lot to think about. (RANK 1)
  • XIX. The Sun
    • Takeshi Odori: Fumiko ran into him over summer vacation and shared a cup of tea with him in the Port Island tea house. His slacker attitude deeply confuses her, but he's in his third year of high school so it probably works for him. She's just not sure how. They've had further run-ins since then, and he helped her clear up a shoplifting charge and she got him to promise to teach her how to sense the well-being of those she has ties to - it's a useful skill, after all! (RANK 2)
    • Tatsuya Sudou: Sudou plays the cool and adored older brother to Fumiko's 'adorable baby sister'. She doesn't consider him infallible (only daddies are flawless) but she respects him as much as she does Kandori. She also loves her older brother and has promised him that she will do anything to help protect the family - and she means it. His tentative acceptance of Riki (so signified by the fact that Riki hasn't been run off yet) makes her very happy - and the fact that she got a ton of plushies and an aquarium of fish, along with various other prizes (and enough candy to risk making herself sick) out of their competition doesn't hurt either. Tatsuya is also the one other thing that Fumiko is certain is Real - which helps stabilize her mental world a little further. As a result, she's more than willing to feed his heliocentric viewpoint; after all, the Moon's light is only a reflection of what the Sun provides...and who is imoto-chan without onii-sama? Currently, she's upset with him over doing a Stupid Thing and is refusing to talk to him for a few days. She has also made throwing muffins, just for him. (RANK 4)
  • XX. Judgement
    • Fumiko has developed no notable Judgement links.
  • Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
  • Caramell - Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix
  • Smile - Butterfly
  • Erasure - Always
  • Little Big Town - Welcome To The Family (anyone Fumiko dates is going to have to be a brave, brave man. Or crazy.)
  • The Addams Family (Thanks to Seiichi's player suggesting that Fumiko is Wednesday Addams!)
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