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Timezone: EST (UTC -5)
Admin: Trish
Position: TP Staff, Wikiadmin, News Staff
Availability: Most nights, weekends best.
About The Player

Strange Shrimp is a terrible nerd. No, seriously, they love things like trilobites and extinct lobopods (especially of Dinocaridida).

Remember, kids! +flip! Heads, normal option! Tails, fun option!

Please page or @mail Trish on the MUSH if you need something maintenance-wise taken care of on here.
Please also report code or other errors to me; I will try to straighten things out.

All logs are kept here: Terrible Awful Logs

Currently plays:
  • Katsuya Suou - A Sumaru-based detective and member of Department 4. Forthright, hardworking... and a giant nag.
  • Minako Arisato - A college student at Fra Mauro and a member of SEES. Outgoing, friendly... and really naive.
  • Miwa Saitou - A college student at Sumaru University and a member of the Shinsengumi. Kind, thoughtful... and usually worried.
  • Shou Karasugamori - A teenage worker with a temp agency who tends to mouth off. Self-centered, jerkish... and somewhat sentimental.
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