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Yoko Nakashima
Student at Seven Sisters
Full Name Yoko Nakashima (中島夜湖)
Arcana XVIII - The Moon
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 4' 9"
Astrological Sign Scorpio
Age 15
Guardian Dragon Moon Dragon
Persona La Sirène
Weapon Blades
Faction D4
Role Psych Ward Survivor
Voice Actress
Player Riskygamble
"Did you hear that? ...Nevermind, it's gone now."
Profile And Skills

Profile: A student at Seven Sisters High School and a resident of St. Dymphna's Center For Young People, Yoko spends almost all of her time in Sumaru - particularly Rengedai Ward. She has recently joined Department 4 as a junior intern. Though she's small for her age and non-threatening in appearance, her Persona makes her nearly an equal opponent for any adult; because of this potential and the fact that she suffers from schizophrenia, Katsuya Suou has taken her under his wing in the hopes of teaching her responsibility - and keeping her close at hand in case she loses control.

Skills: D4's Sketch Artist In Training, Madness Or Genius, Loves That Anime About The Swim Team, Swamp Ophelia, Mermaid Saga, We All Float Down Here, Missing Perspective, Entrust Yourself To The Water, Jellyfish Sea, Yoko Has Two Daddies, Sumaru's Smallest Bag Lady, Goodnight Moon, Touch Not Lest Ye Be Touched

Combat Skills

While she's small and not very strong, Yoko's native Persona makes up for it with good magical offense and defense. La Sirene has a good mix of water, darkness, and restorative spells. Yoko is also fond of Personae from the Justice arcana, particularly the more angelic ones. It seems counterintuitive that she should also keep something like Hastur, but the King In Yellow has always been said to reside wherever madness reigns...

Social Stats
It's Probably Not Real
If I Have To...
Not Making Sense
What Was That?!
Book Learnin'
  • Weapon
    Palette Knife: A small blade with a wooden handle. Not very strong or sharp.
  • Body
    Warm Jacket
  • Feet
    Colorful Sneakers
  • Accessory
    Small Backpack: Just large enough for a sketchbook and some odds and ends.
  • Favorite color: ALL THE COLORS
  • Favorite foods: Whatever's handy
  • Favorite artist: Vincent van Gogh

SKILL: Yoko sees Resonance and Personas as ghostly afterimages hanging around their owners. I will ask before assuming that she can see your character's, unless permission has already been given.

FEEL: Yoko's own Resonance is humid and cool, like the space behind a waterfall or mist rising from a river at night.

SOUND: Those who sense Resonance via sound are likely to hear something quite akin to The Bloop overlaid with bubbles rising towards a distant surface.

SMELL: Those who track Resonance by scent will find the faint smell of seaweed.

Social Links

Katsuya Suou - "No, it's good to be able to take care of yourself. However... if you're in trouble and you don't know what to do, it's all right to ask for help, Yoko-chan."

Mikiya Ryouhara - "A few years ago, I believed there was no alternative either. I found that you can be anything you want to be, as long as no one could stop you."

Enoha Koinose - "It's the Koi no Takinobori- the little carp who went up a mighty stream and became a dragon. There's a lot in the world, especially knowing what I now know, that overwhelms me. But like that carp, I can't give up. You shouldn't, either."

Eien Seida - "After the first few times of dealing with things after midnight, a few bad guys in an alleyway doesn't seem so scary anymore."

Hikaru Kurosawa - "This is bona-fide magic, I'll have you know - learnt it from a travelling gypsy, at that. Madame Violetta's House of Mysteries and glimpses into the future, read for a very reasonable price. Actually, come to think of it, she may well have been a cad. Alas!"

Mathias Reinhardt - "I had a friend once. He was Japanese and he told me all about Japan. About how great and wonderful it was and how he missed it. He said that one day, he wanted to show me his home. So here I am. In Japan and seeing my friend's home."

Seiichi Miyamoto - "I think we can discuss the cult and Jason a different time. When there isn't the possibility of being eaten."

Kyo Enda - "There are many monsters in the world. But none like me.

Yisa Taimiev - "That is why WE will finish what you cannot do! We will be generous and kill that Thing! But not before this lesson. Let me show you what happens when you spit on my mercy."


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