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Characters: Katsuya Suou

Friday December 7th 2012 2:15 PM
Sumaru Police Headquarters

"I'm sorry, but Captain Shimazu is out of the office," the clerk tells him, smiling politely. "I can deliver that report for you, if you like. Oh, perhaps you could leave me your phone number...? I could call you when he's back in, if you need to speak to him after that." She ever-so-slightly shifts her stance, rolling her shoulders back.

Katsuya pauses. Then says, "That's... Yes, I'll leave it with you." Pulling the thumbdrive from his pocket, he offers it to her. "If you could please make sure he gets this, I would appreciate it. It's confidential." He wishes he could be more assured that the Captain would get it, but there's nothing he can do about that. It would be suspicious to back out now, and that's the last thing he needs. Baofu had said it would be subtle, but it still needed to access Shimazu's hard drive to work... "There's no need to contact him, though. I'm on leave, so I'll speak with him when I return to work."

She looks a little disappointed for some reason, but nods all the same, taking the drive from his hand.

"Thank you." He hesitates again, trying to think of something more to say. "That's everything. Anyway, I suppose I should get going. I'm still on leave, after all..."

Actually, he thinks when he heads towards the elevator, she looked more than a little disappointed.


7:05 PM
Jason and Katsuya's Apartment, Lunar Palace

When he gets back, it's starting to get late. Already dark, the sun lost far beneath the horizon. Setting down the plastic shopping bag on the table just inside the inner door, he heads into the kitchen.

He turns the faucet over the sink, watching the water thrum into the basin below before plunging his hands in. He could dress it up as a part of 'whistle-blowing' as much as he liked, but a good reason didn't make a bad action any better. Still, though, he thinks, as he washes up. He could accept it now if it was just him, but after so many of the officers had ended up drugged like that, too... He shuts off the tap.

He's in the process of toweling off when his phone suddenly vibrates. Pulling it out, he glances at the screen, taking a brief note of the caller according to the ID. Yoko. Wasn't she going to see her parents? He had a discussion with them a few days ago about Yoko. If all went well for her this week, they said, she would visit them at home for the weekend. Had she arrived? Or had there been a problem? Frowning, he tips the phone up to his ear.

"Hello? Yoko-chan?"

"...Saint Michael the Archangel, loyal champion of God and His people, I turn to you with confidence and seek your powerful intercession..." Yoko's voice, somewhat distant from her phone, answers him with all the rhythm and fervor of the devout. Even up to and including the end: "Help me kill Kyo Taimiev."

Then amused laughter. Then another familiar voice, closer at hand.

"Servants of God? To kill me? Sweet thing, I keep saying this and saying this. God is just a word, a descriptor for things that people don’t understand and can’t resist, and the only thing you will ever meet that it can describe is Me."

On the other end of the line, Katsuya straightens, gone rigid to his full height as he stares out through the glass doors leading out onto the balcony. "What are you-- Taimiev, let her go!"

He could almost swear he hears the smile in that voice. "Ah, you remember me now..."


7:14 PM

The phone drops with a clatter on the kitchen counter seconds after the call ends.

He cups a hand over his mouth, trying and failing to stifle the short clipped peals of hysterical laughter that follow soon after. Hunching over, his shoulders shake with it.

Here, for a little bit, he had actually thought that things were going to get better. That he might even survive this. It seems almost absurd that he had ever, even for a second really--

Abruptly, laughter splits off, molding into a short angry wordless shout. He drives a fist into the countertop. Then once more.

--She had been going to see her parents. Because he told her to! It was to hurt him, to get at him. It's the only reason this is happening...

He slouches forward. Drawing a shaky breath, Katsuya plants both palms flat on the countertop. He closes his eyes, standing there in his kitchen for what feels like an eternity.

He inevitably opens his eyes and pulls away, grabbing for his previously discarded phone almost absently as he goes. Everything, in contrast to before, filters down into almost numb, mechanical action. Get what you need. Get out of here, and go.

Time's of the essence. Kyo will make good on his threat if he's too long in coming. And he can't let someone he's responsible for die like this. He said he wasn't going to leave anyone behind--

It doesn't take long to gather what he needs. Pausing there before the apartment door, jacket slung over his shoulder, he stops just long enough to hurriedly type out a few short text messages. What he had planned to say to his roommate, what he had wanted to say to his brother, the only things he can think to say to Enoha and his parents...


7:24 PM

The key turns in the lock. Hurriedly pulling on his jacket, Katsuya rushes down the hallway for the stairs.

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