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"Only courage in the face of doubt can lead one to the answer..."


The Emperor is the classic authoritarian figure, the great father figure, executive, or other leader. With clear vision, the Emperor creates order and pushes towards the future with a firm, steady hand. The Emperor often possesses a natural enthusiasm and self-confidence, drawing people to them and their cause. Just as with the Empress, however, an excess can cause the Emperor to seem more as a tyrant, their vision leading them astray and causing the very people who have depended on The Emperor for their leadership to go elsewhere. However, the Emperor is capable of great things and seem to naturally rise to the top in their chosen activities due to their dedication and experiences.

Reversed, the Emperor indicates a very different type of ruler: rather than the benevolent leader, this is the tyrant. While possibly still in possession of the charm that the Upright Emperor may so easily have, they lack a cause and ultimately only serve themselves. Another Emperor of this sort might find themselves lacking much of the strengths that they should be in possession of, perhaps due to a weak will or being unused to commanding others effectively; unable to motivate others, they are powerless and impotent.

Sample Personae

  • Airgetlam, the first king of the Tuatha de Danann
  • Barong, the king of the good spirits from Balinese mythology
  • Zahhak, an evil ruler in Persian lore

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Fathering, Stability, Authority, Power, Control, Discipline, Command, Common sense, Status quo, Order, Structure, Egocentrism, Tradition, Rigidity, Leadership, Experience, Inflexibility, Conservative ways, Organization. The one who always gets looked to as the leader of his group of friends, who sticks up for them and looks out for them even as he decides what they're all going to do.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Immaturity, Selfishness, Inconsistent, Unpredictable, Tyrannical, Impulsive, Demanding, Bullying. The father who won't pay for his child's doctor visit but still buys a new HDTV for himself.
BLOCKED: Inability to lead, inability to command, inability to control, lack of discipline, lack of authority, lack of stability. The father whose child refuses to listen to him no matter what he does.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Loss of organization, loss of command, loss of organization, loss of anything to lead, Status quo is not just bucked but ended, Barrenness, Emptiness. The father who lost everything, including his child, after a messy divorce.

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