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Takakazu Agano
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Personal Information
Real Name Takakazu Agano
Aliases Taka
Arcana Lovers Reverse
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Painter's Knives
Organization Information
Faction NWO
Job King of Arts
Persona - Caligula
OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"Are you enjoying the exhibit? If you aren't, there's a movie theater down the street; I'm sure it's playing something at your intelligence level."



Born into a large inheritance and wealthy family, Takakazu (Taka to most everyone) never wanted for anything. This gave him plenty of time to learn two things; manipulating people is fun, and that people will tolerate nasty behavior if they believe they can get something out of the person. Even when his father, a SEBEC executive, died in a car accident, Taka just continued to float along on family money, developing his artistic skills. Now a third year in Gekkoukan High, Taka is looking to break into the art scene in Port Island, using whatever means necessary. He loves having a good time, wild parties, beautiful girls, beautiful men, whatever catches his passing fancy.


Life of the Party, Roman Hands, Roman Eyes, Japanese Mind, Own Worst Enemy, Aside From The Critics, Love You and Everyone, A Thousand Lies and a Good Disguise, I Love My Addictions, Screw the Future, Artistic Sponge, No Inner Voice, Got a Light, Mac?, Burning Man, Evil Ex Number 9


"I am thou... thou are I. I am Caligula, and I will lend you some of my strength."

A Roman Emperor known for his insanity and corruption, Caligula was probably not as bad as history leads up to believe. But history is what people remember, so to most he represents the dangers of powerful, insane people.

Taka himself has the potential to be insane and in certain social circles he has a bit of power. He enjoys the wildness of life, teetering close to the edge of sanity, experimenting with things that could drive him off the edge. It will probably be hard to tell if he becomes possessed by his Shadow, as Takakazu isn't in the habit of repressing anything about himself.

Associated Abilities

Power Description
Arrow Rain A piercing rain of arrows riddles Taka's foes.
Dia Heals an ally a little bit.
Diamai Heals a person slowly over time.
Grydyne A powerful Almighty attack nukes an enemy.
Poison Mist A blanket of mist poisons a group of foes.
Recarm A moderately powerful healing spell that dis-spells all negative effects.
Sexy Dance A dance that mesmerizes opponents, making them more inaccurate.
Shibaboo A spell that makes it harder for opponents to use physical powers.
Soul Break A spell that makes it harder for an opponent to use magical powers.
Spirit Drain A spell that drains the spiritual power of an opponent and gives it to Taka.

Freebies and Specials

Power Description
Slash Attack - Painting Knives Minor slashing damage to one target.
The Vapours A capsule of paint is tossed at the enemy. Causes inaccuracy, decreased magical power, drained agility, and increased costs for magical power.

Notable Social Links


  • Yuuka Chiba: A girl that he keeps running into. Slightly enamored with her classic doll-like looks and singing voice. He was going to get a demo tape of her to Gozaburou, but seems to have beaten to the punch. Will be using her as his 'Princess' in his upcoming Art Installation.


  • Gozaburou Gessou: One of Zabu's 'friends' and a hanger-on; Taka got his first big break a year ago at an art exhibit produced by Zabu himself. They're just kind of superficial friends though, neither knowing the other all that well either. Recently, Zabu's decided to move into Taka's penthouse apartment in Port Island for reasons that Taka just didn't care too much about.

Trivia and Extras


  • Weapon: Painting Knives - A selection of sharpened angled knives.
  • Body: Black Hoodie - Stylish, Functional, covered in paint.
  • Feet: Converse All Stars - The only choice for hipster artists.
  • Accessory: Pink Tinted Contacts- So people don't notice his strung out eyes.

Social Stats

  • Understanding: 1 - Who are these 'Others' and why should I care about them?
  • Courage: 1 - OH GOD WHY DOES IT HURT?!
  • Knowledge: 3 - Just above average.
    • Art History: 5 - Savant.
  • Diligence: 4 - I /will/ get the right shot for this photo.
  • Expression: 4 - Tale Spinner, Fate Weaver.



  • Taka styles himself after such artists as Andy Warhol and to a lesser extent, Hunter S. Thompson.
  • Takakazu actively tags when he gets bored, often heading out to Okina City or the outskirts of Port Island to do so.
  • His 'signature' is a stylized pink hawk flying.

Notable Tropes


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