Inohiko Koinose

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Inohiko Koinose
Subject Zero
Full Name Inohiko Koinose
Aliases Subject Zero
Arcana IX - The Hermit Reversed
Persona Namazu
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon None
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Lurker In The Deep
Origin Original Character (NPC)
Voice Actor [Kenichi Suzumura]
"I'm gonna go sleep. Being aware like this.... I don't like it."
Having been missing since 1990, Inohiko, the brother of Enoha Koinose, was thought long dead. However, this all changed in a fated expedition into the mines under Inaba, where he was found alive, but mutated into the form of a large catfish-like beast. His personality has since regressed to a childlike state in his isolation, surrounded by a multitude of tiny Shadows who cling to him and feed on his leavings. He is also easily excitable, given to inadvertently causing damage to the surrounding areas when startled. Even so, some have managed to break through to the cynical man beneath the surface, but deep in the throes of late-stage Shadow-Possession, it's uncertain if there is enough of him remaining to be saved, or if he even wants to be. Just what happened to make a human being transform so completely? Currently living in Mikage-cho, he behaves, though he gets anxious if he doesn't hear from his little sister...
Big Brother, Gazed Into The Void, Lost the Game, Premium Nightmare Fuel, Leave Me Alone, Do Not Taunt The Happy Fun Eldritch Horror, Zankoku Na Tenshi No Youni, Do Not Touch His Little Sister Either, Stay A While... Stay Forever, Earn Your Happy Ending
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