Junpei Iori

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Junpei Iori
Full Name 伊織順平(いおりじゅんぺい)
Aliases Junpei
Arcana I - The Magician
Persona Hermes
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Age 18
Birth Date January 16th, 1993
Preferred Weapon Two-Handed Swords
Faction SEES
Teams Interceptor
Job The Comic Relief
Origin Persona 3
"This looks like a job for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Junpei Iori is, despite all appearances, a valuable member of SEES. He is not very clever, easily distracted and prone to doing stupid things to prove himself. However, he is loyal to his teammates, willing to sacrifice himself to save others and a pretty nice guy. Though he acts lecherous, Junpei is extremely inexperienced with women, and takes most of what he knows from movies. Junpei often feels useless and inferior, though this manifests outwardly only in sulky resentment towards the people he feels inferior to.

Skills: I Love The Womens, I Love The Beach, I Love It All, Inferiority Complex, Hero Complex, Not Very Complex, Stupei Iori - Ace Defective, Butt Of The Jokes, The Leeroy

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