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I... thought you might ... not love me ... anymore ...
Farah Newman
Personal Information
Real Name Farah Newman
Aliases Farah
Arcana XVIII - The moon
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 25
Birth Date July 7th
Preferred Weapon Open Hands
Organization Information
Faction NWO
Teams K N O W S
Job Hapless Scientest
Divisions K N O W S
Assignment Matron
Persona - Ophelia
OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Undecided



Farah Newman is many things to just a few people - lover, forensic scientist, family, insanely obsessive, hopeless romantic, and someone who has defied all the odds for survival. Farah is a graduate of King's College London, with a master's in Forensic Science and a member of TDA, a Britain detective office. For the TDA, Farah is a obsessive compulsive hoarder, cleaner, and one of the few members with a actual college degree. Farah is a extremely shy, confused woman; although graduated from a prestigious college with a degree, Farah sometimes acts more like a young teenager based on clarity and her own fears and doubts that rage psychological warfare on her. Sometimes she can come up with the most unrealistic ideas and sometimes she is off in her own fantasy-induced day-dream. After her time and after many things involving the TDA, Farah is not who she used to be anymore, but neither is she truly that changed. Left with the choice and the decision to go join the Sun in Japan or stay at home with the TDA, Farah closed her eyes and realized, that maybe, it was okay to give into her fears and find out ... so now Farah heads out to Japan, to find the answers to her questions, and to see if what she had before is truly still keep-able.


Age: 25
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Arabic/British
Hometown: London
Eye Color: Steel blue-gray
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Singing, Drawing, painting
Personal Treasures: Jewelry set Tom got her
Favorite Food: Tangy fruits
Likes: Tom
Dislikes: Genki Men, her Father
Best Club: Science


Obsessive Compulsive Everything, Knowledge: Forensic Scientist, Languages: Japanese(college) Arabic(family), Will Try Anything Once, Her Blush: It is Cute, Gorgeous And Doesn't Believe It, Steady Job: Good Money, Not-Lunar, Hopeless Romantic Who Got Lucky, Always Worried, Imagination Gone Wild, Fix Others First, Illusion of Common Sense, Hobbies: Painting And Drawing, Psychological Warfare Inside Her Mind


I art thou... thou art I ... I art Ophelia, she who seeks the answers through reality.


Ophelia is a young woman, wet, covered in seaweed. She drowned herself after her father died and she went mad. She hails from the Shakespearean play Hamlet.

Ophelia's Attacks
Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Strike Attack - Slap 0 Farah slaps someone.
Gate of Dreams 12 Farah, through Ophelia, weaves her own reality around the person she is attacking, distracting them. (Room-wide attack, inaccurate debuff for 3 rounds)
Bewilder 10 Strength Down debuff for 2 rounds.
Diamia 8 A simple, one person heal, done over 3 rounds
Foolish Whisper 7 Magic Cost debuff for 2 rounds
Hama 7 Basic light attack.
Purge 6 Removes debuffs.
Rock Fall 12 Rocks fall on the person. Vitality Down debuff for 2 rounds.
Tera 5 Basic earth attack
Terazi 9 More powerful earth attack(upgrade of Tera)
Teradyne 13 Most power earth attack.(Upgrade from Terazi)
Trafuri 6 Debuffs enemies accuracy in battle


A Child in Hell

Farah was born July 7th 1984 to British doctor Benjamin and stay at home Arabic wife Almira. Their first and only child, Almira was claimed by ovary cancer. For six years, the trio led a quiet, calm, life... that changed when Farah entered first grade at the age of six. Then mother and daughter learned that Benjamin was much more than he was - he physically and emotionally abused mother and daugher over his rage at just having a daughter rather than a son - a revelation Farah was never supposed to hear.

This continued for six ears, Farah withdrawing more and more from reality, heart aching over What Ifs' about life as a boy, as the second child to a brother... not that it ever helped. The only thing that did was her drawing... her realities, where daddy couldn't find her, where Almira couldn't reach her. Eventually, however, Almira had it.

Banking out all the cash in their bank account, Farah and Almira fleed, and hid. Unable to find them, Benjamin would take revenge - by suicidial walking off a ten story garage.

A Recovering Teenager

So, life was set. Farah went to school, and Almira worked a small, under the table job. There was a trust fund set up for Farah by her fathers' insurance, but nothing until she was 21 - not that Farah wanted it. However, Farahs' grades in school were terrible, and she was terrified of any male at that point. Almira opted to pull her out, and she was homeschooled for the rest of her school years until her senior year, when she played the Persona game with some of her friends. She graduated high school in 2001.

College Fun

Almira died her freshman year at college, shortly before the hundread thousand dollers in the trust fund opened up to her. Farah didn't know what to do, so she just took some extra classes while trying to figure out what job she really did want to do - eventually landing in forensic science. She graduated into the Master's Program in 2005, and graduated with her Master's Degree in the fall of 2007. Farah went without a job for the next couple of months, until she heard about a opening at the Twilight Detective Agency...

Years of Perfection

Walking in for the interview, Farah nearly walked out. Alex she could deal with - calm, collected, quiet. Tom Magnusson, however, scared her. Daddy all over again. However. She had dealt with it. She could continue to do so, right? Thus, in the holiday season of 2007, she joined the team at TDA!

Tom would ask her out on a date a month or so later. Farah agreed. They have been dating since.

A Revelation, and a Realization

A year since her time, Farah was on a walk around Christmas-time of 2008. Farah didn't have a care in the world - until Tom shouted to watch out, and she was violently shoved away as a chained knife thrust past her right where she was standing. Battle on, right? Wrong. Farah didn't have any idea what to do. She tried, though. She tried - and paid for it. Scars all across her body. Tendons cut in her knees, muscles sore. Then she finally took what should have been a lethal shot after Tom was knocked unconcious ... except there was help.

Ophelia hovered over Farah, casting a Dia-based spell on the woman. Farah fell into a coma at that point, a seven month one ... she woke up on her 25th birthday, on July 7th. She was quiet, silent. Tom was in Japan at this point, and Alex didn't even know until the end of that month. At that point, she was given a choice: To stay in London, or go after Tom in Japan.

In the end: she went after Tom.

Time is a'Changin'....

Farah's arrival in Japan was met with a few interesting events. Tom was found on one of her very first nights. A few nights later, she would get her first taste of the truth about Persona when Takahisa Kandori cornered her, Fumiya Watanabe, Azusa Shimegi, and Shiori Hibiki, twisting time to fight them. A few days later, Farah would once again run into Kandori... and run into him again when he asked her to assist her in rescuing Azusa from Kirijo Corp. She did, and was officially pulled into the NWO... as the matron of the new group, K N O W, announcing it with a formal masquerade ball, where things went down with such people like Tomomi, Takaya, Thora... and Tom.

Get in the KNOW!

Farah is now the Matron of KNOWS, alongside several other people to make it run smoothly. Her relationship with Kandori is like a set of twins; they both know each others' habits and thoughts, and it has strangely turned into a familiar face for her ...

at the same time, risking her friendship with the rest of the world...

... including Tom.

What will happen? ... only time will tell the truth from illusions.

Noticeable Social Links


  • Tohru Adachi: A police detective in Inaba. Farah trusts him, and doesn't. Time will tell.


  • Yosuke Hanamura: Tom is teaching Yosuke how to be a detective. It's kind of cute.


  • Shiori Hibiki: Tom did something stupid with Shiori. Farah feels bad for her.


  • Farah has no noticable Empress links.


  • Farah has no noticable Emperor links.


  • Farah has no noticable Hierophant links.


  • Blaise Cameron: ... we won't go into this.


  • Fumiya Watanabe: Fumiya and Farah met at a Port Island mall. Kandori attacked her, Fumiya, Azusa, and Shiori, and Fumiya lost her pink coloring pencil. Farah eventually got it back from Kandori, and gave it to Fumiya, who promptly gave it back. Hasn't ran into him sense.


  • Ichiya Chigiri: AKA, the Fox. Farah has ran into him twice now, both times annoying someone/threatening the KNOWS Building. She's wary of him, but accepting about his views.


  • Azusa Shimegi: A member of KNOWS. Helped save her from Kirijo Corp.


  • Yoshiro Yoshino: Yoshiro helped Farah meet Tom again in Japan. A few weeks later, she turned on him, having to attack Yoshiro while helping Azusa escape from Kirijo corp... she feels utterly bad/lost about this...


  • Farah has no noticable Strength links.


  • Farah has no noticable Hanged Man links.


  • Farah has no noticable Death links.


  • Farah has no noticable Temperance links.


  • Farah has no noticable Devil links.


  • Takahisa Kandori: Farah's secondary Boss in Japan. He's the one that's tested and tried her /every/ single step of the way. She manages to both /hate/ and /love/ him at the same time, as his closeness to who her dad was drives her insane. ... where things will go will probably end up to her killing him, him killing her, or both of them disappering...


  • Hideo Aratami: Hideo is a odd little teenager. He has a picture she drew of him.


  • Farah is the Moon.


  • Thomas Magnusson: Farah's boyfriend, and the ONLY one that can keep her sane. She's afraid she's lost him though. She's afraid she's lost him at this point, at her actions, at the way things have gone. Every time she thinks of him, she cries... and she doesn't want to keep hurting him. What will it take to fix him? Fix her? ... fix them? ...


  • Farah has no noticable Judgement links.



1: Austin ~ Blake Shelton
2: Butterfly Kisses ~ Mercy Me
3: EXEC SPHILIA ~ Ar Tonelico
4: The Heart Speaks - Hymmnos ~ Ar Tonelico
5: Whatever It Takes ~ Lifehouse


  • Has Several Defining Scars all over her body
  • Tom Magnussons' girlfriend
  • Is Arabic/British
  • Speaks Arabic and Japanese fluently
  • Knowledgable about Japanese culture

Further OOC Information

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