William Blazer

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William Blazer
Traffic Cop of Hell
Hates Hitler, but didn't kill him or anything.
Full Name William Arcturias Blazer
Aliases Faceless EMET
Arcana Chariot
Persona Golem of Prague
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 44
Birth Date December 4th, 1967
Blood Type AB
Faction NWO
Teams Sumaru Police
Job Token Gaijin Cop
Assignment Traffic Bureau/Wetwork
Voice Actor William Blazer
Player Patware
  • Weapon: M4 Carbine, .50 cal Revolver, Copy Longinus
  • Body: Army Jacket / Dark Fatigues
  • Feet: Old Boots / Foul Stompers
  • Accessory: Green Beret / Enigmatic Goggles
Social Stats
  • Expression: 1 - Gaijin
  • Knowledge: 2 - Informed
    • The Military: 4 - 12-Year Veteran
  • Courage: 5 - De Opresso Liber
  • Understanding: 2 - Sharp
  • Diligence: 3 - Strong
"In over my head? Don't be ridiculous!"
Profile and Skills
Faceless EMET
William Blazer lives two lives. The life he wants to live is that as a police officer for the city of Sumaru, protecting people until he can calmly retire a satisfied man. Unfortunately, foreigners get the shortest of all shrifts, and he's been stuck as a traffic cop for several years - enter a letter from a mysterious US contact, giving him one last mission, promising answers if he joined with the NWO, who had already approached him promising advancement if he'd just do... this and that. But William could not risk blowing his entire reputation by openly serving them, and the higher-ups agreed that certain... discretions would be wise.

Enter Faceless EMET. Only the top ranks of the NWO are aware of William's identity as the hulking NWO grunt. As Faceless EMET, William wears full-body urban camoflague tucked into black gloves and boots, with a kevlar hood and a large pair of goggles obscuring his face. A voice modulator sewn into the hood modifies his voice to a painfully high pitch, and two halves of the word 'emet' are sewn into the hood, on metal plates sitting over each temple. Only as Faceless EMET does William wield his powerful M4 Carbine, and only as Faceless EMET does William summon his true persona, the Golem of Prague.

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