Yui Utsuki

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Yui Utsuki
Aliases Yui
Arcana V - The Hierophant REVERSE
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date May 18, 1993
Blood Type B
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction NWO
Teams None
Job Moody Transfer Student
Divisions None
Assignment Yasogami High, Second-Year
Origin Original Character
"No good deed goes unpunished."

A second-year at Yasogami High, Yui Utsuki transferred in just before the beginning of the new school year. She's already made a reputation for being a bit standoffish, as well as for having a clear problem with authority. Despite that last, she spends a lot of time in the library, and actually seems very organized and driven about it. She goes through stages of being very quiet and very talkative, her moods sometimes indecipherable from one moment to the other--but when she does talk about something, she tends to speak very strongly about whatever it is. Still, though she's occasionlly a bit of a jerk--down to the point just flat refusing to take social hints--she has no real record of violence at school or anything, and isn't in any danger of being expelled. Of course, so the gossip goes that she moved to Inaba for /some/ reason, and a few people have seen that she seems to live with somebody who's probably too young to actually be her mother...


All Or Nothing, Mostly Nothing, You Can't Fight Fate, Who Knows But This Seems Blameless In The World Below?, Let's Hang Together, Aggressive Socializing, Do Your Own Homework, Not A Delinquent (And Will Argue This Point), Searching for Meaning, Take a Hike, Drama~!, The World's a Stage?, But What About the Ending?, Grumbling About A Bad Teacher, Still Has To Be Home For Dinner, It's Complicated

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Shadow and Resonance
"I am thou... thou art I. I am Antigone, promised to Hades too young. ...But I was right."

Yui's Shadow is Antigone, daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta from the play--and body of myth and legend--of that same name and of others. She is known for defying King Creon's edict to bury her brother, and for accepting her punishment of being buried alive in punishment for her refusal to put his laws over what she saw as higher, divine law--and later, for hanging herself rather than face starving in the darkness, never to see the sun again.


Antigone's Resonance may be striking to those unprepared--it's sharp against the senses, hitting with force. To scent, it is funerary oils and fresh gravedirt. To sound, a chorus of harmonious voices with a single discordant tone; to 'presence', it is the unassailable sense of something Right, a divine edict that must be obeyed.

For her own abilities, Yui is new to resonance, but more sensitive than most, capable of picking out auras and detecting persona-users--and shadows--in her immediate area. However, this works largely by instinct at the moment, as despite her strangely apt 'sixth sense' even before Possession for the supernatural, much of this information is still new to her.

Notable Social Links
  • 0 - The Fool
    • Yu Narukami: They've met just the once, but apparently they have a number of similarities. Yui likes this third-year, though, and would be willing to speak with him again, especially since he showed a willingness to help her out a little. It's a pity that he didn't win the election, though--not that Yui knows his competitor!
  • I - The Magician
    • Yuzuriha Hatsumi: A chance meeting in the halls resulted in a brief conversation and a bit of a reprieve from dealing with King Moron. Yui likes Yuzuriha, and might be able to make friends with this girl who is by no means a ninja.
  • II - The High Priestess
    • Maki Sonomura: A fellow winner of the contest at Frost Junes, though Maki chose the /Curse/ version instead of Holy. Yui has no reason to link her and the mysterious 'Aki', who took her hand and led her from Lunarvale to a strange arena, where they played a game. She expects to meet Aki again, after 'winning' the first time.
  • III - The Empress
    • Tomomi Fujimori: A meeting, but not a chance meeting, is most of what Yui has seen of Tomomi so far, but it was enough to leave a very significant impression. Tomomi has a lot of interesting ideas, and the /way/ she talks means that 'not answering' her sometimes pointed questions just seems absurd. She's given Yui a great deal to think about. 'Like' is not really the right word to describe the strange mix of feelings she has towards her.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Daiya Kagami: Yui's first friend in the area, she originally met Daiya when the older girl bumped into her at Frost Junes--Daiya was pretty friendly about the whole thing, and so, when they met again in Inaba, they struck up a bit of a conversation. Now, they talk every so often, and Yui appreciates Daiya's manner. She also appreciates the way they can talk about 'important' things...
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Ai Ebihara: A third-year at Yasogami High, and a fellow member of the Drama Club. At first, Yui had no particular reason to care one way or the other about Ai, but after a conversation as school was letting out, she's become more interested. Ai seems to know a lot, and is encouraging of Yui's quest against King Moron. Yui calls her Ebihara-senpai.
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