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Officer Kohaku Tsukino
Not a detective!
Kohaku reduced size.png
Full Name Kohaku Tsukino (月野 琥珀)
Arcana The Moon
Persona Chanakya
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 32
Birth Date May 8, 1979
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Police Baton
Faction NWO
Assignment Sumaru Police, Major Property
Origin OC
Social Stats
  • Expression: Rough (1)
    • Flattering: Pro Bootlicker (4)
    • Intimidation: Still a Cop (2)
  • Knowledge: Getting By (2)
    • Criminal: Does Dirty Deeds (3)
    • Occult: Newborn Shoggoth (1)
  • Courage: Tough Guy (3)
    • Superiors: ...mostly (1)
  • Understanding: Detective-ish (2)
  • Diligence: Does His Homework (3)
I'm willing to discuss a deal to make this go away. What's your pleasure, sir?"
Officer Tsukino is a uniformed cop in the Sumaru precincts, walking a standard beat for major property crimes. While his record is officially spotless, rumors have dogged him about his relationship with unsavory activities, and apparently those rumors have derailed any chance he once had of becoming a detective. Even still, he is a valuable member of the force, and he is willing to help with any number of problems, assuming you contact him the right way.
Knows Police Procedures, Knows How to Bend Police Procedures, I Am Not The Law, But I Am Good At Faking It, Illegal Goods Delivered in 30 Hours or Less, Dirty Deeds Done (Not So) Dirt Cheap, I Think At Least One Of Us Is Mad
Chanakya was the adviser to Chandragupta Maruya, the man who conquered most of the Indian subcontinent during the time of Alexander the Great. To this day, his charge's empire remains the largest empire to have ever existed in the region. In his role as advisor, he promoted spycraft, deception, and any number of the other deceptive arts of a large state. Historians have called him the Machiavelli of his time.
Social Links
    • Yui Utsuki: She's good, really good, and Kohaku is glad she's on his side. Mostly. Another combat veteran, she has by far the strangest Persona he's ever seen. And her resonance feels really wierd, too - like it's off for some reason. No, he hasn't seen her in action since he's learned about Shadow-possessed. Why do you ask?
    • Mikage Kohama: That nurse. Seems nice enough, and it was helpful to know someone else who works... er, worked... for the same people. She can be a real pitbull, though - she was relentless when trying to coax out that he has a persona. And she even managed to do it. He'll have to learn to hide things better.
    • Katsura Tsuruya: Kohaku first ran into her during the Dark Hour, when she manifested a persona for the first time. That was an interesting, albeit painful, night. Since then, he's met her a few other times, once at the festival, and once at an informal game competition. He recognizes that she is a tough one, especially at the whole 'video game' thing, and he's glad to know he isn't the only one new to using Personas.
    • Enoha Koinose
    • Emi Dennou: Kohaku has worked with the Dennous once, but mostly he has met them in more social circumstances. He just learned that apparently, he is involved in... something with them. Not a love triangle or hexagon, maybe a line... line segment... Ray, that's it. A love ray from the Dennous to Kohaku.
    • Tatsuya Sudou: Kohaku's boss, and the man who told him what exactly these persona things are and got him involved in a brand new world. He has helped Kohaku in so many ways. Kohaku is scared shitless of the man.
To be added
  • Chevelle, "Clones"
    • We need a change I feel/From this saga of old past blandness/Maybe I'll taze myself/Wake up from this maze of lies built up
  • Alkaline Trio, "Burn"
    • There's a forest fire burning bright/spreading quickly towards our last rites/Nowhere to run, pointless to hide/Just lay there and scream, pretending to try
  • Jimmy Eat World, "My Sundown"
    • I see it around me, I see it in everything/I could be so much more than this
  • Nine Inch Nails, "Every Day is Exactly the Same"
    • I think I used to have a purpose/but then again/that might have been a dream
  • Rains, "Wait"
    • You try so hard but your fear of rejection/means you're going to be the one to lose
Special thanks to Lustrare/King Leo/Shinsuke Kusagawa for his image of Kohaku.
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