Tatsuzou Sudou

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Tatsuzou Sudou
Full Name 須藤竜蔵 (すどうたつぞう)
Aliases Tatsuzou
Arcana V - The Hierophant Reverse
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Two-Handed Swords
Faction NWO
Teams The Inner Circle
Job The Critic
Origin Persona 2
"This world is decayed... the law, the system, and all humans who live off of it!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Tatsuzou Sudou may well be one of the most powerful men in Japan. Long-standing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tatsuzou's iron will and natural leadership abilities have earned him great praise in the political world, where his seemingly staunch traditionalism serves as an inspiration to others. On the other side, Tatsuzou Sudou is the founder of one of the largest governmental conspiracies in the world, commanding respect from criminals and bureaucrats alike through his powerful ideals of worldly salvation and the powerful presence of his figurehead, the otherworldly spirit from centuries past known to many simply as "Gozen." A stiff and hardened man, Tatsuzou Sudou presents an overbearing presence seemingly steeped in the traditions of Japan and imposingly distant to most who encounter him. Yet, just what Tatsuzou Sudou seeks with all his influence is anyone's guess -- as is the true depths of his contempt for the world of sinners he finds himself surrounded by.
Skills: Not To Be Mistaken For Chie's Persona, Giant Enemy Crab!?, Getting Ahead In The World Is Murder, Always Trying To Turn Back That Clock, Old Money, Old Mummified Head, Old Prejudices, A Whole Lot Of Old, He Can Still Put You Over His Knee

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