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"This world is corrupt, and we are the means to purify it."

People the world over talk about secret government conspiracies. In Japan, one actually exists. Dubbing themselves the New World Order, or NWO, the leaders seek to guide Japan to the bright future they desire, free from sin and outside influence. To achieve this, no price is too high, and they draw in both true believers and those just hoping to make a living as they proceed towards their ultimate goal.

Faction Goals

The New World Order wants to rule Japan and absolve it from what they see as sinful or corrupting influences, returning to the glory of the pre-World War II eras. To achieve this, they draw upon people from varied walks of life; within the faction, corrupt civil servants rub shoulders with outright criminals. It's acceptable and even expected for members to have their own private goals, even if they conflict with those of others within the faction... so long as they toe the line when it comes to the faction's purpose.

Faction Resources

As befits their status, the New World Order and those within it enjoy a number of perks... so long as they prove themselves deserving. It's entirely possible to lose favor, and thus, resources, within the NWO as a result of catastrophic failure on missions, overt criminal behavior coming to the attention of the authorities, or insubordination.

NWO members all receive a paycheck, though the amount is contingent on their status. They also have access to, within reason (no tanks or military weapons), a variety of illegal weapons of various stripes. Persona-implants are freely provided to those who need them (see The Experiment) through their control over the local branch of SEBEC, which also provides them with access to certain low-key pieces of strange technology, such as enhancement equipment for spotters. Finally, members may, within reason and according to their rank, make use of guards, gangs, and other collections of miscellaneous NPCs.

The NWO provides safehouses for its members, if needed, and will bail them out of trouble with authorities--to a point. If the foul-up was particularly egregious, or this has been one in a line of several high-profile errors, they may completely write off the character in question and leave them to their fate. It wouldn't do to draw suspicion to the faction, after all, and most of their organization is disposable. Such assistance is thus best used sparingly.

Character Concepts

In general, character concepts for the New World Order should be capable of taking orders, whatever their ambitions and motives might be. A list of some ideal concepts follows below:

Corrupt and/or ruthless members of civil servant positions; Ambitious professionals; Unscrupulous 'punch-clock' types who are in the business solely for a paycheck; Mad doctors; SEBEC researchers and other employees; Naive and cynical idealists; Semi-independent contractors; the Sumiyoshi-kai yakuza family.


Tatsuya Sudou: The son of Foreign Minister Tatsuzou Sudou, charismatic Tatsuya manages the NWO's underworld operations, ensuring the organization's criminal side runs smoothly and does not interfere with its other aspects. His public persona as a wealthy dilettante provides more than adequate cover for his criminal pursuits, and he's highly capable despite his apparent mental instability and decided penchant for violence.

Tsukiko Otonashi: Officially a part-time consultant advising the company on dealing with issues of historical and archeological importance, Tsukiko Otonashi is in fact the manager of the Special Problems Department. The eerie yet amiable wife of a textile magnate, Tsukiko brings logical thinking and a scientific approach to the question of how to use the truths of the supernatural for... well, you'll find out.

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