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"Attaining one's dream requires a stern will and unfailing determination."


The Magician is a force for ideas and innovation, an ambitious and energetic creator. So long as they put those great ideas of those into action, wonderful things will happen. The Magician invents, firm in their belief in themselves... as long as The Magician stays focused, anyway. Sometimes directing their desires as they envision them may be a little bit of a challenge, of course. The Magician doesn't necessarily get along with others when their vision clashes with that of others, but sometimes their outgoing and active nature can smooth the wrinkles out.

Not everyone manages to turn raw idea and energy to good effect, however. Without that focus and belief, the Magician Reversed more often than not causes problems for themselves and others, their works stymied and achieving little. Or, the Magician, instead of working with possibilities and enthusiastically explaining them to the world around him, may turn his energies to serve his own ends, selling false dreams and impossibilities to those he meets on his way.

Sample Personae

  • Jack Frost, the innocent-appearing winter fairy
  • Sati, Shiva's first consort who set herself ablaze
  • Manannan, an Irish sea deity and trickster

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Action, Consciousness, Concentration, Personal power, Practicality, Energy, Creativity, Movement, Precision, Conviction, Manipulation, Self confidence, Being objective, Focusing, Determination, Initiative. The fresh-faced college graduate filled with knowledge, drive, and the desire and a plan on how to make her mark on the world to change it for the better.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Conniving, Deceptive, Empty promises, Neither bequeathing nor realizing true power, Smoke and mirrors. An artist who could be talented with enough hard work but instead relies cheap gimmicks and scams.
BLOCKED: Lack of possibilities, Lack of creativity, Lack of energy, Inability to take action, Inability to concentrate. An otherwise talented artist suffering from long-term writer's block.
UPSIDE-DOWN: The possible is impossible, Dreams are crushed underfoot, Possibilities are being cut off before they can be realized. The artist never had any talent to begin with.

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