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- XVI -
"In order to build anew, that which lingers must first be destroyed."


Catastrophic change and freedom are the watchwords of the Tower. Unlike Death, the change that the Tower brings is sudden and merciless, bringing down what was false, unneeded or unstable. Perhaps this is a change yet to come, or perhaps it has already happened. Regardless, it is up to the Tower to take stock of what remains and move on once the collapse has occured, no matter if it occurs within their own lives or to the outside world. Usually, what must come down leaves what remains all the better for its destruction, but the fall is never pleasant, and it can never be certain how much collateral damage will be inflicted... both to the Tower and those in their lives.

But sometimes what must come down doesn't. This is the Tower in its reversed state. What was built so unsteadily gains additions. In this state, there is no upheaval, there is no disaster, true enough... but things continue on as they always have, and thus stagnate. What change attempts to happen can even be outright blocked and prevented from occuring, so intent are people with maintaining the status quo.

Sample Personae

  • Mara, a demon lord who tempted Gautama Buddha
  • Cu Chulainn, son of Lugh and Celtic folk hero
  • Bishamonten, one of the Four Heavenly Kings and the guardian of the North

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Chaos, Sudden change, Impact, Hard times, Crisis, Revelation, Disruption, Realizing the truth, Disillusion, Crash, Burst, Uncomfortable experience, Downfall, Ruin, Ego blow, Explosive transformation. The revolutionary who fights to his last breath to tear the falsely pleasant face off of and overthrow the corrupt government.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: No destruction, No collapse, No change, Status quo remains in place, Truths remaining hidden, Unwilling to hear or face an unpleasant reality. The Emperor's wearing no clothes, but nobody says anything--everyone goes along with the lie that he is.
BLOCKED: Remaining in the dark, Remaining the same as before, Desire to change stifled, Search for truth prevented. The Emperor's wearing no clothes and someone tries to point it out, but everyone else shushes them to the point where no one hears.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Lies too powerful to be overthrown, Lies made into truth, Truth framed as lies, Getting away with deception, Power staying in the wrong hands. The Emperor's wearing no clothes, but not only does no one say anything, but the scammers get away scot-free and anyone who tries to reveal them is denounced as the liar.

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