Ayaka Watanabe

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Ayaka Watanabe
Professor of History
Full Name Ayaka Watanabe (渡辺 彩花)
Aliases Professor Watanabe
Arcana Temperance
Persona Rosenkreuz
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Age 28
Birth Date August 23, 1983
Blood Type O Negative
Preferred Weapon Prayer Beads
Faction Department 4
Teams Backliners
Job University Professor
Assignment History, Department of International Studies
Origin OC
Voice Actor Kate Beckinsale (EN)
Social Stats
  • Expression: Eloquent (2)
    • In Class: Good Teacher (4)
  • Knowledge: Professor (4)
    • Conspiracy + Occult: Truth-Like Substance (3)
    • History: Even The Fake Ones (5)
  • Courage: Reliable (2)
  • Understanding: Suffer For My Fun! (1)
  • Diligence: Thorough (4)
    • Research: Misspent Youth (5)
"There is a connection, whether you believe it or not."
The newest professor at Fra Mauro, Professor Ayaka Watanabe teaches history and international relations, whether it's 'real history' or its 'true history'. She is known for sprinkling the occult and the conspiratorial into her lectures, and her black makeup, red clothes, and tall frame make her easy to pick out of any room. Her outgoing personality has gained her a lot of acquaintances, but few real friends since she joined the program. Regardless, she looks like a rising star in the college world.
Big History Buff, Knows Multiple Gaijin Languages, Unlike Some Other Robin Hoods I Can Speak With An English Accent, Goth-Esque Fashion, Scholar Of The Golden Dawn, Holder Of Over Two Secret Histories, Sees All The Conspiracies, Even The Fake Ones, Unofficial PMUSH Prankster
Rosenkreuz (Full name: Chistian Rosenkreuz) is the founder of the Order of the Rose Cross. He was a doctor in the 15th century who searched for wisdom in the middle east, learning esoteric knowledge along the way. Legend has it that centuries after his supposed death, Rosenkreuz took the identity of the Count of St. Germain, an alchemist who allegedly died in 1784. Others say Rosenkreuz was a pseudonym for Francis Bacon, and some claim him to be an allegorical figure who never existed at all.
Social Links
    • Noriko Hisakawa: A rookie at Department 4, but still with seniority over the contractor Ayaka. The two of them met when Ayaka was still getting re-situated in the Sumaru region.
    • Masahiko Irie: REVERSE The so-called Yakuza prince, the two were getting along until a philosophical difference and some words by both sides split them asunder. They have not spoken to each other in a while.
    • Yukari Takeba: One of Ayaka's students. They met at a club, and for a while Ayaka led Yukari to believe that they were fellow students, and not professor and student. They cleared that up before the semester started, though.
    • Katsuya Suou: Ayaka reports to him in D4. He seems noble enough, but a real stick-in-the-mud sometimes. Ayaka wants a chance to troll him so, so badly.
    • Enoha Koinose: A colleague at the Department, Enoha made it her special mission to keep the professor safe during the cult investigation. She did a pretty good job of it, and she was really friendly, too.
    • Jason R. Butler: A colleague at the Department, and Very American. She really needs to talk to him about the United States in English some time, so long as he leaves that shotgun at home.
    • Aika Nakamura: The Platonic ideal of part-timers, Ayaka has eaten at Aiya Restaurant every chance she got as a kid. It looks like the heir to the business is doing some real good work, even in difficult circumstances.
    • Yuuta Wakahisa: A young student, and a noble one at that. Also the best wingman Ayaka ever had. May his sacrifices not be in vain.
    • Kyo Enda: A student of Ayaka, not really standing out horribly in class. For some reason, Ayaka has an association between him and really big snakes. She has no clue why.
    • Tatsuya Sudou: REVERSE The Enemy. Obviously, one of Them, whatever guise or name They are using today, and connected to that damned Shou Touiksukyou cult, too. Unlike Odin, losing that eye sure didn't give that man wisdom.
    • Yisa Taimiev: Kyo's girlfriend, she thinks. She was involved with the investigation of the cult too, but she really did not take to it well.
To be added
  • Chevelle, "Glimpse of the Con"
    • So many eyes now/Way too many to count down/I fight to reach the surface/And then I'm passing out
  • Apocalyptica, "Farewell"
    • (instrumental piece)
  • Chevelle, "Envy"
    • We may not fit the mold/Kind of going off/Well, the medicine inside takes a stronger hold
  • Minoru Tsuchihashi, "Theme of Elfé"
    • Keep your eyes wide open and see/Cast aside all doubts

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