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Atsuko Karamorita
Full Name 唐森田敦子 (からもりたアツコ)
Arcana XII - The Hanged Man
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 30th
Age 15
Guardian Dragon Yellow Dragon
Faction Unaffiliated
School Gekkoukan High
Persona True Inugami
Weapon Shikome-Zue
Eyes Gray
Hair Black
Height 5'4"
Voice Actor Megumi Nakajima
Social Stats
Still Awkward
Onmyoji For Life
Kind of Gets It
Pretty Unshakable
Weapon: Ame-no-Ohabari
Body: Gekkoukan Uniform
Feet: Tennis Shoes
Accessory: Odd Hemp Bracelet
  • Atsuko is a skilled flutist with the traditional Japanese Shakuhachi. She was taught by her grandmother.
  • The Ame-no-Ohabari was crafted centuries ago; however, the impeccable care it has seen through the years has it looking just as fresh as it was upon being crafted.
  • People that Atsuko tends to befriend are usually given hand-made omamori by Atsuko as a measure of her appreciation.
  • Making omamori is also a hobby.
  • The bracelet on Atsuko's person is actually created from her deceased dog's collar. It's clearly worn and dingy, but never leaves her person.
  • The kanji of Atsuko's name is 敦 "honest" and 子 "child."
  • She can see spirits and has a tingly "sixth sense" to the occult.
  • Many of Atsuko's personal possessions that are locked up (like her bento or locker) are usually done so with paper-made ofuda.
  • While people laugh about it, strangely enough people also claim they are unbreakable.
  • Believes Persona are Shikigami. Has not been convinced otherwise--and is surprised to see a lot of other Onmyoji running around.
"This is...a most unexpectedly auspicious outcome."
Profile and Skills

Many families of Japan possess wondrous histories and rich tales dating centuries back. But few families maintain the traditions of bygone eras: not so with the Karamorita. Atsuko is the last of her family's line to possess strong spiritual sense and carry forth in the time-honored tradition of Onmyodo. Raised in a small town outside of Port Island in a shrine by her grandmother, she lived there for most of her life, learning the ways and traditions of her family, all while struggling to deal with townsfolk rumors and accusations. At the age of fifteen she moved to Port Island to begin her first year as a student at the renown Gekkoukan High and live like any normal girl. But she is possessed of a proud ulterior motive: carry on her family's ways of protecting the country and using her talents to destroy demons and threats to the well-being of the nation's people.

Sensitive Spirit, The Way of Yin and Yang, If Only Life Were As Easy As Cutting Through Demons, It's Not Persona--It's Shikigami, Honor, Duty, Pride, To Protect The Nation From Devastation, Dog Fancier, Little Girl, Lethal Sword, Always After Me Lucky Charms, It's Magically Auspicious!



Persona & Resonance
"I am thou, thou art I... I am Inugami, eternal, treasured and most loyal companion. Even in death I will protect and guide you, my master."

"Dog God." Not unlike a majority of cultures, the dog is seen in Japanese culture as a brave, loyal and loving companion that, without hesitation, fights for its master. In Japanese folklore, dogs are magical, mystical creatures. But as the dog is loyal and compassionate, it is equally cunning and vicious. Inugami are the Shikigami spirit of a dog, resurrected from its gruesome death to serve loyally as its master's side as a spirit.

It is told in tales that in order to create an Inugami, a dog must be buried to its neck and have food placed out of its reach. The dog would, in turn, die over several days as its master assures it that the dog's suffering by no means compares to the pain of the master. Upon dying, the dog's spirit is released and it becomes an Inugami. The food around its body would, in turn, serve as a placatory offering to the fresh spirit and, in turn, gain its trust and obedience.

Those who harness the power of an Inugami are said to be blessed with great fortune and success. In exchange for this luck, however, people shun the Inugami's master. Perhaps most importantly, the Inugami's master must be careful not to offend their spirit companion; while a loyal spirit, the Inugami is capable of acting on its own without command of its master. If the Inugami wishes to break its bond with its master, it has no body to return to and therefor will take possession of the master's body. While it can cure illness, it results in inu-tsuki, where the possessed acts in a manner like a dog.

SENSE: A feeling of inner peace, very similar to the feeling of acceptance after a deep, wounding loss. Letting go. The contentedness of exhaling a deep breath. Calmness. The familiar warmth of having one's most treasured companion at their side.

SMELL: The scent of fresh morning dew and moist earth. The smell of Benzoin incense burning.

SOUND: The sound of suzu bells chiming. The hushed, gentle sound of wind rustling through tallgrass. The irregular distant howl of a canine.


Thanks to her close ties with her Persona, Inugami, Atsuko possesses a very keen animal sense--particularly with dogs. She can sense their basic emotions, such as hunger, anger, happiness, sadness and so on. She also has a knack for having canines understand her: if she issues a command such as 'sit' or 'stay,' the dog will immediately and obediently listen to Atsuko's command. She also has the slight misfortune of being a "dog magnet," which means there's not a week that goes by where she isn't being approached by a curious canine.

Also, all dogs seem to trust her, no matter how vicious the breed; with seeming little effort she can win their affections and bring out the loving companion in them...whether she wants it or not.

Notable Social Links
  • 0 - THE FOOL
    • Yu Narukami: Managed to make acquaintance with the KDA's Alpha Bro in Port Island in the company of some of his friends. He's a very nice young man whose aura resonates with incredible potential and selflessness. She discovered he is a Persona-user in Sumaru's Dark Hour.
    • Akerou Hoshimoto: A young man she met in passing at Gekkoukan's campus that was in desperate need (read: not really) of cool refreshment. To her delight he is a student with Gekkoukan and an upperclassman. A very charming young man and her first senpai at school. Might have a crush on him.
    • Shou Karasugamori: Met him on Gekkoukan's campus and learned he works there as a janitor. He seems sweet enough, and has a very positive opinion of him. Also gave him money because he made her feel terrible about giving Akerou a drink and not having another to give the poor, hard-working young man!
    • Michi Karamorita: Atsuko's grandmother and caretaker after her parents went missing at age six. It was Michi that taught Atusko the ways of her family's Onmyodo history and aided her in developing her supernatural senses, to name a few. She is fond of her grandmother, who lives in a small rural town an hour outside of Okina City, tending to the family's dilapidated, aging shrine, and thinks of her as a sort of "second mother" and mentor. The two are very close.
    • Seiichi Miyamoto: SUPER COOL OLDER GUY WITH AN EYEPATCH. She is wholly convinced he's a spy benefactor or something. But he's good-looking and it's hard for her not to blush when he talks to/at her.
    • Mai Namikawa: Gave Atsuko sound advice about Gekkoukan and shares a desire to promote a positive image of the school through good behavior. Also convinced that she's a super-spy, and Seiichi is her benefactor.
    • Yukio Fujii: Met him, sort of, in the Dark Hour of Sumaru--and is concerned for his health no thanks to the terrible temper he displayed.


Michi by the Yoshida Brothers ~ True Inugami Theme

Village of the Dog God by Yasunori Mitsuda

Counting Stars by Nujabes

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