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Shou Karasugamori
Full Name 烏ケ森ショウ(からすがもりショウ)
Arcana VII - The Chariot Reverse
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 5'5"
Date of Birth June 20th, 1994 (Gemini)
Age 18
Guardian Dragon Navy Blue Dragon
Persona Darwin
Weapon Switchblades
Faction Unaffiliated
Team None
Current Temp Job Garbage Collector
Voice Actor English: Crawford Wilson
Japanese: Masaya Onosaka
Player Strange Shrimp
"Like hell you can stop me!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Shou Karasugamori isn't a high school drop-out. He never went to high school in the first place. Born and raised in Lunarvale, these days he works many odd jobs. Those who know Shou call him difficult to get along with and even angry--and they're hardly wrong with those assessments. Shou seems to approach the world as if he has something to prove in his life.

Skills: And Master Of None

Short History

Born to Yuuta and Mami Karasugamori in Lunarvale in 1994, Shou has an older and younger sister in Mau and Utau respectively. After experiencing some difficulties in middle school, he passed on going to high school and works part-time jobs in Sumaru through a temp agency instead.

Social Stats
Until It's Deadly
Gotta Keep My Job
The Most Charming
I Don't Care
Screw School
  • Weapon
    Lead Pipe - Dug out of a trash heap. It still smells a little bad.
  • Body
    Band T-Shirt - A red tee featuring the faded logo for the band 'Above Grizzly'.
  • Feet
    Beat-up Sneakers - Old and comfortable, just the way they're meant to be. May smell a little.
  • Accessory
    Silver Earring - A simple and small silver hoop earring. It's supposed to create a tough appearance.
  • Bluff: "Yeah, I'm a big name around here. I've got all kinds of guys just waiting to do what I want 'em to!"
    Shou attempts to make himself seem more threatening.
  • Mouth Off: "Oh, please, who do you think you're kidding? Like anyone really cares!"
    Shou runs his mouth about the target.
  • Taunt: "C'mon, get serious! I can fight better than that in my sleep!"
    Shou attempts to provoke the target.
  • Grudgingly Assist: "Fine! I'll give you a hand, but this better be worth it!"
    Shou helps out.
NPCS Of Note
  • Yuuta Karasugamori (The Magician): Shou's father. An often-absent businessman. Fond of puns.
  • Mami Karasugamori (The Hierophant): Shou's mother. A bit of a nag, or at least that's how Shou thinks of her. Also fond of puns.
  • Mau Karasugamori (The Lovers): Shou's older sister, born in 1987. A meddlesome young woman, or that's how he thinks of her. She is engaged to be married.
  • Utau Karasugamori (The Star): Shou's younger sister, born in 1996. Has always looked up to him.
  • Shou's birthname is Kakeru. Written as 翔, it means 'soar'. Thus his name in Japanese name order sounds just like the phrase 'karasu ga mori kakeru', which means 'crows soar in the forest'. Shou can be written with the same kanji as Kakeru, though Shou writes his name in katakana to dissuade people from thinking it could be read as 'soar'. Similarly, his siblings, Mau and Utau, are 'dance' and 'sing'. Their parents have a lot to answer for.
  • Shou has worked many different jobs. They change frequently.
  • Shou has tried, and failed, to get his driver's license. He'll be trying again in the near future.
  • His bloodtype is AB.
Combat Information

Shou is pretty much the definition of average. He's a little faster on his feet and a little more durable, and a little less magically inclined and lucky, but such slants, as they exist, aren't particularly great. His overall combat experience is somewhat limited; he's more used to losing fights with other guys than actually winning. Outside of fistfights, he's run into some Shadows, but he hasn't had all that many fights against someone else with a Persona.

Special: Survival of the Fittest - Shou insists that he is more than capable of handling this particular combat situation, and psyches himself up. His physical attack power and accuracy rise.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am Thou, Thou art I. I am Darwin, he who may yet change the world.
Trapped in chains of mine own, I await my transformation."

Charles Darwin is well-known as the naturalist who described a theory that has become known as 'evolution', though more properly would be termed 'modification by descent'. He also posited that because of this, all living organisms shared a common ancestry. However, this theory was put forth later in his life. As a young man, however, he was rather lazy and viewed as a slow learner; he had no particular focus in his life. His father despaired that he would ever make anything of himself, and the young Darwin spent much of his time with his friends or hunting. It was chance that saw him aboard the Beagle--by his own choice--and what he saw there in time became fuel for his theory.


Overwhelmingly, the sensation that Shou possesses is directionlessness. Something lies here on the ground in the sun; it could get up and do something for there is potential, but it instead remains among the grass upon the earth. All about it, the world is in motion in a million crawling legs but it itself remains still.
By sound, there is the sense of pounding hooves, the distant sound of gunshots. But despite these chaotic sounds, they aren't suggestive of war; instead, something is being chased. Against the noise, the flicker and hum of hard-shelled wings can be heard.
The predominant scents suggest earthiness, acridity. Gunpowder can be had, though it's faint. Similarly so are some metallic scents, iron and copper. Perhaps blood might have been shed in the nearby vicinity as well, though it's nothing more than the faintest of scents on the wind.

Darwin is a spotter-class Persona. Therefore, Shou has some skill with getting people's resonances... if they are there to get. He's by no means absolute in his ability.

Notable Social Links

Logs and Cutscenes
All of his logs can be found at
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