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Akemi Ohashi
Arcana VII - The Chariot
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 1.83 m
Date of Birth July 14, 1992
Age 21
Guardian Dragon Light Dragon
Persona Shi Huangdi
Weapon Books
Faction Unaffiliated
"I- I mean, I don't think I can just sleep through this while there are monster roaming around and there's a tappable source of magic in the world!"

Profile: Akemi Ohashi is mundane no longer. She sought the truth, and power. She got just what she wanted. Still determined to stop death at any cost, she's come to understand that her Fra Mauro neurology classes aren't going to give her the answer- she's set her sights on the poorly understood capabilities of Persona to solve the problem. She is no longer a passive observer of strange sights and horrible monsters, but an active participant in the world. Above all, she strives to protect her ailing brother from the threat of death both mundane and paranormal.
Skills:Selectively Oblivious, Socially Crippled, Only Technically Passed Ethics, I Wear My Hair This Way For A Reason, Sticking Her Nose Places It Doesn't Belong, Moral Relativists Are Capable Of Anything, That Goes Double for Neuroethicicists.'

Social Stats
I Don't Want To Die
Burning Down Heaven And/Or Earth To Reach The Goal
What is Social How Do
Were You Talking I Was Thinking About Robots.
Knowledge is Power
  • Weapon A
    Textbook: Akemi's favorite, it's borderline ruined and in English. Heavy.
  • Weapon B
    Novels: They're light and usually ineffectual but Akemi lugs around a bag full of them to toss at the enemy just in case.
  • Weapon C
    Notebook:It's so unbelievably flimsy it doesn't even count AND is so important it's impossible to think of why she would chose to use it in combat.
  • Body
    Lab Coat: The true hallmark of a mad scientist, it contains many pens, pencils, and smaller notebooks, just in case.
  • Eyes
    Standard Glasses: She can't see without them. Her one weak point.
  • Accessory
    The Bag: A gray messanger bag that contains an implausibly large amount of material, including everything she could conceivably need to do SCIENCE, or take more notes, or translate between any one of fourteen languages... she'd probably be served better with a smartphone, but, that'd be so not her style.
  • In a more advanced educational system Akemi would likely not be allowed to continue being a scientist because of her horrible disregard for common scientific ethics. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
  • She's a crazy miser and will never ever spend more money than the bare essentials so as to conserve funds. She's not actually broke, getting a stipend from not one not two but three adults who work well paying jobs, but she acts the part.
  • Consequently her home computer runs Windows 97 and her cell phone has ten keys and runs off of a prepaid card.
  • She's a bit of a Europhile, having spent much time there as a kid, which conveniently explains away her inability to use honorifics effectively and some of her mores which run counter to the Japanese culture (the rest is just the mad scientist talking)
  • She was raised in part by her aunt who has no children or romantic entanglements and would be a crazy cat lady except that she can't be bothered to take care of the pests. This led to Akemi's social ineptitude.
  • Akemi's mother is also an occult-interested mad scientist. Her dad is a regularly-minded sane scientist. Akemi is not aware of how occult her mother has gotten.
  • Her brother spent almost a decade in the hospital for some unidentifiable illness. Magic may have had something to do with it.
  • Magic totally had something to do with his recovery. Akemi is also unaware of this. For now.
  • She likes to call everyone who disagrees with her a Luddite.
  • H-h-has a massive stutter, which she finds horrifyingly embarrassing, which usually just results in the strengthening of her stutter, which leads to a vicious cycle.
Combat Information

Akemi loathes violence. Not from a philosophical point of view, but because she's a weak, weak little sparrow and is godawful at it. When pressed into combat she likes to use books for some reason. Maybe she thinks they contain magic spells?

Special: Literacy -Akemi claps the foe's head in between two very large textbooks while imploring it to read.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou, and thou art I... I am Shi Huangdi. To you, who would have life eternal at any cost, I lend you my wisdom."

Shi Huangdi was the first Chinese Emperor, unifying from a tiny powerbase a region only slightly smaller than Europe with his superior administration skills. However, towards the end of his life he was beset with a fear of death, leading him to burn all books and kill all scholars not relating to the pursuit of immortality, and to take alchemical mercury pills that ironically ferried him off to an early grave. His fear of death is held to the same extent by Akemi, and deep inside she knows she would be willing to go to the same horrific extents to see herself immortal. Shi Huangdi is thin as a board and easily eleven feet tall- he makes a mockery of Akemi's own proportions. His limbs are very, very long, easily twice the length of his torso, and they bend at roughly four places each. A long, thin moustache cascades down his face before tapering to two points at about his mid-leg. He wears long, concealing robes, still not even long enough to cover more than two joints of each of his legs. He carries, in his bizarre arms, a porcelain basin full of mercury, and wears a rusty sword on his belt.


Akemi's a spotter. She hears resonances as sounds in the back of her head which are amplified if she sticks her head in Shi Huangdi's bowl full of mercury. Sometimes, she'll perceive resonances that aren't even there because as it turns out being a step away from having voices in the back of one's head can be bad for one's sanity- obviously she's not infallible, and resonances that are subtle and/or hidden will likely be overlooked in favor of other resonances, real or imagined. Her resonance is the sound of a hospital heartrate monitor, the smell of antiseptic, bright light, or a feeling of existential dread mixed with pity, depending on your particular relationship with Resonance. She also tends to more-or-less scream out with her Resonance at all times like some sort of psychic flare.

Social Links


Kai Takigawa -- One of the victims of Akemi's !!SCIENCE!!. May have flirted with her, which causes her no end of distress. Also almost burnt down her house and totally wrecked one of her favorite books. Saved her from the TV so everything's good.


Osamu Hanatou-- A boy after Akemi's own mind. Sure, he's not filled with an intense personal hatred of Death, and sure he refuses to consent to Akemi's experiments without knowing why (in a field where knowing why might well ruin the experiments) but he's filled with the common endeavor and the power of formulating alternate hypotheses and that marks him as Akemi's near-equal in the strange, underground world of paranormal research.


Hideyori Arai -- A mixed bag. An obscurantist with ties to the Yakuza that she finds detestable. That said, he seems to care for her safety to a degree surpassing most others, which for a consummate thanatophobe is a mark of a Good Person. Has called himself her senpai, which confuses her- which one of them is top-of-the-class and on track to be a Ph.D.? Saved her from the TV, and more importantly put her in there in the first place, at her request. She owes him big time now.


Yoh Yamagatani -- She met him once. He saved her from a Wandering Shadow and then disappeared. He's a mystery. Akemi despises mysteries.


Shizuka Taniguchi -- Almost a mother figure to her, which is not unsurprising considering the mania that possesses her real mother. Has witnessed more magic-induced panic attacks than anyone else and offered her cookies in response, which marks her as a Cool Character. Saved her from the TV, but it's a damn good thing she can barely remember anything since her Shadow came out because goddamn is she scary in combat.


Katsura Tsuruya -- Also a mixed bag. Has tried to convince Akemi to not get wrapped up in the world of magic, which sounds utterly ridiculous to her. That said, this also appears to be out of misguided compassion. Also introduced Akemi to the magical world of fighting games, which she is better at than expected but worse at than she thinks she is. Saved her from the TV, which sort of confuses her- it's encouraging behavior Katsura's already illustrated she disapproves of. Then weird things happened between them, straining the relationship because there's only so much Akemi's fragile and awkward psyche can take.


Ryoma Ohashi -- Her twin brother. A part of her as much as she is a part of her. She'd kill for him. She thinks she'd die for him, but her Shadow disagrees with her on that matter. He reciprocates all these sentiments wholeheartedly, except that he would totally die for her. Neither one is aware of the other one's presence in the world of the supernatural, and both endeavor to keep the other "in the dark" as much as possible- Akemi is justifiably worried about his physical health and he justifiably worried about her mental health.


Yuuki Hikaru --Not a mixed bag so much as Akemi has literally no idea what to make about him. She chemically induced him into almost killing her and then they had Chinese food a little while afterwards. He teases her and she is easily flustered. He's affable enough though. He said they were friends, the concept of which is utterly foreign to her. Saved her from the TV, and it's also a good thing that she can barely remember it, or she'd be even more confused.

  • The Tail End Of The Curve Wherein Akemi finally can't take it, asks around, discovers that everything she ever knew was wrong, and decides quietly to leave before anything else happens. Staring Katsura Tsuruya
  • Illusory Perception Wherein Akemi comes back, meets a street punk/freelance hacker/polite gentleman and gets the low-down on who's doing what in the world of the paranormal and notices the depressing lack of scientists, also: the begining of Akemi's trademark stutter she's retroactively always had. Staring Hideyori Arai
  • Altered States of Conciousness Wherein Akemi falls off the deep end, surpresses her retroactive stutter, recruits two dudes into doing science for her, drugs a teenager, fails to have a crisis of conciousness, and loses a textbook and a rare first French addition of Dune in a horrible fire. Staring Kai Takigawa and Yuuki Hikaru
  • Divergent Thought Wherein Akemi tries to solicit for subjects with cryptic posters, encounters Hideyori, learns of alternate paths to power, and actually displays empathy. Staring Hideyori Arai
  • Replicability Wherein Akemi decides to test Yuuki, almost dies, develops The Stutter forever, and decides to stop doing science. Staring Yuuki Hikaru
  • Plausibility Wherin Akemi decides that science is a good idea, learns about the Persona Game, plays arcade games, and makes Katsura somewhat uncomfortable. Staring Katsura Tsuruya
  • Pedagogy Wherein Akemi meets the propritor of Katsura's arcade, realizes that she will have to probably die to get a Persona, freaks out, and then hollowly quotes transhumanist stock phrases before leaving, also:introduces romantics strife without noticing. Staring Shizuka Taniguchi and later Katsura Tsuruya
  • Transparency Illusion Wherin Akemi meets up with a post-TV World Hideyori, finally figures out the solution that's been elluding her for months, and decides to go into the Inaba TV so she can avert the heat death of the universe. Staring Hideyori Arai
  • The Fact That A Secret Exists Wherein Akemi watches Hideyori and Shizuka fight off a Shadow in front of her, and a lot of political stuff she does not understand happens. Staring Hideyori Arai and Shizuka Taniguchi
  • Peer Review Wherein Akemi asks Yuuki to help her out, debates the ethicallity of eternal life, and makes a friend. Staring Yuuki Hikaru


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