Yuuki Hikaru

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Yuuki Hikaru
Something witty and smart sounding
Yuuki profile.png
Full Name 悠希輝 (ゆうまれてる)
Arcana XIII - Death
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Date of Birth April 3rd, 1995
Age 17
Guardian Dragon Blue Dragon
Persona Cichol
Weapon Knife/Kama
Faction Unaffiliated
Voice Actor Japanese: Hiroshi Kamiya
English: Ryan Terry (Cryaotic)
"Routines are nice, but change here and there just seems necessary, y'know?"

Profile: Not much is known about Yuuki except that he's been known to be a bit of a pervert and that he goes to school with his older female cousin, Yuuna Minami, whom is seen in a similar light as to these characteristic. Yuuki's known to be currently staying with his cousin, and they both attend Yasogami High. Earlier talk about Yuukis obsession with death has began to slip away, and more-so Yuuki has become a more quiet individual, but even then noted to be more outgoing that before. It's no secret that he's been looking into philosophy, psychology, and all sorts of things of a more scientific streak. With all of this out of the way, Yuuki is your generic senior high-schooler preparing to finish off school and to get ready to head on to try for university.
Skills: Obsessive Tendencies, You Think You Know But You Don't, Likes Knives, Monotonous, Really Likes Knives, Got Any Spare Change?, Knives, Ducks Are Awesome, Philosophical Smartass, Wanna-be Philosopher, Bookworm, Under-appreciated Glasses-kun, Just Nerdy Things, Speed Is My Game!, Avid Fan Of Scarves, Is That A Knife?

Social Stats
Knowledgeable, some may say.
  • Weapon A
    Boxcutter: A simple segmented blade or "snap-off blade" utility knife
  • Weapon B
    Ebony: A kama with a matte black handle and a steel blade with numerous small writings in marker along said handle. Simple, but worth mentioning
  • Body
    Winter Scarf: A black, wool scarf that finds itself around his neck. Not much to say.
  • Eyes
    Black-rimmed Eyeglasses: Thin rimmed eyeglasses colored a simple matte black.
  • Accessory
    White Earbuds: Simple white earbuds, plugged into a Samsung Galaxy S III of the same color
  • Yuuki's pretty much obsessed with (luckily occasional) change.
  • He's more or less without a substantial job.
  • His first favorite food is Gelato, it's icecream but he won't get fat (As far as he knows). His second favorite food is pizza, because anyone who doesn't like pizza is definitely weird. Definitely.
  • His blood-type is AB.
  • He's got a pet german rottweiler named Hunter, in case you missed that before.
  • Yuuki has a weakness for ducklings. But that's normal. I think.
Combat Information

Yuuki isn't necessarily one to always go around kicking things around and climbing on top of high places and screaming- but he's still able to hold his own as any other person would. Excelling in Strength general strength and the ability to maneuver around, his magical abilities are a bit lacking, but not nearly as much as his luck in combat. Otherwise, there isn't really anything at all that stands out about his fighting capabilities or tactics.

Special: Reap - With whatever blade he has, he'll bring it around to his side for a quick but lethal lunge towards his enemy, aiming for the center of mass.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou, and thou art I... I am Cichol, my life is yours- as yours is mine; together, with you, we shall protect and guide our people to glory that they deserve."

In Irish mythology, Cichol or Cíocal Gricenchos is the earliest-mentioned leader of the Fomorians. According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn, he arrived in Ireland with 200 men and 600 women, who subsisted by fishing and fowling for 200 years until the arrival of Partholón, 311 years after the Flood, whose followers were the first to bring animal husbandry, the plough, houses and brewing to Ireland. Ten years later, Partholón defeated Cichol and the Fomorians in the Battle of Mag Itha. There are no mythological or historical depictions of Cichol, but it is speculated that his form is that of a half a man, the other half maintaining its fleshy form, exempt his head. His face of that is that of a younger man, black hair and a tired, brooding gaze.


Feel: Thing are growing old -- age is settling in. The looming conclusion, something or another shall soon end.

Sound: Simple, peaceful sound of a woman humming a slow tune. Loud, booming, echoing funeral bells.

Scent: Mint, sweet and to be savored. Freshly cut grass, simple but enjoyable.

Social Links


Kai Takigawa -- "He's a classmate of mine. He's more or less my best friend, though he really should be coming to class more often."


Hideyori Arai -- "This guy is like one of those cool protagonists from anime. I mean, I don't watch them much, but he sounded pretty cool out there."


Akemi Ohashi -- "An interesting girl I met with Kai just walking around. Granted I almost killed her at one point, I can easily call me and her friends."


Shizuka Taniguchi -- "She's some lady I met back when I went into the TV to save Akemi. She seems competent and like a good leader- though I probably didn't listen much to her."


Katsura Tsuruya -- "A girl I saw hanging around the one Shizuka Lady when I went into the TV. She seems pretty alright, and she has good aim too."


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