Kai Takigawa

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Kai Takigawa
"This homeless guy told me..."
Kai profile.jpg
Full Name Kai Takigawa
Arcana I - Magician
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Date of Birth January 16th, 1995
Age 18
Guardian Dragon Yellow Dragon
Persona Jehoel
Weapon Jumonji yari/Fists
Faction Unaffiliated
Voice Actor Japanese: N/A
"Spaghetti potatoes."

Profile: A transfer-student to Yasogami High from Sumaru, little is known about Kai within Inaba, other than the fact that he lives on the outskirts of town with his grandfather. In Sumaru he was just some kid who got into a few fights, and had a few shady friends.
Skills: Often-absent, "Why are your knuckles bruised?", thousand-mile stare, modest arrogance, protector of ants, stereotypical bad-boy, mentor grandfather, murderous gaze, climber of mountains and chastity belts, likes walking, nigh-suicidal adrenaline junkie, passive & friendly.

Social Stats
Strong presence, skilled hand.
Knows some things.
  • Weapon A
    Jumonji yari: A cross-shaped spear, looks something similar to a trident or partisan with a brandished a pair of curved blades around its central lance.
  • Weapon B
    The empty fist.: Kai's hands make fine weapons when the situation requires it.
  • Accessory
    Leather satchel: An expensive dark brown leather satchel with multiple compartments.
  • Kai likes mountains, especially if he's climbing them. Really, he likes any structure as long as it is fun to climb and has a good view.
  • He walks an hour to get to and from school everyday.
  • Eclectic taste in music.
  • Doesn't like seeing litter, often cleans up after other people.
  • Often seen writing, or drawing in a leather-clad journal.
  • His phone beeps sometimes, his mood usually takes a sharp turn afterwards.
  • Stares at people a lot, can also stare at people in a murderous fashion.
Combat Information

Over the last year, Kai has come to be a very passive individual where other humans are involved, never picking fights unless he has ulterior motives, and backing down from one where the option is present. When he fights alongside his Persona, however, he is an agile, hard-hitting fighter with both his spear and his hands, preferring to disable his opponent as quickly as possible, and often violently.

Special: Piercing Counter - Kai's weapon of choice is wrapped in a vortex of flame as he counters an enemy attack, before returning the favor with a powerful piercing attack that explodes in flame.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou, and thou art I... I am Jehoel, together we will rain fire down upon our enemies in pursuit of our goals."

Jehoel is mentioned in multiple texts. In some, he is the restrainer of Leviathan, angel of fire, or the chief angel of the Seraphim. Kai's Jehoel is none of things and simultaneously all of them, although most would say the most appropriate title would be the angel of fire, as where he goes, so does his fire. He is dressed in a thin black robe with silver lining, a heavy hood thrown over his face. Fire constantly wreaths around him, wrapping around his arms and flaring from his fingertips. Sometimes one can catch a glimpse of his face and hair underneath the hood, but never all of it; he appears as a young man with long white hair, his eyes hidden from view with his most apparent feature being a sharp jawline. He often holds a long yari that has a long black blade, the wood of the yari itself is black in color, and fire constantly whirls around it.


Feel: A sudden wildfire spreading out from within, a strong and sudden warmth felt in the breast.

Sound: The low, powerful hum from the voice of a woman.

Scent: Teen spirit... Okay, not really. There is no discernible scent in his resonance.

Social Links

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